IDF vs HAMAS warfare

Israel tries to avoid/limit civilian casualties (in Gaza).

Hamas likes to increase civilian casualties (in Gaza).

Muslim terrorists fire rockets from densely populated areas, aimed at Israeli civilians. This video, composed purely of segments taken from footage released by Hamas, is an example of just how close to populated areas Hamas places its rocket launchers.


9 comments on “IDF vs HAMAS warfare

  1. WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE I WANT THE MOST BARBARIC ARMY I CAN FIND TO FIGHT FOR ME.If being polite is what counts in people’s minds they are doomed to die a vile death. Time to get mean, not gee I am sorry! I’ll try not to kill you harder the next time you try to kill me by cutting off my head.
    Wake up one and all.

  2. These clips are really good. They need to be widely aired for everyone to see. Can someone get them on TV so everyone will see them? Maybe in between shows in ad slots? People need to know. The war will require public support and the only way that can happen is if people know the facts. Otherwise, they listen to propaganda. But if they see these videos, along with the others like those about the Palestinian kindergarten graduation ceremonies, they will change their minds. I get so frustrated with leftists who support terrorists but they don’t know the facts. I try to paste in the web address to CBC online but they almost never print what I post. I guess they consider sitting on the fence in complete denial of the facts some sort of diplomacy. The truth has been largely eclipsed as relative by the liberal post modernists who it so happens are wrong about relativity. But I digress. It’s time for media to reclaim its role as facts disseminators and truth tellers. Like BNI (-:

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