PALLYWOOD ‘Fauxtography’ promoted by the BBC, too

BBC Reporter posts photo of what he calls “Pain in Gaza” of a young girl on  a stretcher. Problem is, the photo a Syrian girl injured in that conflict, not Gaza. ..which is a photo from June taken in Lebanon.

The link takes you to this photo:

A 6-year-old Syrian girl, lies on a stretcher as she looks at her sister Marwa at a hospital in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, June 14, 2012. According to their mother, Shams and Marwa were wounded two days ago when a shell hit their house during fighting between Syrian troops and anti-government forces in the Syrian town of Qusair.

Donnison has since apologized, but accuracy is still not on his agenda.

Jon [email protected]JonDonnison

A photo I retweeted from another journo yesterday showing children injured was NOT in Gaza as I said but apparently from Syria. Apologies.

Besides Tan Jacket Man and Reflective Jacket Man, there are more incidences of Hamas and its supporters using fake photos to gain the upper hand in the information war.

Here are the latest examples.

Exhibit 1: Photo of a Syrian child killed, reposted by Hamas on Twitter  (since removed)

Exhibit 2: Photo of another Syrian child posted by Gazan Facebook user here.