English celebrity chef under fire for her frank anti-Muslim remarks

Celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson Wright has been blasted after making hurtful truthful comments about the city’s Muslim community, saying a visit to the Muslim area of Leicester left her scared and feeling like a pariah and outcast in her own country.  In her new book, Clarissa Dickson Wright describes a visit to Leicester as one of the most frightening experiences of my life.

This is Leicestershire  The cook, known for the TV series ‘Two Fat Ladies,’ aired her controversial thoughts on the city in a new book.

Dickson, who lives in Edinburgh, later told a Leicester newspaper: “I’m surprised any of the people who might object could read what I wrote as it is written in English.” “I have never believed that political correctness was a reason not to say what I have experienced.”

The 65-year-old dedicates a chapter of Clarissa’s England: A Gamely Gallop Through the English Counties to each county in England, discussing their culinary, cultural and historical merits. On Leicestershire, she writes of the city’s “ghetto”.

She describes coming off the ring road to escape a traffic jam and becoming lost.”I found myself in an area where all the men were wearing Islamic clothing and all the women were wearing burkas and walking slightly behind them,” she wrote.

She said the men would not talk to her “because I was an English female and they don’t talk to females they don’t know.” She said: “Here I was, in the heart of a city in the middle of my own country, a complete outcast and pariah. If multiculturalism works, which I have always been rather dubious of, surely it must be multicultural and not monocultural.”

Leicester is often referred to as the “most Islamic city in Europe”

Ibrahim Mogra, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, and a city imam, said: “How is she judging an entire community on her one-off rare time of getting lost in Leicester? “I find it very hurtful to read because everybody is working so hard to create a peaceful and happy Leicester. “It showed a complete lack of appreciation of the fact we are almost two million in this country, doing our bit for our country. (But “your bit” is turning England into a third world Islamic state)

Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said: “That is the sort of thing that makes me very angry – when someone breezes in from outside and paints a picture of Leicester that does not have any foundation in reality.” Councillor Manjula Sood, chairman of Leicester Council of Faiths, urged readers to ignore her comments. 

Dickson said, “When you get to 65, you will think back on this conversation and I think you might find yourself in my frame of mind.” “Visiting Leicester scared me and I am not scared easy. It frightened me because it was part of my country that I was born in and there are a lot of radical Muslim preachers in this country.”

She said her experience of Leicester was “unpleasant.” “I was in London when the July 7 (2005 bomb attacks) happened and this to me was proof for those people who have been saying we’re getting ghettoisation of Muslim areas.” 


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  2. i was born in Leicester and grew up there, it still is a fantastic city with Europes biggest population of hindus, a ghetto has developed in one area dominated by muslims, in the rest of Leicester even in predominatley hindu/sikh areas other people live that are not asian, most of the hindus sikhs or other non muslims that used to live in the highfields area who could leave, have left my sister sold her house so her children did not have to go to a school dominated by islam, taking your kids to school in summer wearing a light summer dress she was abused by fellow mums who were wearing burkas she was informed that she looked “naked” it was the last straw..To the yanks complaing about mexicans and south american people you are lucky at least they are christians and not muslims….

    • well, there are neighborhoods that are entirely Mexican and I’ve experienced as well as people I know Mexicans telling us “this is a Latino Only Neighborhood”. Mexicans are worse than whites when it comes to racism. I’ve never had a white person tell me anything like that. Mexicans “claim” Christianity but they don’t practice it. Like many muslims its all for show. Mexicans will play their music loud at all hours ( you can hear the freakin music 200 yards away. that’s how loud), they will park in your driveway, etc. You tell them to knock it off and they threaten you, then you find yourself up to your elbows in Mexicans. Arabs, Pakis and Mexicans are cut from the same stupid cloth if you get my meaning

    • Islam is a religion of peace and we respect other religions …seeing these comments hurt but made me stronger a little because I would never say these cruel things about Christians , jewdism nor any other religion …and you talk about us envading America and living here but your tanks and planes are on our land as we speak …look at it from others point of view … I’m from juresalam and wasn’t Jesus from there ? ..so Jesus was a mi
      ddle eastren yet you talk negativity about us “god help you guys”

  3. GOD BLESS YOU CARISSA!! And DON’T EVER let those muslime SOB’s EVER stop you, OR their useful idiot dhimmis who are just too chickens— to speak out, EVER tell you what to say, how to think or what you cannot say because it may offend some muslime piles of dog doo!!

  4. I can tell you this – if 10,000 English were brought back to life who were born back a hundred years; these muslim invaders would be gone within a week.

