Sheeesh! Anti-Israel protesters in Canada are as ignorant as their counterparts in the US, EU, and UK

This Sun News reporter has the patience of a saint.

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  1. Poor Palestinians making pipe bombs or whatever with hardware tools – wah. Big fat BS. Oh and the rockets don’t blow up or whatever – say what? I always find it fascinating how these nutjobs think that the people in the State of Israel should have to be armed with the same armament as the Palestians or else it isn’t fair. Where I come from you don’t kick the biggest kid on the block and expect not to get your *ss kicked. Kick away!

  2. Amazing, how stupid little Dhimmis in Western nations fall for the lies every single time.
    Why must the little monsters be segregated from the civilized world? Because they are a danger to others. Why is it that the so-called “Palestinians” are no longer allowed free travel in Israel? Why was it necessary to build a fence between the children of Israel and the offspring of the Arab murderers who now occupy Judea and Samaria?
    Are these fences and walls erected to protect the monsters from the Israelis? No, they have been erected to protect the Israelis, of course.
    Ariel Sharon gave the little monsters the opportunity and the area to prove their ability to become humans, again, but they have proved they prefer to be monsters.


    We stand with Israel. We stand with the Jewish people!

    Just how many times have HUGE Muslim crowds in Muslim countries screamed out “Death to America”. “Death to Israel” ? They have screamed this out many, many times. Muslim countries that we give many billions of our tax dollars to.


    Long live America! Long Live Israel ! LONG LIVE the FREE WORLD!

  4. Ignorant? Nah, “shill” is the term that comes to mind here. Muslims have no credibility whatsoever. When someone’s ‘religion’ promotes lying to acheive one’s objectives, how could anyone bother to listen to them? Why, that’s just silly.

  5. And this ladies and gentlemen is the intelligence of the liberal left…..NONE! they are absolutely clueless….Did that guy say firecrackers???? Liberals are the most hypocritical people on the face of the earth!!! I bet if rockets were being lobbed by their hundreds into their neighborhoods where there are schools, homes, playgrounds etc, they would be demanding Canada respond militarily. The Palestinians could’ve had their own nation so many times over. They were always offered extremely favorable deals when negotiations did take place, especially when Clinton was in office, but that is all they know how to do is reject reject reject. even if they were to receive 99.9% of what they want they would still reject it. It’s not about land, its about they don’t want jews anywhere near them. Vicious unreasonable jew hatred is the cause of all their problems.

  6. Thank God Canada’s government has a different take on the situation!

    Canada throws unwavering support behind Israel in Gaza war

    Thursday, November 15, 2012 | Ryan Jones

    The government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper once again demonstrated its unwavering support of Israel on Thursday when it unequivocally backed the Jewish state’s military response to incessant terrorist rocket fire.

    “We fundamentally believe that Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens from terrorist threats,” stated Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird. “Far too often, the Jewish people find themselves on the front lines in the struggle against terrorism, the great struggle of our generation.”

    Referencing the hundreds of terrorist rockets that sparked Israel’s “Operation Pillar of Cloud” – a provocation much of the world has suddenly forgotten about – Baird said that Canada “condemns the terrorist group Hamas and stands with Israel as it deals with regional threats to peace and security.”

    The Obama Administration also issued a statement of support immediately following the start of Israel’s surprise aerial campaign on Wednesday evening.

    “We strongly condemn the barrage of rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel,” said US State Department spokesman Mark Toner. “We support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

    However, Toner also threw in what some might see as a veiled warning: “We encourage Israel to continue to take every effort to avoid civilian casualties.”

    It has been reported time and again that Israel takes more care to avoid civilian casualties than any nation on earth, including the United States. Some Israelis view remarks like Toner’s as an assertion of moral superiority, and a suggestion that Israel needs to be reminded to act in a civil manner.

    Of course, many also take it as a friendly warning that the rest of the international community is likely to use every Palestinian civilian casualty as a weapon to attack not only Israel’s military actions, but its legitimacy as a nation.

    Meanwhile, Russia and the Arab world predictably condemned Israel’s military response in Gaza while almost completely ignoring the Hamas rocket barrage that preceded it, and Europe registered its displeasure over the “disproportionate” nature of the Israeli action.

    Egypt recalled its ambassador to Israel in protest, and Israel returned the favor.

    • Why don’t we just send you! Then we will see how you feel! They have to resist to exist in the world’s largest open air prison!

        • Thanks Dubi: I just posted the vid on WND.COM !

          “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”. George Orwell.

          Keep telling the truth everyone!

        • Dear BNI, BINI readers & Dubi:

          Hey Dubi! Found the clip informative and it re-affirms some of my own past experiences. The muslims in the West Bank and Gaza have long tried to portray themselves as impoverished victims of Israeli and Western oppression.

