Next door neighbors preparing their children for the future

Israel must prepare its children for this…

…Because Hamas prepares its children for this:


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  1. And this is the problem. Israeli kids learning to be on the defense. Start teaching them to shoot, to stand up to savages. All free Nations MUST stop being so civilized against the uncivilized. Fight fire with fire…not rubber bullets or PC targeted attacks. Kids of all free Nations had better be taught this lesson or all is lost.

    • You make a very valid point here N.d, THAT being that “the best defense is a good offense”, which leads to the question :”Why the hell did the U.S.A EVER send troops into the Mideast without the ONE vitally important goal in mind of ELIMINATING muzzturds from the Planet” As, Lara Logan pointed out, AND most of the Lamestream news media STILL don’t get “Thie Mideast Conlict CANNOT be compared to Vietnam because the Viet Cong NOR the VRN gave a damn what our troops did AFTER their tours of duty were over and they went home to the U.S……”!! Not to mention, NONE of the Viet Cong EVER followed any of our troops back to the U.S and continued trying to kill them, and not ONLY those troops but every family member and ALL their “infidel” friends as well!! Make NO mistake abou itt, in THIS WAR, THE ENEMY IS AIN OUR MIDST!!

      • Pardon the typos, THIS IS NOT what I typed; and I don’t know just why it came out as it did!! Perhaps I should slow down a bit and not be too anxious to post, but THAT is difficult when dealing with muslimes whom I sincerely despise!!

  2. I’ve barely slept in 2 days, staying up and watching Fox news waiting for Israel to start f#@king up Hamas. I’m practically jumping up and down with blue and white pom poms. I might fly my Israeli flag – that will piss off my Muslim neighbours šŸ˜›

  3. Dear Bonni and BNI readers:

    Ooops! Sorry guys, bad editing on my part. I meant to say “…ISRAEL has been hit with 8,000 rockets from Gaza….” and not “Hamas.” Though… If Hamas had been hit with 8,000 rockets…?

    Well, one can hope. After all, why wait for Hamas members to be suicide bombers and blow themsleves up? If they get hit by 8,000 rockets like Israel has then they wouldn’t have to worry about blowing themselves up would they?

  4. The Pallies teach misogyny and supremacism.
    The Israelis teach equality and pluralism.

    33% of the Koran teaches hatred of the dirty kafirs. The Koran teaches religious discrimination.

  5. Dear BNI and BNI readers:

    Just when I couldn’t get more disgusted by CNN, well they lived up to their reputation as the Crescent News Network. I am even more surprised by the high level of integrity of Israel in this crisis.

    I just got done viewing CNN’s Don Lemon interviewing Israeli Ambassador Oren and bringing up the fact that Israeli strikes had resulted in civilian casualties in Gaza.

    I never wanted to scream at a television more than then…. the double, triple and quadruple standards Israel is held up to is so hippocritical. Ambassador Oren then brought up THE 800lb GORILLA IN THE ROOM… Hamas had been hit with 8,000 rockets from Gaza, West Bank, Sinai and the Syrian border in the past few months WHO HAVE BEEN TRYING TO MAXIMIZE CIVILIAN DEATHS. Why Oren has to bring this up to Lemon is a testament as to how low the anti-Israel media has become.

    Oren was unflappable and good for him. He stated how Israel invests in bomb shelters while Hamas invests in bombs (RIGHT ON THE NAIL MR. AMBASSADOR, and also the difference between civilized Israelis and savage Islamswine).

    Then Oren mentioned a use of technology to save Gaza muslim lives. Apparently, Israel has computer or robo-call technology that sends out tens of thousands of phone calls and tweets to Gaza muslims. THAT FLOORED ME, that Israel is going to such attempts (along with blanketing Gaza with leaflets warning civilians and of course super specific targeted bombing) to reduce casualties.

    Hamas is of course just behaving as a rabid dog in spreading as much suffering and death as possible.

    Oren reported that Israeli hospitals are still treating Gaza muslims injured in the fighting. The Israel-Gaza border is open to humanitarian needs of the Gazans during this WAR. Personally, I think this is way dangerous for Israel. How easy could a muslim fake injury in order to get inside the Israel border and commit more acts of terror.

    My advice to Israel- focus on your own citizens! Worry about them first, second, third and foremost.

    Lemon then mentioned if Israel’s response to this latest conflict was “antiquated.” HOLY CRAP CNN! Antiquated? If Israel wanted to wage “antiquated” war… then Gaza would be running with muslims blood and exterminated Islam-slime vermin wouldn’t be bothering innocent Jews any more would they? Antiquated war is KILL YOUR ENEMY.

    Israel uses technology to create defensive “Iron Dome” technology instead of ways to obliterate the muslim-slime. Hi tech robo-calling computers warn the civilians of Gaza that they the Israelis are “coming with an attack.”

