Four MUSLIMS arrested in California and charged with plotting to kill Americans by joining with al-Qaeda

Other charges the men face include plotting to bomb government facilities and conspiracy to kill Americans. The authorities said Sohiel Omar Kabir, 34, traveled to Afghanistan where he planned to introduce the other suspects to his al-Qaeda contacts. Kabir is a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Afghanistan and served in the U.S. Air Force from 2000 to 2001.

Yet another reason not to allow any Muslims in our military.


16 comments on “Four MUSLIMS arrested in California and charged with plotting to kill Americans by joining with al-Qaeda

  1. Sometimes I think it would be cool to see Hillary, Susan, Valerie and Nancy all dressed up in their burkas. They are stupid if they think that is not coming for them too.

  2. When you have a muslim as the president this is what you get. When will this country WAKE UP obamass is trying to destroy this great country…

  3. Time after time it is Mudslimes who attack our country. What do we Americans do? We import more of them. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Our elites think it wont come back to harm them. They could not be more wrong. We know where they live. They can be touched too.

  4. How many muslims like this and how many bodies like the ones at Ft. Hood will it take to convince our military not to induct any of these ragheaded, terrorists? How did this guy serve in the Air Force from 2000 to 2001? Seems like kind of a short enlistment. Was he honorably discharaged? Was he a con. objector?
    OH! I know. Lets ask kkkair or the OIC or any of the other lying islamic bunches of propagandists. They’ll tell us he was just kidding and didn’t mean any harm at all. They’ll say, “What’s the matter? Can’t you take a joke?”

  5. What Mosque did these guys go to, any idea’s as to which tribes they may have been involved with their Imams….Always good to know more details about these guys on American soil to protect ourselves, families and friends…..

    • Now these low lives are going to win souls to allah for jihad while in prison with the help of the American taxpayer.
      These four parasites need to be up against the wall facing a firing squad.

  6. Remarkable!

    FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller used the words ‘violent jihad’!!!!

    CNN used the word ‘jihad’!!!

    Americans have had it with the DISHONESTY of DENYING the real Islamic agenda of SUPREMACISM.

    CNN…take note! No more lying to us about jihad!

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