This video is why Israel needs to start using its neutron bombs

The Neutron Bomb, developed by Jewish physicist, Samuel T. Cohen, kills humans, or as he puts it “the bad guys,” but doesn’t produce tremendous collateral damage on civilian populations and the infrastructure a civilian population needs to survive.

Cohen’s neutron bomb would use nuclear fusion, but in a different way. The detonation of a neutron bomb would still produce an explosion, but one much smaller than a standard nuclear weapon’s. The main effect of a neutron bomb would be the release of high-energy neutrons that would take lives far beyond the blast area. The result: fewer buildings, cars, tanks, roads, highways and other structures destroyed.


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  1. @Smokiesteel,
    Its because the the media will not print the killings of Israel, Its a bias media ,When all media should report in fairness and should be independent of either side .

  2. bonni the most humane man i ever met was a jewish doctor who i consulted about my homosexualiity,all of his family were killed in auschwitsch ,he helped me to accept who i am he said to me you are a person live your life without shame his name was doctor z kleinn

  3. George Soros was a Judenratte and was proud of it. He didn’t feel for fellow Jews, because he is incapable of feeling for anyone other than himself.

  4. Oh dear Lord, I could barely make it past the number 3:00 mark in that video. Are people that bloody stupid? WTH is wrong with people. Hundreds of rockets are fired upon innocent people in the State of Israel, but these morons totally ignore this fact and only feel for the people in Gaza – those bloody muslims who cheered at the death of all non-muslims. Considering people in Gaza are high on the scale of the world obese, it is disturbing to hear morons state that they are being starved. I just can’t stand stupid people.

  5. Israel is surrounded by terrorists on all sides, their aim is to wipe jews off the face of this earth. allahs terrorist scum could not do it since the last 1400+ years. It’s time Israel cook its surrounding savage neighbors.

  6. Truely the whole world is turning from Israel. Its not just muzzies protesting the JOOOS, its white Europeans! Amazing! Worse of all, we have a muzzie Jew hater elected as president of america again.( no more “A”merica, its dead, so no capitalization on purpose)

  7. Bear in mind, guys. These idiots are likely the same jobless, lazy f*ckers who took part in Occupy Wall Street. The Irish crack me up. Don’t they have enough to worry about?

    Good to see the left wing media spin is still in action. Palestinian terrorists with unguided rockets hit MILITARY targets only, but Israel’s tactical missiles hit kids playing soccer….. IT’S THE TOTAL REVERSE OF REALITY!
    I think those protestors in Ireland need to taste some napalm.

  8. @ bni ,you are ” right on ” with regard to women and children” – rid this planet of the plague that is islam ( with liberals and the like !!!!!!! )

  9. Lolling at these idiots. Who do they think they’re fooling? Last time I checked, targetting shopowmers, schools and hospitals with rocket attacks isn’t targetting military personnel. On the other hand, killing the Gaza Strip’s equivalent to Bin Laden is killing terrorists. That is exactly what Israel is doing. Israel needs to teach them all a lesson

  10. I pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem every day. All the fools who voted for Obama are clueless regarding the grave danger that America is in because of Obama’s anti-Israel agenda.

    BNI, I am in prayer agreement with you that the Israeli government will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading and obedient to Him.

  11. just nuke the motherf***ers off the face of the earth and be done with it!

    shabbat shalom–miss bni you are wonderful! you are doing G-d’s work whether you realize it or not.

    • Arthur, leftist Jews are among the biggest Israel haters on earth. Think of them as JINOS. Back in Hitler’s day, they (Judenrattes) worked for the Nazis in rounding up fellow Jews and stealing their belongings.

  12. Cohen was a great man. He worked on the Manhattan Project and when in Korea, he witnessed the flattening of Seoul and set out to find a weapon that would fight soldiers without destroying EVERYTHING. Pope John Paul II was so impressed that he gave Cohen the Medal of Peace.

    Israel could use the FAE weapon, but not nukes or neutrons. FAE removes the oxygen by lighting the air on fire, thus burning the lungs of the enemy and asphyxiating him. It can be used in a small area…the problem is that Islamic savages put children and other civilians in harm’s way. Small drones would be the best way to despatch enemy savage inbred braindead killer zombie mozman jihadists.

  13. very strange how the signs and flags are ready, i must say the muslim propaganda machine is very impressive.
    as you can see, they immigrate all over the world very well prepared.

  14. Sounds good to me. Have you tried it on the Hamas or any other Terrorist organization ? After all the Hamas and “other” terrorist group haven’t died or bled enough to want PEACE. Some people are just pain stubborn and spoiled and “want it all” no matter what. Peace is NOT for everybody and those that do NOT wish peace should leave and go somewhere else and not bother those Peace loving People’s. Peace at all costs, if not,….by FORCE will work too.

  15. Stupid people. A by-product of western media, the MSAs and willful ignorance.

    As to this neutron bomb, let’s not forget all areas occupied by the taliban too. This should have been done a long time ago. Would have saved us a lot of money, effort and lives wasted in vain.

  16. for Pete’s sake. i wish someone would show the real Gaza on the news and not this crap and yes israel needs to use the neutron bomb. i just wish there was one tiny enough to take out only the muslim-in chief one can only hope

    • Actually, I hope that the Mossad have a plan to take him and his clique out when the time comes!! Given that he’s Israel’s sworn ENEMY (because of his pledging allegiance to the Moslem Brotherhood, his Communist sympathies and his Moslem faith), they most definitely should target him – and the sooner the better!!! [The same with Biden, Jarrett, Sebelius, Pelosi, Frank et al.]

      Otherwise, as far as Gaza is concerned – and especially if Hamas continues this war!!! – I would be VERY GLAD if they would use neutron bombs both there AND the West Bank, followed by doing the same to Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Qatar, the Emirates, Sana’a (in Yemen), Damascus and Baghdad in addition to Karbala, Qom, Mashhad and Isfahan…

      • Oops!!!

        For Mecca and Medina plus the other Arab cities away from Israel, the neutron bomb is FAR TOO KIND!!! That’s when we want hydrogen bombs, with Mecca and Medina being hit with Carj (Tsar – Emperor) bombs so as to ensure that NO TRACE will remain of Mohammed’s tomb or of the Ka’aba… Lesser hydrogen bombs need to be applied to the others like Riyadh, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi et al…

  17. the leftists morals never cease to amaze me how can these pin heads not see that israel has been bombarded with rockets for months they defend themself and out come these ignorant tools with their che guvera tee shirts the dopes dont realize he was a mass murderer along with all their commie idols

    • Che dupes are a mirror of mohammed dupes. Read some of his quotes on hatred and killing. Great stuff for a licensed doctor of medicine. Again a mirror of islam, where a number of mass murderers or their enablers are doctors, those who haven’t been predator’ed.

      Did they all learn from Nazi Dr. Mengele?

      Strange how nazism and mohammedanism seem intertwined.

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