Hamas intentionally turns innocent civilians into sitting ducks

That’s why they intentionally locate their rocket launchers and weapons facilities in or right next to private homes, hospitals, schools, playgrounds, and other civilian areas from which to carry out increasingly frequent and deadly missile attacks against Israel.


13 comments on “Hamas intentionally turns innocent civilians into sitting ducks

  1. Yet ANOTHER prime example of why these lowlife pieces of sh– who think of themselves as “Allah’s Chosen” are considered by most of the CIVILZED WORLD as the filthy stinking LOWEST life forms on Earth!! They DO NOT care at ALL for life, and will kill or get killed anyone, including their own children, to advance Pislam, the demented demonic DEATH CULT!!

  2. HAMAS, PLO, al-Qaeda , Muslim Brotherhood: etc. etal. : Camelshit!!! iTS ISLAM, STUPID!!! The time has come to quit playing the name game. Tell it as it is: whatever the false name, look behind it to Islam and the damnable doctrines of conquest, genocide and terrorism enshrined in the Koran and exemplified in the hadith & Sirs.

    Israel will have security when there are no G’d’d Muslims living within rocket range. Israel will have peace when there are no G’d’d Muslims on the face of the earth; not before.

    Once is enough. Punch their tickets, Bibi! Send them to Hell where they belong.

  3. What hell for those civilians. What perverse and malignant insanity Hamas has perpetrated upon Palestinians. How can they ever rehabilitate? God help us all.

  4. my question is: why are the Jews always blamed? I mean, whether it’s the u.n, or the europeans? The savage neck slashing, stone throwing blood thirsty muslims, are always thought of as “victims.” Thank God Bibi doesn’t care what the world says! There are jews who seem to want to blame Israel for the insanity. Of course Jews vote for Obama. Is that self hatred or what?

  5. The mindset of hamas is pretty twisted. Only stone age monkeys would put women and children on their agenda of death. Hence the taliban, hamas, al qaeda, ole shish kabob over in Africa etc. Jihad is supposed to be holy??? The civilized world sees what these “warriors” are about, cowardice, like firing rockets from places where innocent people live.

  6. This, very much this, is a big part of why Hamas should no longer be recognized as a legitimate part of the Palestinian government and any future ones they try to form. Hamas obviously has no regard for the people they claim to represent other than as tools to further their agenda which is the total destruction of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people. They care not how many or how much Palestinians suffer as they attempt to reach this goal. If they did care they would never have attempted to fight like this in the first place. Deliberately putting innocent civilians in harms way in order to try and keep your enemies from firing upon you is EVIL plain and simple! Only the truly wretched use such tactics!

    • I don’t recall anyone ever accusing these demons of the flesh, muslims, of ever being rational players, but, I do remember seeing it with my own eyes, they are basically acts of cowardly individuals, won’t give them credit for being real men, who hide behind others to try and save themselves because man on man, they don’t have what it takes to survive it, and they know it.

  7. Every single time Hamas begins another shooting war with Israel; Israel gets the blame for trying to defend against the rockets etc. This blame never ceases to shock me. The aggressors are clearly Hamas, they are to blame. NOT ISRAEL

    Yet some Jews and Christians in our own U.S. blame Israel. These people are their own worst enemy. They will rue the day they stuck up for Hamas, because Islam has designs on the U.S. and when they do take over, the lives of Jews will not mean a damned thing. They will DIE.

    Thing is, we could use their help, because I am Christian, and Islam hates us too. I do not want to die because of some misguided dumbazz Jews and Christians

    • ” I do not want to die because of some misguided dumazz jews and christians” fair enough, as we say in the Corps, gentlemen, (in this case ladies) pick up a rifle and make ready to defend yourself. Clear enough for you Linda? There are choices you know.

      Going GALT

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