BELGIUM: Leftist protesters scream “Hamas Hamas, Jews to the gas”

Not to worry, by 2030, it is reported that there will be a Muslim majority in Brussels.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of Eurotrash.


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  1. If Islam ever dominates, these useful idiots and Satan’s leeches will be the first to lose their heads. I might just be in the front row cheering it on too.


    I can – in a way – understand why Moslems could shout such a thing, given how they’re totally taught from even before birth to hate Jews and to wish for their extermination, even to the point of in this way acknowledging that the Holocaust DID happen (contrary to Mohammed Ahmedinejad’s claim the event was/is a “myth”) – and that they want it to happen again and be TOTAL this second time!!!

    I can also understand that leftists can hate the truth generally, because they as totalitarians have been taught and also CHOSEN TO BELIEVE that the truth is “false”. However, to actually go to the extreme of wishing Jews to go to THE GAS CHAMBERS (no doubt of Auschwitz-Birkenau) – totally forgetting that MANY Jews gave their lives for Communism (Bukhárin, Kámjeñev, Zinóvijev, Tróckiy – all martyred by Stáljin; others including Sljepák, Kagánovich and all too many others…) – now, THAT TRULY is the ABSOLUTE SUMMIT of HYPOCRISY AND EXTREMEST HATRED!!!!! It also shows how in truth Nazism and Communism are horrifically CLOSE!!!

    That’s how we know that those people are completely POSSESSED by Satan himself!!!!! They need an exorcism by Christ Himself – when somebody sinks to that depth, he has lost his real humanity (and to think that Communism and Nazism + Fascism stem from secular-humanism…)!!!

  3. Heads up, BNI. Someone was just caught trying to blow up the Polish parliament, and they’re linking him to Anders Breivik, saying it’s another reason to clamp down on anti-Muslim dissent.

    The story is CRAP. This attack had little-to-nothing to do with Norway. It was carried out by an actual neo-Nazi from as far as I can tell, and since Breivik was pro-Israel, it’s unlikely the two had any connection other than where they might have gotten their weapons from.

    The European governments are yet again trying to twist news, just as they are doing with the Israel-Gaza coverage. Trying to shape opinion. It’s disgusting, depraved, and the people shown in this video are beyond contempt. Vlaams Belang should come give the Muzztards, and their leftie friends, a good ass-kicking.


  4. According to tradition, a Muslim “majority” is one-third; that’s when the killing starts in the oft-proven belief that kafir will not come to each other’s aid.

    • very true.
      Also what we’re watching for here in our city, because they’re close to that number.

      Here’s what they don’t know and are mistaken about–revealing this now doesn’t do anything but good if the muffars happens to see it.

      The Cops, Militia, and the Native Citizen protection Patrols, as well as a good number of volunteers from in-city and the Pagan community are all on ‘stand-by’.

      They start business-as-usual in islam, and for the muffar it’s going to be like jumping into ocean with bleeding cuts into the midst of a swarm/pack of hungry Great Whites.
      We’re rural-urban, neighbours look out for and watch each other’s backs out here still.

  5. are you in America glad now that you sent your youth over to Europe to die and be slaughtered in two wars so that these bastards can shit on our freedoms when are they ever going to wake up to these jihadists who are now at stage 2 in their holy war especially in britain france belgium norway denmark holland spain and so on will not be long before they move to stage 3

  6. Islam: The Almighty’s gift to Europe for centuries of persecuting, killing, maiming, torturing, evicting and oppressing Jews.

  7. Here’s an idea: let’s gather all the Europeans who are against Islam, and bring them to North America. At the same time, we’ll gather all the Muslims and pro-Islam leftists in North America, and send them to Europe. Of course, once the lefties realize what living under Islamic rule is like, they’ll be begging and clamouring to come to North America, and our answer will be a resounding “ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING? NEVER!!!!”

  8. obviously the real news doesn’t get out anywhere anymore and Belgians are just going to sit back and let pissislam take over.

  9. In response to this Belgian Madness, i.e. accepting the takeover by Islam; I table an extract of a paper discussion circulated amongst my friends…

    When I look at the fight between Israel and Palestine both have the same aggressive commitment to defeat the other. Their ‘Belief Systems’ are in direct conflict. And whilst I do reject all of the Abrahamic Belief Systems, I do support Israel for one very good reason. Evidence exists beyond all doubt that Hamas is an evil organisation and must be completely driven into extinction. Like Hezbollah, Taliban and Al-Qaeda and the ‘Muslim Brotherhood,’ Hamas is evil and a dangerous enemy of the ‘Free World.’ These organisations represent ‘True Islam’ and Islam is currently the most dangerous ‘Totalitarian Belief System’ that has ever existed. For 1400 years the doctrine of Islam has brought nothing but suffering and misery to the world. Islam is a cancer that must be destroyed. If Islam is not wiped out the entire human race shall lose ‘Freedom’ and as a consequence of an ‘Islamized World’ shall self-destruct and human kind shall like dinosaurs become extinct. The survival of the human race and the successful colonization of other planets throughout the galaxies depend upon the preservation of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and for that reason all ‘Totalitarianism’ must be phased out. Communism shall gradually phase its self out. But Islam by the nature of its doctrine must be fought head-on and completely destroyed. 1400 years of wars with Islam has proven that short of total annihilation Islam cannot be stopped by violent war. Jihad shall simply reorganise and attack the ‘Free World’ again and again. As long as Islam exists the ‘Habit of War’ shall continue to exist and the world shall never know Peace.