          This spew was even going on back in the 1980s. During that time I was having to interact with “Christian ministers” who were actually liberation theology advocates (remember that movement). One in particular was a woman whose daughter spent large amounts of time as an “activist” in Israel and the “occupied” West Bank. Think of her as an ’80s version of Rachel Cory. The mother in private admitted she held no Christian beliefs whatsoever, but liked the privelige and standing the title of “minister” gave her. The daughter was more of a vicious anti Semite than her mother was, which was sayin a lot if you knew these psycho-bitches.

          I am an American Indian and because of that, these women kept trying to get me over to their pro-PLO & more causes. I guess with them being leftist radicals… if they were to get an “American Indian” on “their side” it was somehow a gold star in their communist leaning credenitals “report card.” I heard the spew about West Bank (WB) being a prison and/or concentration camp, a “South African homeland or bantustan” and when they encountered me… it was “just like a reservation.”

          First neither of these women had ever been to a reservation. So, I was “courted” by these women in the sense of getting me to their side. This was the days before personal cell phones could take video feeds which could be posted on the net and be seen by thousands in mere hourse. Instead I remember looking at the daughter’s scrapbooks and photo albums. More like a summer camp or vacation than a rez or any of the other type of “camp.”

          I saw our ’80s Rachel Cory in snapshots in business areas, in arab shops, market places, recreational areas, private home, etc. The “poor muslims” who would be in the pics with her were well groomed, fashionable and well fed. I especially liked the pics of arab families in their living rooms filled with every 80s tech gadget available at the time and of the arab kids in THEIR SWIMMING POOLS.

          These weren’t PLO leadership elites living off of donations from liberal European governments. These people were “average” residents of the West Bank. Many lived comfortable lifestyles while not working at all- now these WERE courtesy of European AND other Western Allied nations opening their wallets, as well as “we-feel-guilty” churches, humanitarian aid groups and of course the ISRAELI TAXPAYER and the SALARIES of their Israeli-Arab relatives who would send paychecks and Israeli products, clothing, food, etc to the West Bank.

          There was no “aparthied wall” as the current defense barrier is called in existence back in the ’80s. West Bank residents would travel across the border into Israel to work, sell or buy, practice professions, go to school, go shopping, attend recreational facilities (museums, zoos, cinemas, etc).

          Some of the pics were of ’80s Rachel withthe children of her WB host families (she lived with several arab families while in WB over time). She had to escort the arab children into BIG BAD ISRAEL and their she was… at restaurants, parks, arcades, to (what I guess was) the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. The “horror” these children had to experience? They had to go past checkpoints with Israeli soldiers where GASP! The little arab darlings saw BIG BAD JEWS WITH GUNS! Ooooohhhh Nooooo!

          I was pressured by a lot of these pro-PLO types to join the oppressed arab’s “plight” because… one) WB arabs live worse off than American Indians on reservations… and two) Palestinian arabs are “indigenous” to that part of the middle-east and as an America Indian, I should support them!

          Well, I never joined their cause or organizations- which were sucking money out of deluded do-gooders. I especially wasn’t popular with the pro-PLO crowd when I explained to them and much to their shock that Palestinians ARE NOT AN INDIGENOUS PEOPLE and that many other American Indians I know were very supportive of the Israeli nation’s right to exist. The look of shock on their faces when I said those things was hilarious.

          Also, I am learning much on the anti-Islamist movement sites. One term I’m learning is “Pallywood” which describes fake video shoots and internet uploads which portrays muslims as “victims to Jewish/Israel violence.”

          Well, I guess I must have seen “Pallywood” in its embryo stage years ago back in the ’80s. Refer to ’80s Rachel and her numerous photo albums where pics of children with rather comfortable lives were seen. Well, at “mid-east awareness” events she would have poster board of ragamuffin looking kids sitting in dusty roadsides are next to garbage cans out as a display. She would also at presentations show SLIDE SHOWS depicting the same kids looking rather dejected.

          Folks, I saw pictures that were apparently taken in or around the same time as the display or slide pics. The garbage cans were in front of nice homes or apartment houses where the children lived…. the kids WERE PUT IN RAGS specifically for those pictures… ie they were if anything”play clothes” complete with all the wear, tear, dirt, etc- that comes with it. Those children dressed well and expensively. Finally, I saw pics that went a few yards to the left or right or behind the pics of “poor arab child sits in dusty road” that had been on the display poster. The surroundings of those children was not some over crowded refugee camp. They were in nice neighborhoods, one was actually in a PARK FILLED WITH FLOWERS AND GREENERY. However, if you TAKE ANYONE and dress them down and place them on a dusty hot roadside…. you to would be oblivious that a short distance away were water fountains, flower beds and Jews and Arabs intermingling on park benches in the backdrop.

          Hey, I saw the origins of “Pallywood” and didn’t even know it!

          For people supporting Palestswine causes… the arab children DO NOT SUFFER BECAUSE OF ISRAEL, in fact if they have any stability, hot meals, shelter, education or happy childhoods IT IS BECAUSE OF ISRAELI GENEROSITY.

          Standing 100% with Israel in this and any current or future conflict with Islamic cult murderers.

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