Israeli air strikes bomb Hamas Prime Minister’s office and Interior Minister’s residence

Hamas started it, Israel better finish it, ALL of it, preferably before they get strong-armed into any premature cease fire, dictated by America and the UN.


33 comments on “Israeli air strikes bomb Hamas Prime Minister’s office and Interior Minister’s residence

  1. Such a bummer when you bomb the heck out of civilians in southern Israel and then they retaliate and bomb the heck out of your Hamas leaders and some of your civilians are killed. In the wisdom of the world one must wonder why Palestinian aggressor’s civilians are so much more valuable than Israeli civilians minding their own business.


    We stand with Israel. We stand with the Jewish people!

    Just how many times have HUGE Muslim crowds in Muslim countries screamed out “Death to America”. “Death to Israel” ? They have screamed this out many, many times. Muslim countries that we give many billions of our tax dollars to.


    Long live America! Long Live Israel ! LONG LIVE the FREE WORLD!

  3. Israeli leaders surrender of Gaza to Islam was suicidal. It was LAND in exchange FOR WAR.
    NO ONE can make peace with Muslims! It is always LAND in exchange for WAR!


    Not one more inch of Free World Jewish Land to Islam. Not now! Not ever!

    Not one more dollar, shekel, euro or British pound to Gaza/PLO/Palestinian Authority Muslim terrorist Occupation Forces! Or to any Muslim country or organization!

  4. Peace has only ever be achieved through total defeat of the enemy. Israel: Utterly defeat your barbaric enemies! Do it for Israel ! Do it for every non-Muslim! Do it for the entire Free World!


  5. The line has been crossed Israel put that line in place as a warning ! there is no middle ground the world will pick their sides and we all make our stand on this day ! I stand for Israel , on my oath , on my land , on my life , by my blood , by my gun

  6. Israel should say to all the Egyptians, Syrians, and Jordanians – because that’s who they are – in the Gaza strip, “get out by ‘x’ date, or face the consequences”. Then when ‘x’ date arrives, reduce the whole place to rubble.

  7. Whiloe I don’t like human suffering and loss of life, I’m glad that those that progagate this violence feel thr wrath directly. They care not for their own children, but maybe themselves. Hey, the airstrike on Qaddafi shut his yap. for years. Cut off the head and the body dies…

  8. Gaza cries that they need hospital supplies when all they really need is a few thousand less rockets and twenty thousand or more years of evolution.
    Boo hoo hoo So, the Arabs have their hands out once again for charity. Cry me a river cavemen.

  9. I support Israel to defend itself. If they do a very thorough job of defense, it would not hurt my feelings. Time to blow Islam back into the Stone Age, which for them is about a week and a half ago.

  10. Obviously, the terrorist groups are working with the blessing of the Gaza government. The authorities in the Palestinian territories are responsible for bringing the violent men under control and putting them out of business. They haven’t, so they should be targeted if they don’t do their jobs or stick to their negotiated agreements. The Palestinian leaders are WILD DONKEYS!

    The whole bunch of them are savages, because they are TRIBAL SUPREMACISTS.

    On the other hand, Israel is a pluralistic society.

    Anyone who supports the savages must be part savage.

