TORONTO woman denied haircut by Muslim barber

Faith McGregor walked into the Terminal Barber Shop to get a haircut — the ‘businessman,’ short on the sides, tapered, trim the top. The shop doesn’t do women’s haircuts. But McGregor, 35, said she wanted a men’s cut. The Muslim shop owner refused.

Faith McGregor says she was turned away from Terminal Barbershop on Bay Street because she’s a woman.

Metro News  Shop co-owner Omar Mahrouk told her his Muslim faith prohibits him from touching a woman who is not a member of his family. All the other barbers said the same thing. (What they didn’t tell her was if they found out she was a homosexual, they would have to cut her throat, according to their faith)

“For me it was just a haircut and started out about me being a woman. Now we’re talking about religion versus gender versus human rights and businesses in Ontario,” said McGregor. She filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario almost immediately, saying she felt like a “second-class citizen.”

Mahrouk’s response to the tribunal, provided through his lawyer David Kolinsky, doesn’t dispute McGregor’s complaint but says being forced to cut a woman’s hair would violate his freedom of religion. He noted that it was a matter of adherence to faith, not a gender issue.

Barber Omar Mahrouk says being forced to cut a woman’s hair would be a violation of his own rights

She is asking the tribunal to force Terminal Barber Shop to offer its men’s haircuts to both genders, and suggests in her application that the shop post a sign indicating it serves both men and women. She is not seeking money.

The matter is one in an increasing number of “competing rights” cases seen by the Human Rights Tribunal, said Pascale Demers, a spokesman for the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which studies and develops rights policies. There is slim precedent in the area, said Demers, and this case could set an important one. “It’s useful because, as you know, Ontario’s population is increasingly diverse and these things are bound to happen.”

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24 comments on “TORONTO woman denied haircut by Muslim barber

  1. This is just sad. What this woman does not understand is that the barber doesn’t cut on WOMEN, it doesn’t matter if she wants a man’s haircut, he doesn’t touch women that are not his relatives because that is simply his religion, filing a report against the barber shop to Human Rights was not helping her get anywhere. All she needed to do was basically walk out the door and try another barber shop. Creating conflict like this doesn’t help her get a man-cut in any way.

  2. There are plenty of places to get a haircut. If this lesbian wants to call attention to discrimination, let her focus on the plight of the copts, and other christians in africa being massacred. Let her go to the arab-american festival in dearbornistan and hold up a sign advocating freedom of speech. Let her complain about muslims getting special rights in public schools and from zoning commissions.

    Photographers have been sued because they did not want to work homosexual weddings. Printers have been sued because they refused business from sponsors of a homosexual gathering. The catholic church is legally mandated to pay for abortions and birth control.

    Many salons cater to just one sex. There are the “fantasy” hair places where the hairdressers wear lingerie, others are one-stop shops for all male grooming needs, where the non-frilly decor is comfortable for men.

    muslims seriously discriminate so much, but this case is frivolous.

  3. I hope she pushes her complaint through the courts as high as it can go. This is about equality under the law, a practice central in the West and completely undone should Islam have any influence in our civilization.
    For civilization’s sake, I hope the woman prevails.

  4. The moral of the story is you don’t p*ss off a cook in a restaurant and you don’t p*ss off a hairdresser either. Who is going to trust muslim men who would be forced to cut women’s hair. In fact, there have been barber shops – for men only and hairdresser shops – for women only, for years. Nothing new.

  5. Courageous woman!!!

    I support you! It’s time to step on the filthy tail of Islam, which has robbed our rights in the name of religion!

    “In addition to discussing religious freedom, Mahrouk’s response expresses concern that the complaint will force the shop to train its barbers to cut and style women’s hair, which is outside their skill set.”

    O … please don’t lie! We’ve all seen how the Tribunal forced a Christian charity organization to hire gays!

    The Tribunal should honor the rule of law and force the islamists to hire skilled workers to cut women’s hair!

    Google it:

    Heintz v. Christian Horizons, 2008 HRTO 22 (CanLII)

  6. Final comment: this case has already split Conservatives from left of right thinkers with many Conservatives (wrongly in my view) supporting the right of the business to deny service (and life and liberty) to homosexuals. Let’s be clear what is at stake here. While many Conservatives prefer to love the sinner but hate the sin, none want to execute the sinner. Conservative ideology offers the very best protection available to homosexuals all over the world. Ask Bruce Bauer who wrote “While Europe Slept” about the erosion of human rights in Norway. Bauer used to criticize US policy that forbade gay marriage and moved to Norway so he could marry his lover. But over the past 20 years, he has seen such an erosion of human rights in Norway that he now claims the US offers the best protection of homosexual rights in the world and is the safest place for homosexuals to live. Many in the US still oppose homosexual lifestyles but none (or very few) salivate at the prospect of hanging them, preferring instead to debate differences. That is because the US constitution and American society values life and freedom more than the moral superiority many religious believers assume.

  7. And just to be clear, this case is not about a haircut but about the rights of homosexuals in Canada to equity under the law. If the Commission finds gay rights in this case trump Islamist religious rights in business, it will set a clear precedent that will guide future cases that may include the rights of homosexuals within Islam and under shari’ah in those no-go communities growing so rapidly everywhere in the world where, as we all know, gays are executed in hideous displays of bigotry. It will give Muslim homosexuals a platform to protest inequities under shari’ah. That is, if the Salafists don’t jihad the rest of us into complete dhimmihood before the left wakes up. We need our courts to back us up and for public opinion to support judges (and commissioners) to make legal findings against the laws of shari’ah and in favour of our Constitutional rights. Because over the past 15-20 years, the rule of law, the rule of Constitutional legislation in Canada, has been badly eroded by crime that has included that committed by Salafist-motivated terrorist criminals.

