How many more reasons does Israel need to level Gaza once and for all?

Hamas savages threaten to carry out high profile suicide bombings in Israeli cities.

YNET News  Hamas is vowing to avenge the death of commander Ahmed Al-Jabari, who was killed in an airstrike earlier on Wednesday. Hamas official Ismail al-Ashqar said that the “resistance’s possibilities” are now open and include suicide bombings and high profile attacks inside Israeli cities. “The Islamic savages can cause Israel great misery,” he said. 

Ahmed Al-Jabari, who ran Hamas’ armed wing was killed in an airstrike in the Gaza Strip along with his son after their car was targeted by an Israeli missile. The IDF said Jabari’s assassination marks the beginning of Operation Cloud Pillar against Gaza terrorists. As part of the operation, Israeli aircraft struck at least 20 rocket-launching pads belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Dozens of long-range rockets were destroyed, including Fajr-5 missiles. The destroyed rockets and missiles had a range of more than 40 kilometers. One of the attacks killed another Hamas commander. Military sources said that other terrorist leaders will be targeted.

Tel Aviv beach-goers have just seconds to get to shelter from an incoming Hamas rocket.

IDF precision surgical strike takes out Hamas Commander’s explosives-laden house in Gaza.

On Nov. 17, the IDF targeted the house of a high-ranking Hamas commander in Gaza. Note the secondary explosions, which indicates that explosives were stored in the building.

IDF dispels the latest PaliPropaganda lies because Western media will not.


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  1. The Palestinians have lived in refugee camps in Jordan since 1948. They live, born and raised on pure hate.
    Last year the UNRWA
    The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East – UNRWA – provides assistance, protection and advocacy for registered Palestinians …

    In 2010, Palestinian sources revealed on Tuesday that the UNRWA has made a decision to reduce food rations distributed every three months to the refugees. The decision aims at paving the way, the sources added, for the complete cancellation of all food rations within the next two years.

    According to the sources, the UNRWA director in Lebanon, Richard Cook, recently issued a decision stipulating a 55% reduction in food rations. They added that flour, which had formerly been supplied alongside other foods, will no longer be distributed.

    Food rations have been distributed to Palestinian refugees since 1948, but over the years donor countries have decreased their contributions, resulting in a reduction of available funds with which to provide the rations. Palestinian sources were concerned by information leaked from UNRWA headquarters that services extended to refugees, such as the rations and health care, would end in the coming two years, especially after UNRWA slashed the number of workers who distribute the rations.

    Meanwhile, Palestinian popular committees continued their protest against a related UNRWA decision to cut medical coverage, once more closing down the agency’s clinics and health centers in refugee camps across the country, a claim the UNRWA refutes.

    The protests were stepped up after a meeting scheduled to be held in Sidon between Cook and Palestinian Liberation Organization committees was canceled and relocated to UNRWA headquarters in Beirut.
    Lieutenant Colonel Abu Said al-Youssef, a member of the Higher Follow-Up Committee of popular committees in Lebanon, said the Palestinians have yet to see a positive response from Cook, despite contacts made by the PLO commander in Lebanon and the popular committees.

    Youssef said the protests will continue until the UNRWA meets the refugees’ “fair” demands, most notably the reversal of this month’s decision to partner with the Beirut General University Hospital (BGUH) instead of the Hammoud Hospital in Sidon.

    I’m not going to go on about this…but bottom line is the Palestinians have been on “welfare handouts” for 64 years. They haven’t tried to improve their lives, at least not the uneducated ones that are willing to strap on bomb vests & kill as many Jews as they can on their way to meet allah.

    I see that they are afraid they will be tossed out of those refugee they are stepping up their attacks on Israel to get the land they think belongs to them.

    The killer jihadists are helping them…but basically the rest of the middle east wants nothing to do with them. Pretty bad when nuts think the Palestinians are whack jobs!

  2. I am perplexed. I know that Israel can wipe out Hammas in no time, why is she not doing it. Israel will be blamed no matter what. So DO IT Israel. AND, get all Muslims out of your country. Lead the western world. America is ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood. So, no hope from it. The majority of Americans (who voted for Satan-in-Chief) are retarded, not fit to rule any one or any thing. I am sorry, but I am extremely disappointed with the last election, to say the least.

  3. As I said days ago – if it were any country other than Israel – Gaza would now be a hole in the ground.
    America is willing to declar war on any country that bombs it’s citizens, but Obama was brought up in an islamic country and has been indoctrinated.

  4. Israel needs to build themselves a stagiic air force and a missle force for thy’re nukes cant depend on us anymore. sorry to say! /\

    • Oh, the muzztturds who CALL themselves “Palestinians” WILL be wiped off Planet Earth ALL in due time……AND that “due time” is rapidly approaching, as they only hasten it by their aggression and hatred toward Israel!! WE VWILL SOON say “BuhBye” to the “Palestinians” who NEVER REALLY were!!

    • Unfortunately, they are not bright enough to realize that Islam is essentially a death trap for those who believe in it. Even those who are most its victims can not give it up and get out. And that, for our own self preservation leaves us no choice.

  5. But the people in gaza were there originally in the 50s too.

    Look, there is no discord between Isr and US. The leaders are not at a disagreement. Obam is not muslim even if he looks it. Obam and Net and the Saudis are all secretly working together on this. Israel is doing these attacks to themselves by corrupt officials imo. There are izzy agents in hamas carrying out these attacks. See the bigger picture. Noone in power is beholden to religous nutjobs they just manipulate them.

