Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas protest outside Israeli Consulate in San Francisco turns violent

Shouts of “Fuck you, Jew” and “Get out of Palestine” could be heard from the large crowd of Leftist and Muslim pro-terrorist supporters as it turned into a hateful frenzy with bystanders getting attacked. 

 via IsraellyCool


28 comments on “Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas protest outside Israeli Consulate in San Francisco turns violent

  1. This violent degenerate in the video is walking proof of something that apologists for islam have been denying for a long time in the West. They contradict their quo’ran as they claim to not hate Jews. “It is that dastardly Israel (a good thing) that we hate, those pesky Zionists (a good thing) that we hate…not the Jews!” Just more taqiyya.

    So, this violent degenerate in the video belies the denial, and demonstrates the raw and ugly anti-Semitism that has always existed beneath all of the lies and deception. Attacking Israel or Zionism is just a ruse. They just plain hate all Jews all the time, no matter what the circumstances.

  2. I have worked in U.S. Secret Service and Embassy Security Details in Washington,D.C. and San Francisco on another assignments as well as other state and local law enforcement agencies.
    It sounds like the Department of State, San Francisco Police Department and maybe others “DROPPED THE BALL” for NOT dispersing these Protesters.
    They were in an “unlawful” assembly as soon as they started making racial slurs and “terrorist threats” which are arrestable offenses in the United States.
    If you can’t have a nice “Peaceful” Protest, you can have one at all!!!
    These “Idiot” protesters took their own lives in their hands when they chose the Israeli embassy. Israeli personnel are NOT wimps and will DEFEND themselves until the last protesting “terrorist” is down on the ground or dead. One Riot One Ranger !! think about it !!!

  3. The rockets and such are harmless until they kill you and you family. Juast don’t know when it’s going to hit my house. These people talk shi*, they don’t have a single fact on their side only glands and wants.

  4. Most of the Pallies are themselves descended from fairly recent IMMIGRANTS to the territory, Bedouins and other tribes who came AFTER 1900, happy to work for Jewish entrepreneurs. The Palestinian nationality is therefore a piece of historical mythologizing and very easy to debunk.

  5. thats the virulent cancer of islam eating away at the truth and the world of reason ,it lives in a world free from all that is good. where evil is good and good is evil, that is why they know not the truth even when it is biting at their ass

    • Just try and keep it in your mind dragonFIRE01, not all is what is appears to be, especially involving liberals, they speak out of both sides of their asses daily and while being disgusted by Americans, keep your friends close and enemies even closer. This is how they keep everyone divided, they really wouldn’t notice a real American if they were to walk up, start spewing their bullshit, and suddenly one of them goes all out American on them, form that point on the only thing they would hear would be BOOM. Next. I forget who this is atributed to but, it was once said of the American people, a people of contridictions, a warring societal dependency to further their individuals goals, simply put, we don’t put up too much shit from anyone. I suspect this is going to become a new normal again. God knows there are many among us who just don’t have what it takes to be responsible citizens and they just proved it, obama’s bin lyn’, another four years of living hell on this Nation, and we can thank these fools, they are responsible for it. Have faith brother, we DO OUTNUMBER THEM you know?

      Semper Fi.

  6. While watching the video of the “Anti-Israel Pro Hamas protesters” in the above video, I was prompted to ask :’What the —- is wrong with these people”?!! But THEN, I remembered that the “protesters” are muslimes, dhimmis AND the dips—s are from San Francisco as well!!……Oh, THAT explains a lot!!….

        • I’d say that she is a woman by the pitch of her voice – and somebody absolutely possessed by Satan himself!!!! Truly the mirror-antipode of everything usually associated with femininity!!! I’m well tempted not to call her a human being but a Satanic CREATURE just come straight out from the pit of Hell…

          [No male could keep on consistently speaking that high-up all that time unless he were a boy, and the one’s too big and violent to really seriously be anything less than an adult.]

          To boot, this CREATURE’S hurting an innocent cameraman just for filming her and then taunting everybody with such vile language – I wish somebody had had the presence of mind to hurl her into the air and wring her neck while she was airborne!!!

    • Will one of the thousands of leftard PC “be nice” rights groups take up that clearly documented case of antisemitism (no hyphen, think about it)?

      How about it SPLC, ACLU???

      Cat got your tongue?

  7. Man, these things never happen where I live. In real America. The army should have been there to round them up and ship them to Gaza ground zero. Where they could shout all they want.
    One point of interest for thinking liberal Jews. They always shout and declare fuck you Jew or death to Jews. Really? Never fuck you Israeli’s or death to Israeli’s.
    I would think a libtard leftists hamas supporting Jew would want a clarification on that point. Ya know it would be ok with me to practice on those judenrats first you muslim bastards.

    • Hey Dubious,

      Don’t dilute the debate, by shooting from the lip. Just look at films of the London blitz, with whole streets ablaze and destroyed, and thousands killed.

      All you do is provide useful idiot propaganda to the leftards and islamists.

      • Hey Huck,
        You missed entirely the point. I know London suffered under the blitz, but that doesn’t change the fact that there have been more rockets fired into Israel and the fact that they haven’t caused as much damage doesn’t make them harmless as the moderater was implying.
        I think we are on the same side and shouldn’t call each other names.
        Shalom and lets hate islam not our fellow soldiers in the fight against it.

        • Never lose sight of the facts…Israel WILL defend itself by ANY MEANS NECESSARY! This is NOT against the innocent Palestinians in Gaza. Israel doesn’t hide behind women and children…TERRORISTS DO THAT! Remember this quote…”If I kill one Jew I have Martyrdom!” so said the DEAD terrorist!

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