More Muslim Jew-hatred sanctioned by the University of Central Florida

On November 17, 2012, the Ahlul-Bayt Islamic Society invited Sheikh Jaffer Ladak to speak on Islam and Anthropology in which he compared Israelis to Neanderthals while the predominately Muslim audience laughed out loud.

Ladak was well aware how offensive his comments were to Israelis and Jews because he followed his statement by articulating why he did not want his comments recorded. There were more than 60 people in attendance and not one member of the UCF Ahlul-Bayt Society, or their advisors objected.  (But what else can you expect from a group whose population is up to 70% inbred?)

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13 comments on “More Muslim Jew-hatred sanctioned by the University of Central Florida

  1. Arabs can never invent or construct anything of human value or consumption for ethical use because they spend most of their lives head bobbing in front of a Koran. Math and sciences are never part of their studies. A great example is the Muslim countries themselves where they hire outside help to construct roads and buildings because they do not have enough people to understand this simple method. They also have to purchase all their metals, I-beams and furniture’s from other non-Muslim countries because of their lack of this knowledge.

  2. Western education has become so dumbed down. Universities cater to the left and to Islam. No one teaches at facilities of higher education in Canada now who isn’t willing to accommodate terrorist ideology and who doesn’t comply with their demands to express hatred against Jews. Makes me sick. We need to make education dependent on moral integrity not just on the ability to pay.

  3. Comparisons :-

    muslim global population 1,200,000,000 Nobel Prize winners 1988-1998 7

    Jewish global population 14,000,000 Nobel Prize winners 1910-1996 129

    Who are the true Neanderthals ??????????

    • Yes, true, and most of those Nobel” prizes” were for literature and the subjective one: “peace” ! Only one I believe for mathematics.?
      Jews have won many for science and medicine.
      When I mentioned this to a Muslim, he managed a typical Muslim response to criticism: “ahh but who is behind the Nobel Prize awards?” ( he meant “Zionists”) So I told him highly unlikely as “Zionists” would never have ensured their mortal enemy Arafat got one for peace ! He shut up then thankfully, but Muslims are full of excuses, they are always the “innocent victim”.

      • Excuse my “making work for others”, but can we organize to RECORD all of those ‘neanderthal’ and similar broadcasts and create some kind of log or database?

        I have noticed how hard-hitting comments on for example, silently disappear, without any statement of deletion, while virulent, racist, antisemitic comments are left.

        If that video were under the control of UCF it would simply vanish, and the leftards (neanderthals?) would say: “What video? There was never such thing.” And: “He never said any such thing.”

        Does the “Wayback Machine” or other archive have searchable, downloadable records which a researcher could tap into?

        Individual acts of idiocy (?) can be sloughed off by CAIR et al, but what if reputable trained historians could correlate the years long denigration of Jews and Israel by the BBC, AP, the UN, the OIC, the unions, etc. I’m thinking of Photoshopped pictures, the fake Dura death, the most recent Pallywood gaffes, and there must be hundreds or thousands more.

        Just one example is the ten year long smear campaign by now dead curmudgeon Doug Collins and “The North Shore News” in Canada. I’m too old to do what was needed: To collect every copy of that free local paper, and clip the ‘soft’ antisemitic articles by DC and his friends, and related ads and letters to the editor, for and against. Then the columns should be analyzed, to see what percentage were attacking other countries/acts, and what percentage were targeted at Jews/Israel. If Israel somehow were mentioned in say 5% of the world’s news, but represented 80% of DC’s bilious output, that would show his bias. If, during the same period, say North Korea or Iran were mentioned in 15% of world news stories, but were never mentioned by DC, or his only comments were leftard-like approval of those regimes, that would be a more powerful indictment of bias. If the letters PUBLISHED by the fawning editor were 80% in favor of DC, one would have to have access to the complete letters file to see if that 80% represented a generally antisemitic readership, or bias by the editor. I believe it was an approach like that, which led to the conviction of DC and his editor. Too little – too late.

        A substantial body of research going back 5-10 years, or more, would be a powerful tool against the so-called human rights industry, which doesn’t recognize Jews or Israelis as humans. At the drop of a hat, (a nudge-nudge, wink-wink from a mohammedan) Canada’s “Human Rights” industry will haul Jews or their supporters into their Star Chamber, where the victim is subjected to ‘legal’ third degree processes and rules of ‘evidence’ in front of a fake ‘judge’ which would NEVER be allowed in a REAL court. That costs the fake offendee nothing, while the Jewish victim has to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs and time wasted. When the Jew won, the sock puppet Khurram Awan boasted that, in fact he had won, because of the financial and mental stress he had caused, and that’s what he wanted all along. NOTHING happened to him. He couldn’t be sued for those costs, because the kangaroo court did the cats-paw’s job.

        In this case, the problem is only 10% moslem, but 90% political correctness, born of academic bastardy and socialist nihilism.

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