  8. This woman is not as stupid as many seem to think. She knew exactly what she was doing. It was why she did it, to force a confrontation between the rights of Islamists versus the Gay lobby. Also, there is no way any half-informed Muslim barber wouldn’t know she was lesbian. Of course, he knew. Both appear to welcome the case going before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal where both have won cases in the past. This case will be interesting to watch, because it will expose the bias of the Commission and reveal the direction political opinion here is likely to go. The outcome will depend largely on whose lobby behind the scenes has the most money and influence, Islamists or Gays, and both have long tentacles all over the world in various communities. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the OHRC claim it has no jurisdiction, to worm its way out of this thorny case, as it can’t help but get mud on its face regardless of how it finds. The current precedent suggests the business must accommodate the customer regardless of gender, but as the Commissioner, Barbara Hall, told talk radio recently, each case is different. She said she hopes it will be mediated to settlement with a hearing but I hope, as I expect the parties do too, it goes to a hearing so the commission is forced to judge.

  9. I can’t help thinking “Why in the hell would ANYONE in their right mind, regardless of gender or ‘sexual orientation’ want a muslime standing behind him/her with a sharp object in his hand”?!!

  10. OH Good Grief ! Y’all are missing the point entirely. She should have left the shop the second she found out the barber was a filthy raghead. Thes absolute, unbreakable rule is NESVER do business of any kind with a muslim! NEVER hire a muslim. NEVER buy from a muslim. NEVER sell to a muslim.
    If you, as an infidel, break these rules, you are sooner or later going to meet up with the one inbred, cross circuted, murderous throwback to the 7th century who will experience the sudden jihad symptom and try to harm you while shouting, wild eyed, Alley Snackbar!
    The insurance industry should refuse to cover any normal person who choses to violate these rules, just like they refuse to pay off on suicides. This is not what they use the made-up word “islamophobia” to describe. It is just good sense. Let the ragheaded bastards try to attack me and they will see just how “phobic” I am.
    The stupid woman(?) is lucky she got the hell out of there with her life.

  11. Mozzies don’t have more rights than anyone else in the 21st century.

    Western countries have decided that women and gays are equal…gay women are equal too. Islam is retarded and unable to progress, so it will break.

    So go back to Berzerkistan and honor kill whoever you want…it won’t last much longer there either.

    Islam is starting to crumble. Women have most of the money and education in Moz countries now…it won’t be long.

    • I think you are spot on there Arthur thats been my suspicion. I do wonder how many Muzslimes are indeed closet gays. Im betting many hence their anger and frustrations at us Westerns whom have the freedom to come out and be who they really are and not have to hide. Im also betting many of Muzslimes lead the life of Baghead and afew offspring (Junior Jahidists) at home but also he has that ‘other life’ after dark he disappears off to some Mens Sauna/Baths and has his fun there. Baghead at home would never know as she knows asking questions or challanging his authority might lead to a broken jaw. I have heard via my gay mates who are regular night clubbers, they get approached by both Pakis and Afghans at the clubs and a majority of these Muzscums are married. It happens alot. Asslift by day and play ‘you show me yours and I will show you mine ‘ with other bpys, by night :)

  12. Not assuming here but guessing she might be a Lefty, if thats the case “welcome to the world of the biggest gender discrimiators of all time – male Muzloids”. As BNI said lucky this Shitheel Prick didnt know she was a lesbian otherwise he might have gladly given her throat a haircut. I can imagine the court case. “oopsss I slipped and accidently cut her throat your honour”. Dhimmi judge “will rule this case as accidental, I shall put you on a 6 month good behavoiur bond and be more careful in future, allah akbur to you and I wish you well”. Might seems far fetched but thats how the world is going, different rules apply to Muzscum versus Non Muzscum. Im betting this woman wont win. Shitheads religion excuse will win over her gender discrimination case without a doubt. This case will get swept under the carpet in no time, set a precident my ass dont hold your breath.

  13. I don’t care if they don’t want to cut a woman’s hair. She should go to a hairdresser who has no problem cutting her hair. It’s like forcing a church to perform marriages for homosexuals – they have a right to refuse on the grounds it goes against their beliefs. Why any woman would want a muslim male cutting their hair is beyond me.

  14. Of course she felt like a second class citizen…that was the point.

    The pathetic excuse for the Canadian Human Rights Commission once declared that it was discrimination for a person to advertise for a nonsmoking or employed or female roommate, then agreed that Muslims are allowed to advertise to rent to Muslims only. The HRC took on Ezra Levant for daring to publish the Danish cartoons…and LOST (the second time in history). So one can see their bias, their discrimination and favor of Sharia Law.

    I wish this woman the best of luck, it would be landmark if she actually won, as Ezra did (albeit at a huge expense).

  15. WHAT DID SHE EXPECT TO HAPPEN? DUMBASS! a mulim will never cut a woman’s hair? he’ll close his shop before putting up a sign that he will cut hair of both genders.

    • Don’t they have Unisex hairdresser/salon’s in that part of town?

      My wife and I used to own a Unisex salon and Tobacconist. A Somalian man and his son, had their hair cut by HER.
      One day, the man’s wife came in to have her hair cut and asked my wife, for me to leave the shop. My wife refused her request. She left.

      An amusing side to the Somalian man. His son was to have his hair cut. She asked the father “What number cut he wanted for him”. He gave her a clue. When finished and asked if that is what he wanted, he said a bit more. She did so, and asked again. He wanted more off. Again she did so. The somalian then said “Too much, too much”.
      Well my wife, who doesn’t hold back, told him in a tone that had me scurrying “Well, you can’t put it back on”. The look on face his was priceless. I don’t think he has had a woman speak to him like that, since his mother.

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