    • What are you, some kind of nut? Another conspiracy theorist?
      Any nut job like you can make statements – back it up with FACTS!
      Do you have ANY understanding of how Pisslam absolutely HATES Jews & all other non-muzzturds?
      Have you ever read the queeran & hadiths & how they spout Jew hatred & to kill all Jews or are you just plain fucking dumb?
      Have you read anything apart from Huffpo & MSNBC or Communist Network News?
      WHERE do you get such drivel from?
      So it’s only “izzy” agents firing rockets from Gaza into Israel at the rate of 1000+ per year for the last 12 years? Riiiight!
      For what purpose you fuckwit are “corrupt Israeli officials” doing this to themselves?
      I suppose that you also think pisslam is a ‘religion of peace’ & that everything is the “JOOOS” fault?
      I have read many asinine comments over the years – especially from ignorant retarded muzzturds – but your comments exceed theirs exponentially!

      How’s your history dickbrain? Jews have lived in that land for 4,000 years – long before any “Gazan’s” came along. There were 3 wars of the fucking islamic ayrabs against Israel – 1948,1967 & 1973 – each time the ayrabs got their arses kicked.
      Israel ceded the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt in 1973 after comprehensively defeating it & GAVE back Sinai in 1979 for a peace treaty – in return Anwar Sadat was murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood for making peace with Israel!

      Fast forward to 2005, Israel pulled out unilaterally from Gaza – gave back land for “peace” – with the result that your mates the Hamas began firing rockets into Israel almost right away. But I suppose YOU would think that it was part of the evil Jews plans?
      You certainly write like a muzzturd trying to hide that they are a muzzturd – after all your favourite pedophile prophet said “War is deception” & that is exactly the sort of shit you’re trying to pull here!

      I nominate you for the ignorant fucktard of the year!

  6. With this threat alone, Israel should drive all Hamas beasts into the sea, once for all!

    ==== GOD IS WITH ISRAEL ! ====

  7. Made mistake in my spelling…Right after Obama talk to Egypt president Morsi two rockets were lauched at Israel…Obama working with the enemy

  8. reasons in my opinion way past time for that , stand by for a house to house armed search and destroy mission , just hope when they do they plug up the back door ! thats where all the muzzie rats will run to get across the border

  9. I just found out the Obama made a call to Egypt President Morsi on November 16 2012 and right after the call Egpyt launched to rockets at Israel…That right their should tell you Obama is working with the enemy…

  10. Israel allowing Gaza to remain free for Hamas’ jihad is verging on national suicide. Especially so with the regional growth of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “arab spring.” As in every other time and place where Mohammed’s Sharia finds ways to grow, superior and devastating force and the willingness to apply are the only things that can defeat Islam.

  11. There is one Hamas missile strike that I would like to see happen in Jerusalem: A direct hit on the Dome on the Rock mosque. That would be one of the coolest things ever. How would the Islamic world feel about the beloved Hamas then? I’m sure the Jews would be blamed.

  12. Dumb A-rabs haven’t won a war against Israel yet. And they’ve tried over & over. Israel’s motto is ‘Never again’, & they need to remember that. After the Holocaust it just ain’t gonna happen. Too bad the damn Jews here were so dumb as to buy into Obammy’s b.s. They’d be the first ones to jump into the ovens.

  13. Haa, Hammas said, “Quote” “Israel has opened the gates of hell” Right, for all Hammas and Islam to fall into because they have awakened a sleeping giant. It might look like it’s getting bad for Israel for a little while (Might look like it) But Israel has God on her side and No one can defeat God, who created ALL.

  14. It looks as if “uncle Dougie” the sopkes man and the rest of the kkkair group have honestly inherited the talent to lie fro their heroes in Hamas. They say that islam is a victimized bungh of inocent travelers in a foreign land who need your help and pity for the anti islam feeling against them. Hamasclaims victorys that did not even remotely occur.kkkair SLI* cries and whines about mistreatment while they fatten their coffers with set up lawsuits from raagheaded people who break work rules and then claim to be victims.
    We don’t need them in America, either one of them. We don’t need any more terrorist training and hate nurturing centers they call mosques. Muslims seem to do quite well supplsedly worshiping behind dumpsters or in the street where they disrupt everything they can with their phony show of holiness.

    In Denmark and Sweden, and districts of London, they disturb everything they can by raping native blonde girls who do not wear the louse encouraging headbags.
    Its time yu went home, you outrageous, demonstrating, privilege demanding, welfare cheatinG and sucking islamists, and take your mosques of musks or whatever you call them with you or burn them where they sit. Let me know when you are ready to start and I’ll pay for the matches.

  15. There is no reason, save for national suicide, that Israel should allow the Gaza strip to exist. Go in, deport those animals to whatever hellhole they originally came from and then “colonize” the strip once again…and never give up an inch of land…ever!

      • I agree they are human beings. But, they are trained from the moment of birth to do all they can to destroy the Jews and Israel. Indoctrinated at school and on children’s T.V. programming, some even to become suicide bombers. These kids are 5 years old. They master ‘rock throwing’ and love knives when they become teenagers. Followed by enrollment in Hamas.

        Now, XENA, how would you handle that situation?

      • they may be human beings but the act as if they had forfeited all claim to such. Indeed, by the simple act of remaining Muslim they have as Islam is a crime against all the rest of humanity. It has been since the beginning and now is the time to bring it to a complete and total end.

      • First, they are not all human beings. Many of them, I don’t know what percentage, are savages. Secondly, what is so special about human beings? Dogs I respect and wouldn’t harm. Elephants, too. Most animals. But if one reads the history of humanity and then someone says, “They are human beings,” I can’t generate much sympathy or love.

      • Xena, continuing to accomodate the Palestinians makes no sense. I would offer them 10 days to relocate to Egypt or elsewhere (not U.S.) and at the end of the 10 days, bulldoze what remains of the infrastructure. Offer each $1000 in relocation expense. A lot less expensive than the coming war and a better life for the children. The childrens’ future is what’s important, isn’t it.

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