Are the people who work for DC Metro ‘Islamophobic?’

Why else would they be placing disclaimers on banner ads that highlight passages from the Holy Quran?

DCist  Pamela Geller said last month that her campaign to plaster Metro stations with billboards and banners that attempt to stir up “anti-jihad” sentiment by invoking 9/11 would go on for years. Seems like she wasn’t lying. Metro riders spotted more banners at the Glenmont, Petworth-Georgia Avenue and U Street-Cardozo stations featuring a Koran verse accompanied by—yet again—the indelible image of a Boeing 767 crashing into the World Trade Center.

Geller, an anti-jihad blogger based in New York, is continuing the ad campaign waged by her organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative. The banners mounted today feature a quote seemingly targeted at non-Muslims: “Soon will we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.” But the bottom strip of the ad features a new disclaimer: “This is a paid advertisement sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Advertising space is a designated public forum and does not imply WMATA’s endorsement of any views expressed.”

Metro tried to resist posting Geller’s material when she made her first ad buy, but a federal judge ordered the transit agency that it was required to accept political advertisements, regardless of message. Stessel says the disclaimer is a new requirement for all political or advocacy advertisements mounted on the transit system, an addition that he says was not prompted by Geller’s outfit alone.

But Geller is outraged by having to include the disclaimer. In an email, she dismisses the new requirement as a “flagrant act of political favoritism.” Billboards rebutting Geller’s group purchased by the Council on American-Islamic Relations—an organization Geller believes is affiliated with the terror group Hamas.

“It is illustrative of the low state of the world that my ads are the issue, and not the oppression, subjugation and slaughter of non-Muslims by people who are motivated by texts such as the one in my ad,” she says. And as for Geller’s earlier pledge that she will wage her ad campaign for years to come, she shows no sign of letting up. “As long as Islamic supremacists and anti-Semites buy ads in the Metro, we will respond,” she says.

And here we have the typical Muslim response:


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  1. And the funny thing is that those who threaten to kill their critics are said to have misunderstood islam, yeah, that’s right, they are not real muslims. Pffft!

  2. Thanks Michael you are a spokesman for the little guy, who , when he does
    say anything to family or friends is labeled a a racist nut.
    At least you have a platform and a supportive News Media to further our cause to warn the general populace.

    Ezekiel 33: 1-6

  3. We know that is true, Randy, by just observing the Nov 6 election results in the USA! As an American I’m so appalled and I’m ashamed of my fellow American Jews who voted for The Obama by over 65%, throwing the Jews of Israel under the bus! Gov Mitt Romney’s Mormons came out for him and are truly blessed people!
    The sad truth is we Americans almost deserve another 9/11 with that attitude of stupidity! This election cost me. I lost my job as a Temp working for a temp service working for a company doing Annual Enrollment Period Part D enrollments on Monday when I believe Obama’s Center of Medicare/Medicaid Services refused to allow me to access their system! I totally believe that The Obama has been using intelligence operatives at taxpayer expense to monitor those such as myself who speak out online against him and his Muslims in order to use government connections to deny them employment, etc!
    Please send me what prayer energy you can and pray for our country because we are in deep sh-t now!

    • Bravo both to Mr. Michael Coren – and no less to people like “ObamaHastoGo2012”!!! To the latter: please don’t grieve too much about being hurt employment-wise. If I was an employer, I would have tried to find a way to keep you employed even if you were denied access to the Medicare/Medicaid system.

      May God Be with you in ALL events – I’ll try to remember to pray for you!

    • Unfortunately, Obama got elected because the US you live in has 25% who want free stuff ( I’m not talking about the pensioners) and another 25% who want to give free stuff. The Dems have put pretty much every member of their electorate on foodstamps and when you see people say that they want to put people back to work and off the government handouts, it won’t work. Just look at Europe and how the left have put the Muslims on foodstamps and have consolidated them as a vote bank

  4. There are simply not enough Michael Corens in the world and far too many Rachel Madcows, Anderson Poopers, Piss Mathews and the like.

  5. God bless Pamela. Her campaign is righteous. And God bless Michael and all with the courage to speak truth despite the death threats, who understand integrity is more important than survival and who speak from a place of integrity.

    There is strength in numbers and our numbers are growing. The more we resist, the safer we will be.

    • ABSOLUTELY!! And THAT SAME DISCLAIMER should be placed on the muslime postings that CLEARLY threaten any of us infidels who dare to speak out against the vile stinkinjg bastards and CALL THEM what they are, such as “SAVAGES”!!

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