    Why didn’t that term be used against the muslims? Violent, vulgar and brutal attacks on innocents, seeking the destruction of Israel and Jews worldwide (which Oren had to also remind Lemon of)… why isn’t this challenged as being animalistic and ghoulish? Or at least “antiquated.” Shouldn’t racism and violence against innocents be considered out of date, something that human beings hope to be a thing of the past?

    Don Lemon your credentials as a journalist are in the toilet. Also, Lemon is gay black man. I wonder if he would think it “antiquated” that muslims still practice slavery in many parts of the world, mostly in black Africa. Would Lemon think it “antiquated” (or at least barbaric, savage, etc..) of muslims who routinely slaughter gays by beheadings, hangings, stonings and being skinned alive?

    In muslim societies, even black muslims are inferior; yet in Israel; black African people…. ranging from the American origin Black Hebrews to the Black Ethiopian Jews (and other tribal black Africans claiming Jewish heritage) are EQUAL members of Israeli society. Israel also provides humanitarian assistance beyond reasoning to developing black Africa and the black nations of the Caribbean.

    In muslims societies, gays are treated as I mentioned above- 3rd class citizens, sexual mutilation, prison sentences, gang rape and violent deaths. While in Israel… Tel-Aviv is a gay paradise in the Mid-East, gays can live their lives without persecution in Israel.

    Oh, and after Israel… the nation muz-shit hate the most is America. Death to America is their rallying cry.

    So, Mr. Don Lemon… gay black American. If you know any of these things, then can’t you be just an itty bitty bit balanced in dealing with Israel? Can’t anyone give the one modern civilized freedom loving nation in the middle east, small Israel just the tiniest bit of fairness?

  6. This is one of the reasons why it is a crime against humanity to give Gaza-PLO/PA a single dollar, euro or pound. Western taxpayers are FORCED to finance never-ending jihad against Jews. May God one day judge all those responsible for this wickedness.

  7. Dear BNI and BNI readers:

    The two videos- one of Israeli children and the other of muslim children sums up Atlas Shrugs’ Pamela Geller’s ad campaign plain and simple. Civilized Man and the Savage.

    The Israelis are not just civilized because they choose to protect their children from terror- but also because of the children’s surroundings. A real school- a place of learning. This is modern civilized Israel, now compare this to slime who have children crawl on the floor “playing terrorist.”

    The Israelis are also civilized when I look at the children in this Israel classroom. Though the faces are blurred, the children’s forbears are obviously have origins in tragic circumstances. Circumstances where Israel stepped up to be just, kind and humanitarian in intent.

    Notice the black African children. All likely they are Ethiopian. This ancient nation had such a large black Jewish population (descended from the Queen of Sheba) that even when the Ethiopian monarch reflected an eventual Christian heritage… the Emperor would call himself “The Lion Of Judah.” However, the islamic poison grew in Ethiopia where both Christian and Jewish blacks were under siege. There are many books that reflect the heroic rescue of these “Falasha” black Jews and the new lives they began in Israel.

    See the brown faces? These children could very well be descended from the ancient Jewish populations who lived in Arab lands until the muslim Arab governments forcefully expelled them in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Who took these people in? Israel! Look up “Operation Magic Carpet” about the rescue of the Arabic Jews in the middle-east.

    Amongst these Israeli schoolchildren could be Jew or Gentile, Arab Christian or Muslim or Druze. They are well fed, well dressed and are in a modern classroom where learning is the focus. All aspects and results of a modern civilized society.

    Finally, the presence of the female IDF soldier speaks volumes for Israel as a modern civilized society where a young woman can be in a respected role in her community as a soldier in her nation’s defense. A role where she educates children in order to save their lives. Seeing this IDF woman soldier help Israeli children in their gasmasks gave me a sad smile. What is the world coming too?

    Well, its coming too a reckoning with Islamist slime. The other video is the definition of “savage” just as much as the Israeli clip reflected “civilized.” For their kindergarten graduation little Hamas infected muslim boys have as aspirations to die for Allah! Anyone get nauseous and vomit yet? As for women in the Hamas organization? Well, I guess a female could be a suicide bomber.

    Support the civlized man, not the savage. Support Israel. Well said Ms. Geller.
    Ms. Geller and BNI- keep up the good work.

  8. This is so sick. They are evil grown ups that do this to teach there children and their children will for sure be evil children then and fore sure evil grown ups too.

  9. this shows the one handycap the Israelie children have ! guess what it is it is something that is not taught in the class rooms of the Jewish people , HATE unless they learn to play by hates rule’s they run the risk of victum , kill hate today and live to love tommrow them are hard fast rules to learn young and live old by.

    • The U.S. gives billions of dollars every year to huge infidel-hater Pakistan. What a dreadful crime that is! There are huge numbers of Pakistani Muslims in Britain. Gangs of Pakistani Muslims have been raping British children for many years in England. There are many thousands of child victims in just one area alone in England. GOD HELP THE CHILDREN!

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