This is what happens when America elects and re-elects an America-hating president notoriously fond of America-hating Islamofascists

The day of reckoning is here thanks, in part to GOP strategists having made Obama’s Islamic radicalism a subject nearly as off-limits as Islamic supremacism. So along comes Hamas. Just days before the presidential election, the terrorist organization — begotten by the Brotherhood and serving as its Palestinian branch — spearheaded an Islamist offensive, firing in just a few days over 120 750+ rockets into the Jewish state from its home base in Gaza.

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National Review (By Andrew McCarthy)  You may not have heard about it until a few days after the election. Like Iran’s act of war in shooting at a U.S. drone in international waters, it signaled a further dangerous unraveling of the Middle East that undercut the media narrative of Obama as foreign-policy chess master, so it was tucked under the rug.

But it could not be ignored forever, for it is not just another spike in the ever-thrumming Gaza border skirmish. It is the renewal of an unending war — an existential one for Israel, which is expected to fight “proportionately,” with both hands tied behind its back, yet blithely accept, as the international community has, the barbaric Islamist claim that nothing short of Israel’s destruction will be satisfactory.

By its own declaration, Hamas will be at war with Israel until the latter’s demise. Toward that end, the jihad has now been taken to population centers such as Tel Aviv. 

By the calculation of terrorism analyst Ryan Mauro, the onslaught begun last week brought the yearly total of missile attacks on Israel to about 700. That is, while the Obama administration has been facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and soon Syria — with Obama drawing ever closer to Turkey’s Islamist prime minister, Recep Erdogan, even as Erdogan champions and funds Hamas — Gaza’s jihadists have been emboldened to step up their terror campaign.

And it is not just Gaza’s jihadists. Understand: This is not Hamas’s war of extermination against Israel. It is Islam’s. And yes, for the millionth time, there are various ways of interpreting Islam, but the Islam that matters in the Middle East, the Islam that animates tens of millions of Muslims, is Islamic supremacism. Israel, the canary in the West’s coal mine, is not besieged by an eccentric doctrine weaved by Hamas, Hezbollah, and al-Qaeda. Jihadist terrorists are just the point of the ideological spear.

Recent polling shows that four in five Egyptians (i.e., about 60 million people) believe the Camp David Accords — the treaty that has kept peace between Egypt and Israel for 30 years — should be dissolved. It is the same four out of five Egyptians that, given the chance, voted to put Islamists in control of their government. Just as Muslims have chosen to empower Islamists in Turkey, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Tunisia, as well as in Lebanon and Libya to a lesser but still consequential extent.

The jihad against Israel “isn’t a matter of individuals, not a matter of community. It is a matter of a nation. The Arab nation, the Islamic nation.” So exclaimed Egyptian prime minister Hisham Qandil on Thursday in Gaza. He had been sent there to show solidarity with Hamas by Mohamed Morsi, the Brotherhood leader elected as president. “We’re all behind you,” Qandil continued — behind “the struggling nation . . . that is presenting its children as heroes every day.”

This is how the Middle East’s Muslims see the situation. They are not Palestinians, Egyptians, Saudis, Iraqis, and so on. They are the ummah, the “Islamic nation.” For them, Gaza is not a regional dustup over parochial grievances. It is a civilizational struggle to be fought to the finish — the finish being when Israel is eliminated.

We used to fight wars that way, too. The fact that we’ve decided total victory by force of arms is a quaint concept does not mean everybody else has. Islamists define victory in the Middle East as the annihilation of Israel. That is the ambition of the region, not just Hamas. Our government’s decades-old claim that the aggression results from a “perversion of Islam” weaved by a fringe of “violent extremists” is dangerously delusional.

Delusion, of course, is nothing new. For 30 years, ever since the Carter administration hailed Ayatollah Khomeini as a “saint,” willful blindness has been the order of the day. It induced the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations to insist that Islam was a “religion of peace” even as scripture-citing Islamists repeatedly mass-murdered Americans. But Barack Obama is something else again. This president has supplanted conscious avoidance of our enemies’ ideology with empathy. Our government no longer just ignores Islamist goals; it affirmatively empowers Islamist factions.

It has been only eleven days, but we’re already seeing the wages of November 6. The world has become a much more dangerous place, and not just for Israelis.


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  1. Let me tell you something. Take it to the bank. The only remedy here is to pray. I know BNI isn’t a big fan of talking about spirituality. But, when a regular, run of the mill American (like myself, and I have no agenda) expresses to you all, the way my family and I came through a disasterous event, keep an open mind.

    The event that came to my family, through no fault of our own, was life changing, humiliating, financially disasterous, emotionally crippling, un-fair, we were taken through the system, it robbed us of over five years of our lives. We were ravaged by the system, mentally and emotionally destroyed, my children’s lives were kicked around like junk.

    We kept our faith, actually, we depended upon it then, more than any other time in our lives. It was the only thing that carried us, the remedy. Without any recourse, we were done and faced with a million dollar law suit against us. We lost at every turn. (one crappy lawyer after the next). Then suddenly, as if out of know where, in Gods time, our circumstances flipped. We found laws (we were led to them really by divine intervention) that were being circumvented by the government, hidden from us. We fired our useless attorneys, we spent over 100,000 dollars of our own money, while the government spent tax payers money.

    We were finally in the drivers seat. We had been carried by the hand of the Lord, we had no idea that our five and a half year battle would come full circle and have a victorious ending. NONE!

    In the end, we won. We beat these evil people in our government system.
    It was only by the use of prayer, keeping our faith,
    focusing on the good in our lives, and our many of blessings. God took us through the hell on earth we experienced and we came out on top in the end.

    I’ve written a book, poised to be published soon. I hope that through my families story that people never give up the battle, do everything in your power (short of breaking the law) and keep your relationship with the Lord strong and first place.

