Oh, NOES! Israeli Air Force bombs soccer stadium in Gaza

Was it to deny Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, a facility in which to enjoy his favorite pastime?

That’s Haniyeh on the left. But why is Pepsi sponsoring a soccer team that the U.S. Government has placed on its known terrorist list – Hamas?

NOPE! Israeli aircraft bombed the Gaza Strip’s soccer stadium on Sunday night, after long-range rockets were fired from the site towards Israel. The facility also served as a weapons cache, the IDF said.

YNET News  The IDF said over 80 targets were attacked in the Strip overnight, including hidden launchers, tunnels and training camps. Great damage was caused to the terror organizations’ weapons depositories. Since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense, the IDF has attacked more than 1,350 terror targets throughout the Strip. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said Sunday there has been a 40% decrease in the extent of fire from the Gaza Strip compared to the previous night – a significant decrease.

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7 comments on “Oh, NOES! Israeli Air Force bombs soccer stadium in Gaza

  1. I hope they, IDF, keep bombing the hell out of them!! And screw the WH idiot demanding idiocy of not to send ground forces!!! Guess that’s what he would do IF we were facing this and bombs were “raining down of his citizens!” We know full well he would NOT defend our country!

  2. Poor starving gazaoui, no water and yet one cant help noticing the beautiful soccer field lawn, lush and green.

  3. OT. Is Pepsi halal?

    In a list of halal and non-halal certification consumables provided by the ‘Q Society’ in Australia, Coca Cola is on the non-halal, as is Pepsico. I take it Pepsi and Pepsico are the one and the same.

    In a Documentary about muslims, filmed in Australia, I noticed on a table of a muslim woman being interviewed, a can of Coca Cola. My point here is, if all foods etc. have to be halal certified for muslims to consume, why is this muslim woman drinking non-halal Coca Cola?

    Obviously, certification is a scam.

    With so much hatred for anything Western, why are muslim playing an English invented game?

    Don’t tell me, islam invented football???

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