  11. My suspisions are the Israeli’s are fed-up, and most likely have taken notes and payback in now in the future for these demons of the flesh, OKA, muslims and their leadership, be-it, hamas, hezboallah, even the aryians, oka, Iran..
    Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. It then stands to reason the Israeli’s first right is to protect their endangered citizens,the brothers from their hood, islam, are in for one hell of a fight for their survival, they seem to think the entire world is going to lap up their dog shit excuses one more time, THEY ARE WRONG, on too many levels to disguse on this thread.
    This is going to prove a point people, the point being obama’s bin lyn’ to eveyone, has for over three and a half years waxed himself of great importence to the Israeli people and our allies, through the liberal liars, visa-vi the media, proclaiming him a great supporter of Israeli’s, not even close to the truth, this is the actions needed at this time to prove once again we have a pathologcal liar in the form of a so-called leader. A leader he is not, couldn’t lead a frog across his own pond, let alone a Nation of the stature of the Israeli’s or ours These United States of America. The entire world, as in the obomabots world, are now going to clearly see how they have been lied to for such time and will reconize We the Patriots are in truth, been telling them all along, but, it will do neither obamas bin lyn ‘and his sick followers, any good whatsoever, but, it will lead into something even larger then they expected, the hurt at the gas pump is about to get even worse and the middle east will turn into a giant killing fields, that will not be hard to miss, even for these idiots. Of course they will blame the Israeli’s for protecting their people, and of course, these same idiots will fail in their understanding of the use of the palestinian issue as a pretext,to another genocide of a particular peoples, God’s chosen. We get it, unfortunately they just won’t hear of it, and if they do, they’ll continue with the talking points of this regime, and suck it up like day old dogshit, on command. In final, shit is about to hit the preverbrial fan, they, the obamabots, are going to see the rewards of their foolishness in once again, choosing color over character, they loose, again. Those of us who stay firmly, worldly planted on the current issues, understand them in both spiritual and physical understandings, are all to aware for the future and what is holds, for all of us. Pray Israeli’s kick these demons asses back to their prefered mentailty, the 7th century, and by all means, let them wallow in their own filth, misery they have brought onto themselves,they asked for it, made their beds on lies deceit, cunning betrayels towards one another, and now they shall receive what they seek, martyrdom, in spades.

    Going GALT

  12. The majority of Western citizens are truly imbeciles. How the can one blame Israel for the aggression when those terrorists Hamas have been firing rockets on civilians for years now.
    Would it be acceptable for Mexico to do the same and the US do nothing? This is so preposterous.

  13. Exactly B.N.I.
    brain and heart do

  14. It seems wrong somehow to encourage war on areas where civilians are closely gathered — but not here!
    The civilians know about the murderous hamas and welcome them into their midst. If they had any sense, they would move away from rocket launching pads and other terrorist gathering spots. The people should make the murderous bastards leave the areas around schools and mosques instead of welcoming their presence.
    I can’t wait for the tears to start gushing from idiots like the “boat people” over civilian injuries while they have said nothing about the rockets falling on totally innocent Isralis.

    Go get’em Israel! !

  15. Is the Hamas obviously that Stupid to assume the MOSSAD or IDF does NOT have their locations when Israel is being attacked without provocation? Israel has every right o defend herself against ALL enemies. I would have attacked with much stronger resistance than Hamas can handle, but Hamas is very stupid and risking the lives of everybody in their area.
    Hamas has been known to hide behind Hospitals, schools and other residential areas to launch their rockets against Israel.
    Hamas is going to keep making more mistakes until they are all killed off. If there are any “innocent” people in their area, they should get the hell out. Once Hamas has been located, they will be destroyed.
    I support ISRAEL and the IDF, etc…….
    Down with HAMAS and all terrorist groups !

  16. hope they finish IT — so sick of the syruping about poooor gaza, look what Israel has done!! BS!!! They’ve been sending rockets for HOW long now into Israel!?? And it’s always “look what Israel is doing?” FINISH THEM OFF and the sooner the better; like you said Bon, before the dictator starts lecturing!! Does he live there, No. At least Bibi will protect HIS citizens and country unlike the Emperor sitting in our WH! Funny too, how Gaza always “uses” their children as propaganda. Hmmmm, and yet they TEACH them to KILL and HATE from Birth! go figure PSOS!

    • Which dome? If in Gaza (or anywhere else generally), any mosque’s destruction is always good news; however, if you were thinking about Al-Aqsa and/or the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, that would be exceptionally GREAT news indeed!!! It’s high time for Israel to celebrate and rub more salt in Moslem eyes by rebuilding their Temple upon that polluted site – and no matter how much the Moslems, Commies and other wretches of the world protest!!!! That would be one of the BEST ways to take revenge upon the SATANIC scourge known as Islam!!!…

      I’d also wish to see both Gaza and the West Bank peppered with neutron bombs, especially if Obama and his leftist minions try anything against Israel. Anything the totalitarians try should be answered with crushing force and extra defiance!!!

    • Well, there is plenty of blame to go around…certainly, the non-stop bombardment and constant harrassment of Israel by the arabs is a huge factor, but the spark that lit the latest powderkeg was DEFINITELY the precision missile strike on the hamas leadership (good shot, by the way).
      I stand with you guys…..Israel needs to wipe this blight from the face of the earth once and for all!

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