    I promise it will serve you well in the end, so never give up on the Lord!

  2. Come on now, can’t be getting the slaves all riled up, especially before the days of getting me’s some more of obama’s “stash” are upon them, it’s all too confusing for them. Thinking and chewing gum, all in the same week, never happen.

    Going GALT

  3. McCarthy, Ibrahim, etal. are capable of specifying the book, chapter & verse but generally do not. Open your book of Goddamn to Surah Al-A’raf 7:167 and read the shit. Allah will continuously send someone to torment and humiliate the Jews. Who the Hell does he send? Now, repeat after me: GOD DAMN ISLAM!

    Open your book of Goddamn to Surah Ar-Ra’d 13:41 and read the shit. Allah promised to give the Muslims the land through conquests, irreversibly. Now, repeat after me: GOD DAMN ISLAM!

    Open your book of Goddamn to At-Taubah 9:29 and read the shit: an open ended, outcome oriented command to wage war against people with scriptural religions until they are subjugated and extorted, feeling themselves subdued. Now repeat after me: GOD DAMN ISLAM!

    Read Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 53, Number 392, and discover Moe’s attitude toward the local Jews in the Hijaz. Note his arrogance & AssWholliness.

    Read Sunan Abu Dawud 14.2477 to learn that Moe placed high priority on the conquest o Israel.

    Israel is blasphemy: its existence proves Allah to be an impotent idol whose threat and promise are vain. It is impossible that Muslims will ever, under any circumstances or conditions, tolerate the existence of Israel. Israel can not obtain peace and security without exterminating Islam. This is the fatal fact which none dares contemplate.

  4. This obummer administration is the most evil in the world. Nothing but lies & more lies from this fuken muslum scumbag. He KILLED 4 Americans & gets away with it.
    Just goes to show the world how many retards there are in American. Both him & his wife only worry about their vacations. She is the one who said at 9-11 memorial all this for a Flag! Also now she is finally proud of America for voting obummer in for president. Also BNI I love all the info u get for us. Dont know how u do it but u are doing a GREAT job. Thanks

  5. Every non-Muslim on earth is endangered by the Obama-Clinton administration policy of DELIBERATELY destabilizing Middle Eastern and African nations and placing into power the most radical and violent Muslims.

    Our great nation was once deeply respected and admired around the world. A shining city on a hill.
    A light that shone so bright. The light is almost gone now.

  6. This had to be expected once Obama was reelected. Now Hamas and Iran and all the Islamic world know they have less to worry about any US response other then to condemn both sides. Now Obama will do just as he did when Stevens was being murdered. Tell American forces to stand down.

  7. Life, like the digital world always seeks solutions to problems. Israel has finally begun to take action toward finding a solution to a problem they’ve ignored for about 8 years. We have our enemy within – aside from supporting the MB he is destroying the economy of America. He must be impeached. The present Congressional hearings must lead to this. His people and he lie to Congress about Benghazi. That is reason enough. Hopefully our Congress will come to life as Israel has – this is a war for our survival.

    • I really hate to be pissn’ on your parade there hardiharhar, but that ain’t gonna happen, We have NO leaders currently, they are prostitutes for themselves, in on the game as it were. Don’t believe me, e-mail cry baby boner, ask him why he has already caved right before your lieing eyes, he stated, it’s time for the president to take responsibility to lead, hardy harhar, very funny, that fuckn’ punk, otherwise known to some as their leader, obamas bin lyn’ to everyone has not done a damn thing the past three and a half years other then to screw up a wet dream, and we are to believe he might do it now,. With pussies like that, hell we damn sure don’t need wishful thinkers added to the mix. Forget about all of this political bullshit and get yourself, family and friends ready for the fight for survival, spend time on that matter because when it all falls down, and it will, it’s only a matter of time now, think cloward-piven, if that doesn’t make sense to you, well, I’ll just finish by saying I’ll be prayn’ for yah.

      Going GALT

      • AMEN RM!! And like you say, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the Pussy-in-Chief to intervene on behalf of Israel, being as much of an Islamic supremacist a–hole as the sonsofbitches who started this crap LONG ago before Israel was declared a Nation in 1948, and NOW it is looking more and more EVERY day like THIS one is the one leading up to the end of ARSELIFTERS in the Mideast and around the world!!…….Semper Fi

  8. since obama has said we will never go to war with islam and said there is more work to be done we know what’s in store for the USA

  9. So, this is where all the charity and flotilla money has been going: Weapons and the luxury palaces.

    Nice job, leftist idiots who put billion$ into the foul pockets of these evil wretches. I can honestly and proudly say that not one dollar of mine has been willingly or knowingly donated to the cause of “the Palestinians.”

    You do know that “Palestinian” “men” gleefully engage in the vicious murder of their own female family members in the name of “honor,” with a pass from the “government?” These savages are so despicable that Arab countries hate them as well.

    With such savagery dating back hundreds of years in the region, we know that there are many Arabs who are happy to live under Israeli governance, which means that it’s a GOOD thing for the region.

  10. Excellent report- true and very disturbing. Personally I think Israel has been too nice they have a right to launch a full scale war against Hamas and Palestine. They need to watch Iran and the other surrounding now very militant Islamized countries. Any person any country that supports Hamas, Palestine and Iran is an enemy of the ‘Free World.’ Obama clearly supports Islamization of the entire Western World and during the next four years all ‘Freedom Fighters’ ‘Warriors Against Islam’ shall have to watch their backs. Fighters choose your friends carefully and remember ‘Trust is Earned, Not Given.’

  11. May all of these muslims die a horrific death of immense sufferings, and with them, their enablers and benefactors throughout the world. Domestic traitors take note.

    Total war or death!

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