    It certainly is a sad state in the U.S. with a muslim usurper in Office. Britain may be far gone, but I don’t think anything can compare to that or the fact that Obama is funding islamic terrorism in the Middle East and Africa with borrowed U.S. dollars. Our moral compass is spinning out of control, and when we turn our back on God, He turns from us.

    If I see her book, I shall buy it in support of those who speak up.

  5. Just like here in America where the Illegals and other Hispanics move into our cities and soon turn them into slums. Its happening now with cities like Dearborn Michigan and other areas where Muslims are being flooded into our country by Muslims Obama. Imagine four more years of bringing thousands more into our country. Unemployment is moving higher again. All these deadbeats will be leaching off the taxpayers for a very long time.

  6. More people need to wakr up and see what destruction Islam will wreck on civilization. As long as the UK allows this sort of immigration (and the US isn’t so far behind) disaster cannot be too far behind.

  7. We need more celebrities in Europe to be as brave as she is and speak out against Islamization, only then will we (hopefully) make some progress in eradicating this backward cult from our shores.

  8. Being -offended by freedom of speech -should never be regarded as a justification for -violence.

    The threat of -violence should not become an -excuse or -justification for restricting -freedom of -speech’.

    Truth does not need censorship to defend it.

    Individuals-have the -right to pick and choose which -expressions to-condemm-to praise or -say -nothing.

    Governments -must stay -neautral.——unknown author.

  9. The lady sounds like she is sorta maybe waking up, but all those years she went right along with the mc/bs, never complaining. Now her world has changed and she doesn’t like it. boohoo, don’t just sit back and say maybe it’ll all work out which is apparently her plan. The ladies’ cooking show was amusing but most of their recipes are heavy foods, mutton, bloodpudding, etc. Something to try for the experience but would not be on ‘rotation.’

  10. SAXON- to answer your question, “why is everyone who aren’t muslims leaving in droves?”. I suggest it is the same reason that people get off a bus and walk rather than keep riding along for miles next to a fellow who smells like he has never herd of soap and who sees no need to remove his clothing before he urinates or defecates. Most of the muzzies in the ghettoes, look and smell like shite, only less charming.

  11. Muslims find offense to everything – especially the truth, but everyone knows what the truth is.
    If Muslim areas are so WONDERFUL, why is everyone who aren’t muslims leaving in droves?

  12. Dear Bonni and BNI readers:

    Clarissa Wright! Well, aaawwwrhight! I remember “2 Fat Ladies” and their wonderful use of way too much butter on everything! Clarissa has written a book about food, culture and country, which I am sure celebrates the UK and for her puts the “Great” in Great Britain.

    Of course with that comes brutal honesty on how the Izlam-a-slime wave is taking over the British Isles. Whatever Leicester once was; sadly it is gone now. I wish the present generation of Brits could have seen the Leicester that this dear lady knew.

    AND I just don’t mean the ethnic English, Scots, Irish, Cornish, Manx and Welsh. I also mean the other British subjects that are loyal to crown and country and served her well during the reign of the British empire. These would be Indian Hindus or Sihks, Buddhists from Singapore or Hong Kong (ie ethnic Chinese), Christian Blacks from Jamaica, Belize (British Honduras) or the British Virgin Islands, etc.

    I know many “white British nationalities” (ie Scots, English, etc…) and they have no problems with fellow subjects that are Indian Hindu, Chinese Buddhist, Black Christian, etc. One white British friend tells me how an Indian Hindu family in his neighborhood are always the first to purchase stage tickets for ANY Christmas production (Nutcracker, A Child’s Christmas In Wales, A Christmas Carol, etc) especially when the box office monies goes to charity (yes, even a Christian “help needy families for Christmas charities”). Another white Britisher knows that his son in the British military is serving alongside MANY black British soldiers whose parents were from Africa’s Rhodesia (where a grandfather may have been in the Royal African Rifles) or maybe Barbados or Jamaica where a father had been a police officer in the waning days of British colonial rule. The same white British father who can list his son’s black British “mates” and even refer to an Indian Hindu girl army nurse or a Anglo-Chinese Red Cross worker… CANNOT NAME ONE MUSLIM IN THESE UNIFORMED SERVICES.

    Multi-Culturalism a problem? From what I seen before the current PC term of multi-culturalism was in use… the word “Cosmopolitan” was used to describe the thriving British scene. The London scene with Irish, Scots, Israeli Jews and the native British Jewry, Hong Kong Chinese, Rhodesians and South Africans of every color and creed, British Indians- very loyal to the Crown… it was dynamic, pulsing and amazing.

