Arab Muslim youths set up a ‘Jew-stabbing’ cell in Jerusalem

Two Muslims from east Jerusalem, aged 15 and 17, were recently arrested on suspicion of stabbing Abraham Tau two weeks ago in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood in Jerusalem. Two additional suspects, aged 13 and 14, are scheduled to be indicted for their role in the stabbing.

YNET News  Police suspect that the teenagers’ actions were nationalistically motivated and carried out under the auspices of an organization called “Lovers of the Land,” which aims to physically harm Jewish residents of the city.

Tau, aged 34, was stabbed in his back while making his way from the Western Wall to Ras al-Amud together with a friend. The knife, which was removed from Tau  east jerusalem stabbed jpost’s back, was taken for analysis at the Jerusalem District Police‘s forensics lab.

Following the examination, four east Jerusalem youths where arrested after they confessed and recreated the event for police. As part of the investigation, which was conducted with the help of the Shin Bet internal security service, police learned that the four were previously arrested for throwing stones and Molotov cocktails.

During their original arrest the four joined forces and decided to form a cell intent on stabbing Jewish residents in protest against the “occupation.”

They decided that the 13 and 14 year olds would take the role of lookouts while the other two would do the actual stabbing. The group then proceeded to purchase knives in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Jewish residents of Ras al-Amoud call for better police protection during a demonstration

Their first victim was Tau. The two lurked behind a truck in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood while their friends where charged with signaling them when a Jewish man or woman was about to arrive. Police suspect that the 17 year old then stabbed Tau while the 15 year old planned to stab Tau’s friend but was prevented from doing because a car passed by. After stabbing Tau, the four supposedly ran off to their respective houses.

The two eventually framed one another and revealed that their families were involved in the incident as well. This information led to the arrest of the father and brother of the 15-year-old suspect under suspicion of assisting the youth in discarding the knife. The sister of the second suspect was also arrested under suspicion that she knew of the attacks ahead of time. Police said they plan to press charges against the three family members as well.



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  1. I would give them options. Execution or deportation. This might inspire others to leave Israel. Sadly, Israel will never find peace until it cleanses the entire area of Muslims.

  2. bonni. i put up another one of my strong hard hitting notes yesteday about lunch time and then after that facebook has me temporarily suspended until now. it was attackng the politicians who signed for the destruction of gush katif as being res onsible for the war now. barry shaw put up a note with the names of the politicians and how they voted, i took his note and added my own and posted it to many people. i said i am starting a campaign to bring bus loads of people in shelters to face the cowards who voted for the destruction with tv cameras and the cowards are going to ex plain to us. why. why why. after that note i got suspended.

    [RUTH, I am going to post the rest of your comment on the Main page in a few minutes. Tens of thousands of readers around the world will see it. —BNI]

  3. If and when the parents are held to account for the hatred they preach and enforce to these fine speciments of humanity, I believe only then will the entire world see any advantages to keep their people, muslims breathing, but, as it stand as of this day, hardly worth the efforts, so just wack these punks and their parents while sending thema clear message, think twice before getting involved in violence against your fellow man, some peopel will simply not put up with this shit. P/c time as well as multi-culturalism is dead, time to start buring these mutts.

    Going GALT.

  4. All the opportunities these savages have, it’s ALWAYS about hatred, violence and thuggery. That’s it – that’s all these fanatics have. They have no love, no kindness, no education, no future. All they can do is rampage and hate.

  5. In the back … their parents probably feel proud to have brought up thugs who can’t look someone in the eye to air differences instead of ashamed as they should.


  6. Do-it-yourself terrorism.

    Jihad is the philosophy; terrorism is the result. Moz parents taught this.

    Teach your children well and they too can die in a police shoot out or spend their lives in jail.

    How can Mozzies teach hatred and teach it is to be rewarded in paradise and then be ‘shocked’ when young men act it out?

  7. Pardon me on this one, BUT I just can’t help thinking “Why don’t the Israelis cage these lowlife pukes that they KNOW are the enemy, and STOP taking their sh– on a daily basis?!!”…..You are at war with these piles of dog doo, so cage the bastards the way the Japanese were caged during WWII in the U.S!! But most of the Japanese who had been here for years before DID NOT deserve that; the SAME CANNOT be said for the filthy stinking arselifters in Israel!!…..Oooo, that might be racist….AGAIN, but AGAIN; ISLAM IS NOT A RACE!!

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