‘Pallywood’ fraudsters are back in business



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11 comments on “‘Pallywood’ fraudsters are back in business

  1. It is called saving the planet. RE-USE REDUCE RECYCLE. It is obvious Israel is not doing enough to generate fresh corpses and the presses have to run, an entire industry is depending on it.

  2. Thousands of them !, All those bleeding- heart liberals , let them show these pictures to us, we have to show them the truth. Problem is, they then call you a “zionist” and we have to “wake up ” ! Happened to me , we are the ones fooled they say, not them! They will never admit THEY need waking up, ever. They are worse than Muslims, will believe and encourage lies even with evidence against them as this is “all part of the wicked Zionist propaganda”. They don’t need proof, they just need a myth to perpetuate. Unbelievable, a vicious circle difficult to get through.

  3. Hollywood along with Palestine and the other savages should be turned to glass.

    This is more of their garbage propaganda. Notice Scummywood never mentions
    the Jewish Family that was murdered by these savages last year and their 8 month
    old baby whom they beheaded. I am so sick of this evil filth

  4. This happens every time with Muslim countries. What pisses me off the most is the Western MSM accept shit like this without confirmation and most of the times knowingly they’re from other places…years old.

  5. What a shock. Being a sack of lying shits is not new. Obama knows that lying works, he’s from the same cult of liars. The biggest lie the devil has ever played is to convince human souls that he doesn’t exist. The leader of lies is in all his glory!

  6. I know the American left assholes will eat it. Hell, they are eating up the lies about Benghazi. How nobody knew it was going down the way it was. Our press corps over here eats all the shit obama and his entourage of assholes throws out.

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