    Then one ingredient was thrown in and the fabric of British socitey began to unravel. Multi-Culturalism? As I said I know plenty of white British people who have no problems with many different colors and religions alongside them. This is because they also know those different colors and religions work for their salaries, pay their taxes and serve in the military. Except one of course. Can we guess which one? No, according to my white British friends it wasn’t multi-culturalism that did in Britian, it was Muslim-Culturalism.

    Those muslim rape gangs who target young white children in the UK for lives of prostitution and exploitation… also target Hindu, Chinese, Sihk and Black Carib Islander girls (who are mostly Christian). When you say a prayer for those poor white children, say one for the Hindu Indian or Black Christian girls in Britain because those Muslim monsters are going after them as well.

    I digress. To conclude with two thoughts. One is Miss Wright, good for her and her book! The muslim response? Well typical- they don’t care Leicester is crumbling before their ever increasing and destructive numbers.

    Finally, has that sheriff’s election taken place yet in the UK? The one where Tommy Robinson’s friend was running? Does anyone know if he won?

      • Bonnie, Yes! Paul Weston is a WONDERFUL leader and a great speaker! We desperately need him and British Freedom to save Britain!

        When I listened to Paul Weston speak at a NYC meeting early this year, I was inspired! I was so inspired I later became determined that I had to return to England and with God’s help, join in the fight for freedom!
        I haven’t made it back to England yet but with God’s help I will.
        This is all VERY extraordinary because I had NEVER EVER planned to return to my homeland!

      • Bonnie, I am so glad to see that British Freedom website is operating fine now after many days of massive attacks from Islam and the Left.

        To UK readers: please join British Freedom and tell everyone you know about British Freedom! Thanks!


  13. On July 7, 2005, around 7 a.m. before it was on the news here in Canada, I received an email from a woman I’d met in town who was associated with a splinter religious group about which I’d read online allegations of fraud and association with shady international crime groups (read: terrorist organizations). Her email forwarded a pyramid letter that, at the very end, in capital letters said: “You may not survive the next terrorist attack”. I felt very threatened when, later that day, I heard the news of the London attacks. I contacted the woman who’d sent me the email and tried to get her to tell me why she sent it but she avoided me like the plague and never did give me an answer. I felt she was involved somehow or that she was some sort of insider but what could I do? Go to police? All police ever did when I tried to talk frankly about this sort of thing was to threaten me with arrest if I didn’t shut up about it. And although when I contacted CSIS, their operator took me seriously, I was so quickly taken down by locals listening into my calls that I felt too intimidated to persist. So good for Clarissa Dickson Wright for speaking out!

  14. The celebrity chef was scared because the Quran and other Islamic teachings command Muslims to wage jihad against intensely hated non-Muslims and conquer all nations. TREASONOUS Western ruling elites have massively colonized Europe and Britain with many millions of Muslims so that Muslims can OBEY Islamic commands to wage jihad and conquer Europe and Britain. A shocking crime against humanity.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Join and support British Freedom! Britain’s last great hope!


  15. How on earth does the EU explain why its a good thing to destroy Europe and replace it with islam? How does this help Europe or the world?

  16. I love that lady n her show. Her comrade passed away and I’m sorry for that she was a great lady too. Islam is unpleasant anywhere it rears its plagued head. Look how damned ugly they all are why are they do foul visually? I suppose it’s all the wretched inbreeding with their brothers daddies cousins and whatever other relative they can find to inseminate them. Disgusting bacteria ridden demons. I can’t wait for the day we get to smash them like bugs

  17. only a man would say that Sharia is the solution to all problems: molesting children battering women turning the world into a garbage pile running amok what a great relgiion

    • You don’t know what you missing, you don’t Imagine to be descent you are no different than animals sleeping with anybody after getting drunk, treating you parent like dirt no respect and at the end you’ll go to hell ISLAMIC RELIGEN is PERFECT Muslims aren’t so don’t look at the Muslims in this country because they’ve been influenced by you they became greedy and hypocrite so think again

      • You should get a better command of English before you compose your idiocy in online forums and notes! If Islam is so “perfect”, why not practice it fully, in the comfort of your own Sharia-governed states? Certain things aren’t negotiable here in “the West”, such as separation of church and state, gender equality and anti-betrothment, and if you can’t respect the rights and freedoms we’ve fought so hard to defend, GO HOME.

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