While Israel goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties, Hamas makes direct threats to civilians

This is what Muslims want to do to Jewish civilians.

And this is how they will do it.

And this. But you won’t hear this from the media.


17 comments on “While Israel goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties, Hamas makes direct threats to civilians

  1. This a.m., Eric Margolis told 640 a.m. radio in Toronto (Canada) that the reason Hamas embeds rocket launchers etc. in residential areas, schools and mosques is because Gaza is so densely populated that there is nowhere else to put them. But then a representative of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre called in and said Hong Kong is twice as densely populated as Gaza and someplace in Morocco four times as densely populated. I got it on air (via email) that Israel drops the leaflets first to give civilians in the targeted buildings notice they should vacate but then someone else called in and responded, sarcastically, to my information: “Oh how polite” then said the Arabs will march through Israel and raze it to the ground and wipe out all the Jews with suicide bombers. John Oakley, the host, is pretty fair and he pointed out Israel ain’t going nowhere, having occupied that territory since the very beginning.

  2. HUFFPOST mouths off today for international community to step in and stop Israel now . They had reporters with Hamas when Israel attacked. Funny if these reporters are going to sit with the enemy when a bomb’s are falling means you are in on it. They are trying to be shields for Hamas. Israel is trying to let the international community to handle it. But Obama wants to get in bed with them.

    One thing no one wants the Palestinian people. Israel have to put up with their people being killed. Iran is cutting down Israel weapons before they attack . Hamas is not Palestinian but Abbas saids nothing or try to stop them so hes on it. Israel needs to go in and take Hamas out to help the Palestinian people. Now Anderson 360 of CNN is there to show people dieing on the Palestinian side.

    The only reason Anderson is there the brotherhood is helping. But can see people are talking and don’t know whats going on. Like Obama hes bringing terrorist in so we can live like Israel like Europe has done to their people. Why they upset with Arabs dieing but they can’t see Israel children being killed.

    But I think Israel main problem is Jews in the U.S and don’t live there going through what Israel is going thru. They say the blockage shouldn’t be there. Truth you don’t have your borders blocked there it will be like all other country’s they will walk in and try to take over by blowing everybody up.

    Now they say Hamas has better weapons from Russia ISRAEL SHOULD SURRENDER for the sake of peace. Thats like the moron in the White House trying to get rid of our nukes. Russia is not getting rid of theirs . So should we surrender because stupid got rid of ours. And why is Putin selling weapons to Arabs. They know its wrong because they lie about it.

    Maybe Putin is a Muslim he sure can lie. And he used his own people to become the richest person in the world using his own people. But now Putin will be in for life and he wants payback. Hes controls all oil in Europe and Obama helped him with the embargo. Russia and china are the only 2 country’s getting oil from most Arab country including Iran.

    Now if Putin don’t get his ass kissed he cuts a country off of oil or natural gas. Now that is take over thanks to Obama. How can one man be so stupid.

  3. Quite right BNI; we WILL NOT get this news from our LameStream News Media; a prime example is the idiot dhimmi………Richard Engel, who as usual, in the clip I viewed this morning, of him from Gaza, he emphasized , being the dhimmi dip that he is, those pooooooor “Palestinians”, and especially the children getting killed! But does the stupid dhimmi a–hole make ANY mention of the fact that HAMAS sets up right next to those civilians and that they really don’t give a damn about the “collateral damage” that THEY incur?!!…….Oh, nooooooooo!!

  4. The more muslims the Israelis kill, the fewer there will be trying to drag us all into the hellhole that is Islam.

    So, hope the Israelis kill muslims. Lots of muslims.

    And you Thugs and Goons at CAIR looking in can take that to the bank.

    • RRA, I just saw a report on the local news that some guy beat up an imam outside his storefront mosque in Queens County, NY. You can bet CAIR will be blaming that one on the bloggers tomorrow.

  5. If the Hamas Leaders want to use Terrorist tactics, you go after the Hams leaders to avoid hurting civilians. Then you go after the next in command if they continue to fire up on innocent people, Either, way try to avoid civilian casualties at most ALL costs. If that doesn’t work, fire back and defend yourself no matter what, eventually the Hamas bad guys will get it or die off. If these people in Hamas insist on violating rules of engagement, damage them and you will see them screaming for Peace. Mutual Peace is good, …but by Force if necessary.

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