    To destroy Islam the credibility of Muhammad and the Koran, Hadiths and Sharia Law must be smashed. Only when the ‘Islamic Belief System’ goes into a state of decline finally disintegrating shall Islam be wiped out. In the meantime to protect and preserve ‘Freedom’ all ‘Freedom Fighters’ ‘Warriors Against Islam’ must constantly block and attack every idea and attempt by Muslims to Islamize the World. We are at war with Islam because Islam is at war with us as instructed by the Koran recorded by Muhammad.

    There are many Muslims in Islamic countries that want to convert out of Islam but cannot because they are then accused of ‘Blasphemy’ and then sentenced to death for rejecting Islam. They are the sadly unknown innocent victims trapped in the centre of this global fight between ‘Freedom and Islamic Totalitarianism.’ Their plight is no different to the Germans in WWII that opposed Hitler but was still forced to fight for Hitler and as enemy, allies were sadly forced to kill- for no one knows the belief system of those persons trapped in the centre of a conflict. In war there are only two sides- ‘For and Against’ and thus ‘Kill or be Killed.’ Most people fight in war not because they want to fight, they fight because they have no choice, they fight because simply- they are there.

    Because Islam must be stopped at all costs- ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ I shall and will always support Israel against evil Hamas and evil Islam. Palestine is by majority true Islam and must be vanquished. There is always right and wrong behaviour on both sides in any war. War is cruel, vicious and unjust there are no good guys- that reality throughout history has always been true. Only the right to live ‘Free from Totalitarianism’ is the good guy. A combatant must do what they have got to do to win and that may mean being extremely hard and ruthless without mercy- that is war. I shall always support all ‘Freedom Fighters’ against Islam and I deem any person that accepts or tolerates Islam as enemy of Freedom and any such person is automatically guilty of high treason against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World.’ Without hesitation I shall give such enemies no quarter.

    I am not a Jew, I am no longer a Christian, I am not a Buddhist, I do not believe in Cults, Religions or Atheism, I am simply a ‘Cosmic Philosopher’ a ‘Cosmicist’ but I do say I support Israel’s fight against Hamas and Palestine and I pray that they succeed in their war against the surrounding Islamic territories. Only by the destruction and decline of Islam in the Middle East shall the world have a chance of phasing out the ‘Habit of War’ and creating a planet of ‘Freedom of Peace.’ This vision, this goal is a long hard journey and the sacrifice in battle is worthy at the point of victory for ‘Freedom.’

    It is important to remember that ‘Islamic Democracy’ is not ‘True Democracy.’ ‘Islamic Democracy’ is an illusion and is still just a choice between which ‘Totalitarian Islamic Party’ shall rule. In addition the current climate of creating ‘Democracies’ in Islamic countries is a temporary ‘con technique’ to mislead the West into naively believing that Islam is a Peaceful Religion. This idea is a lie and is as instructed by Muhammad ‘Taqiyya.’ Islam’s mission is to destroy Israel just as ‘Multiculturalism Mecca was destroyed by Muhammad. Once Palestine and Hamas has control of Jerusalem they shall establish a Caliph to rule the ‘Islamized World’ and Islamic Democracies shall be closed down and ‘Islamic Totalitarianism’ shall rule the planet. Such an event shall lead to the inevitable extinction of the human race and the reason why is another subject paper.

    A lot of journalists write political papers about the fight between Hamas, Palestine and Israel- most of these papers tend to waffle and lose sight of hard reality. There are only two critical issues ‘Battle Historical Facts’ and ‘Belief Systems.’ As to who did what incorrectly in war that is never clear, because even the combatants don’t see the big picture. Politicians, journalists and historians shall never know all the facts because a state of mystery is created by there being far too many people involved in the fight and consequently there are countless complex situations and responses. The ‘Cosmic Chaos Process’ becomes operational and cannot be accurately tracked or discerned, only results can be identified; for that reason I scan over opinions and focus only on real truly known facts and look hard at the cause of the conflict which is ‘Belief System.’ And in the case of the Middle East the conflict is caused by Islam- an expansion war that has been raging for 1400 years since Muhammad attacked Mecca.

    I support Israel and I support the destruction of Hamas and Palestine.

  10. UK
    Boyfriend ‘stabbed older partner then beat her to death with shears in underpass after she refused to have a threesome’

    Pakistani Shafi was on student visa from Islamabad but was allowed to stay

    Man cut his sister-in-law’s throat then left her bleeding to death in her children’s arms because he was envious of his successful brother

    Bangladeshi Ahmed, who had no job, no money, no home and no prospect of marriage, had tried to ‘calm himself down’ by consulting the Koran, but ‘lost it’ after believing that Mrs Khan had laughed at him.

    • Thanks for these MJ. Did you notice the PC comments for that last one? “This has nothing to do with religion” Hundreds agreeing with green arrows ! They havent got a clue have they, who else but Muslims slits throsts with impunity ??, but no “why mention the religion, this is just a sick man and they are in every culture/religion” yeah sure, UK , prepare for your demise or wisen up.

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