Some really, really pissed-off Israelis

We hardly ever get to see the Israelis who are fed up with their government’s ongoing pandering and concessions to their sworn enemies. Well, here are some angry Israelis staging a counter protest to the left wingers who are holding a protest AGAINST the long overdue Israeli assault on Gaza.

The man giving a speech in this video is Michael Ben Ari, an Israeli Knesset member. This is NOT some extreme minority but the consensus of the vast majority of the Israeli public.

Ariel Sharon’s son Gilad Sharon, writing in the Jerusalem Post:

We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.

WARNING: Turn off the sound and read the English subtitles, many of which are rather foul.



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  1. War, Good God, y’all, what it does to the human soul. So sad but so necessary to fight for freedom, for truth, for goodness, for the right of Israel to exist and flourish.

  2. Amen Michael Ben!! It is long past due to stop taking the sh– from the Muslime bastards that surround Israel AND live among the Jewish people IN Israel; blow the ones in Gaza off Planet Earth and cage the ones living in your midst along with the traitorous libtard dips who support them!! Oh, and not to sound like “one of those crazy Christian Zioniists”, which I am certain the Muslimes and leftist pukes would call me, but GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE!!

  3. IF we had Jews like these in the USA, perhaps we would not have the vicious scumbag in the White House now. How any American Jew could vote for that Jew-hating filth is beyond my ken. And if you want to see how deep anti-Jew hatred runs, look at this clip on YouTube and read the comments. Was it not Isaiah who said, woe to those who call evil good, and good, evil?

  4. I love you, Israel!

    I love the true Israeli patriots!

    You are some of the finest people in the world!

    Here is one more message of love and moral support from the USA to Israel!

  5. The lefty Jews should be expelled to Gaza, simple, that’s who they support and agree with so make them live with them. This world is so updside down, do what is logical,you have people among you that are your enemies, expell them.

    • Better yet, I’d send the lefties to North Korea or Saudi Arabia WITHOUT PAPERS or anything else other than the clothes on their backs!!!! THEN they would see how totalitarians would really welcome them…

  6. Yea, now thats what I’m talk’n about!!! I hope there are many more in Israel like these people!! Gaza a graveyard, you m f”rs…Hey, if you ever want to leave Israel, please come to Texas, you are welcome with the rest of the rowdy crowd.:)

  7. Israel gave land for peace, and for their efforts they got warin return. The Israelis should take Gaza back. Send the IDF in to clear the area, and bring the Israelis back in. Total war is the only kind of war that wins the peace.
    Stop fooling around with the Palestinians. Send them packing.

  8. Yes, thats what I’m talking about! Kill the sons of bitches, and the leftists too! We here in America need to grow a pair, stop sobbing about the elections and do the same to our leftists. They’re not a loyal opposition, they’re in control! we need to rise up and take ’em out!

    Kill the yellow bellied scum!! Make places like UC Berkely and others look like Dresden in circa 1945!

  9. A little more out and out anger will help. Gaza was a mistake when it was cut. It is a mistake today and will not exist much longer. We are entering a very fast and furious pace in the fulfilling of Prophecy.

  10. In Ex.23:32 the Lord told the Israelis to make no covenants with these wicked people. And the Lord told the Israelis to drive these people out of their land.

    The Israelis got into trouble with their God when their children intermarried with the the neighboring people.

    In Deut.7 the Lord told His people to utterly destroy their enemies.

    It sounds mean but Israel should regard all Palestinians in Gaza the way we would regard rats and cockroaches.

    I pray that the Israeli government will not cave in to Obama and the UN for a Hudna truce that the Palestians will use to re-group and attack again when they are stronger.

    Bonni, I do love the Lord God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and pray for the peace of Jerusalem every day. My first reaction to Obama stealing the election through election fraud was that of grave concern for America when Obama leads us into an anti-Israel foreign policy.

    The fools who voted for Obama are clueless regarding the special relationship that Israel has with God. Israel is NOT just another nation among many. I am uneasy about what may be in store for America.

  11. November 18, 2012 @ 10:19 am

    Damn is right – – these Holy wars ! PC has goten into everything even knowen killers have safe zones , what asshole put nice infront of war ! lovie dovie them to death gets you a hundred year war – – carpet bomb the son of a bitches and lets get back to a better place where we got nice people who lovie dovie each other
    a repost but am glad there are some people like minded these Israeli’s are more to my kind of people ! look up a picture of Dresdon after the fire bombing back in ww2 that is what Gaza should look like there is no middle ground

  12. @ huck , please get your head out of your ass ! there is no comparison between Israel and Islam , true Israelies value life and there fellow man , Islam is a “plague” on human kind that needs to be “exterminated !!!!!!! , no sympathy for these muslim scum !!!! , turn gaza into a parking lot and then head south and west and north and finish off these ” low life shit stains !!!!!!!

  13. Overload. When will the Moz madness end?

    Most Jews are fine, ethical people who live by the Golden Rule and genuinely want the best for everyone.

    Iran is stirring this up as a distraction from their nuclear program.

  14. Unfortunately, those comments (I agree with treating the leftards as part of the problem) just give fuel to the sinislam crowd. They can just say: “Yeah, we say kill all the Jews, and they want to flatten Gaza.” Like, what’s the difference?

    Anyone have an answer?

    • The answer could be: “We have been EXCEEDINGLY PATIENT with these arch-criminals and haters for over half a century, in spite of the calumny that has been spat against us by the Arabs in the name of their “religion” and CULT-IDEOLOGY, the patently anti-Western policy of Communism (notably the USSR and China, continuing even through this day) AND the slavish devotion of traitorous “leftists” in the West who have sold their souls to Marxism – i.e., Communism.

      “We have done EVERYTHING we could to find a peaceful solution with people who simply don’t want ANYTHING that isn’t on THEIR terms, which entail the EXTERMINATION of our country, our people, our ethnic-identity – all that in the name of their TOTALITARIAN IDEOLOGIES of uncompromising, existential, total HATE for everything we stand for and believe in – and for which we have suffered innumerable indignities for THREE WHOLE MILLENNIA!!!!

      “Given how you sympathise with our MORTAL ENEMIES and hypocritically pretend you’re on our side when you are ANYTHING BUT – you have enough times in history tried to exterminate us in your turn, and failed!! – we have had ENOUGH!!!! We have decided to NO LONGER put up with such UNREASONING, IRRATIONAL, UNCOMPROMISING HATRED from our enemies that will never stop hating us because of their totalitarian ideologies of Islam, Communism, Nazism and Fascism!!!! If you want to be on their side, at least STOP PRETENDING that you are our friends – for YOU ARE NOT!!!! YOU are every bit as much our enemies – though in disguise!! – as those devotees of totalitarianism!!!!

      “Now, GET LOST – until and unless you COMPLETELY REPENT and PROVE IT!!!!!

      THAT would be my response to the West, the UN and everybody else were I an Israeli – with nothing added and nothing taken off!!!!!

    • Huck: I don’t know if you call it an “answer” or not but the reasons are very apparent. The Arabs are taugh from birth to hate Jews. Yet the Jews gove the Arabs the right to live among them in peace, in Israel.
      Then, the bastards from hamas daily send rockets into Israel as a dangerous, murderous provocation. And the supposedly “peaceful” and innocent citizens of Gaxa do nothing to interfere with them and even allow the use of their schools and playgrounds as a cover. The same playgrounds where muslim children play the Jew killing games their elders have taught them.
      It’s time, I would think, to change the game. If Gaza needs to be flattened to do it, so be it.
      Not an answer, but a possible prediction.

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