Israeli Air Force precision strike on Hamas rocket launcher located in the backyard of a mosque

Unfortunately, they chose not to hit the mosque.


19 comments on “Israeli Air Force precision strike on Hamas rocket launcher located in the backyard of a mosque

  1. Israel has to know by now no one likes here any better for doing things like that. It always backfires too. Israel needs to wipe as much as possible off the face of the earth. People will hate Jews and Israel regardless.

  2. Damn is right – – these Holy wars ! PC has goten into everything even knowen killers have safe zones , what asswhole put nice infront of war ! lovie dovie them to death gets you a hundred year war – – carpret bomb the son of a bitches and lets get back to a better place where we got nice people who lovie dovie each other

  3. Israel is great because of its disciplined humanity. Its ethics, its intelligence, its inventions and technology, and oh yeah, its Godliness. Thank God for that.

  4. Two thoughts come from reading this. 1. Since it is impossible for the Israelis to determine where all the rocket launching sites are, it might be effective to bomb all the mosques and their backyards just to be sure. 2. We need laws in the free world that puts out of commission any house of worship that is being used to store weapons or preach sedition and hate. That will bring about the closures of at least 60% of th mosques in the U.S. and Canada. Probably 100% in the UK.

  5. Now if only the dogs called hamas could do that with their junk. The mosque should have been hit also. When they are used for combat they have no more value than and outside toilet. Or as we say in Kansas, shithouse.

  6. BNI, I LOVE your sense of humor. LOL! But the Israelis are like that. If possible, they do not target civilian populations or places of “worship”. Residents of Gaza have better friends in Israel than they do in Hamas (but you knew that).


  7. I’ll bet if they hit the mosque there would be secondary explosions – from all of the rockets & bombs stored there.
    Bugger! A missed opportunity!

  8. Yeah, their self proclaimed ‘barracks’ are off limits, and we must ask Y? Rest assured, ten to one, other missles were in fact at, inside of this barracks.

    Going GALT

  9. Great shooting, or bombing,or rocketry — whatever it was.
    Looks like the same tech. used by the U.S. when we say bombs bing dropped down chimneys.
    Way to go,Israel ! ! You removed one more threat and didn’t give the filthy ragheads the opportunity to sob and cry like poor abused victims. If it were possible, you should put one of those things down the shorts of every Hamas member.
    Oh ! I forgot. They don’t wear shorts. That makes it too hard to sneak up on donkeys.

  10. sly moslem hamas-murderers store their rockets near kids coz they know the israelis possess humanity and won’t fire on innocents . . . same can’t be said for hamas murderers , saw a map of where they keep their rockets, the mosque is near the playground, where they store some of the weapons

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