A special message to the Israeli people from America

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  1. We stand up for and speak up for Jews everywhere. Recently at our sports club, an older Jewish man, was being bothered by some young arab muslim cowardly savages. I came up beside him and in a loud voice announced that the cowards were to leave off with the bullying and nonsense or be reported to the club authorities. The cowards backed off because now it was two against four instead of one against four. It was a pleasure to stand up and to be counted as pro Jewish. The gentleman told me that he had left England because discrimination was all that he was gettting from the muslims in England. It is one thing to say we support Jews and Israel, but actions always speak louder than words. I would encourage every person of character to stand up for and to speak up for Israel 24/7/365 with your actions. muslims are cowards and they will fade when confronted with the truth. God bless Israel. We support Israel. Semper fi, no matter what.

  2. I hope Isreal desimates the entire Arab nation. Bastards will never learn, never feel humanity. They deserve nothing but death

  3. Right on. i hope that in my lifetime this nonsense will turn around, go into remission, or whatever will fix it. It is too bad most people are not moral but merely reasonable. Like the “reasonable prudent” man of the law. The common man. Most people are not moral because if you are, regardless of whether you are Jewish, you get spat upon and called “a dirty Jew”. And you get fired from your jobs. And you get cleansed from your neighbourhoods.

    The last two days, in the small town where I live, a gang has blocked my way on the path I usually take to walk my dog. They’ve forced me to turn around and go back. They wouldn’t let me pass. They are local leftist pro-Islamist nasty, ugly gangsters. They enforce for the corrupt politicians who take money from terrorist organizations to pass laws they don’t publicize to discriminate against anyone like me.

    I stand with Israel even if it kills me.

  4. BNIBNI BNI I had to put my 2 cents in. I almost threw my leftist Upper West Side teacher sister out of my apartment 3 weeks ago because she razzed on about how Bibi is a warmongering idiot. her words certainly not mine. I love him. I told her to stop with her leftist bullshit or go home, this was at 10pm on a Saturday night. She was just spoiling for a confrontation and I gave her one. If she never speaks to me again I’m fine with that. I do’nt understand my Jewish relatives who love Obama. I’ve been telling every Jew I knew that a vote for him was a vote to put themselves back in the ovens, but they do’nt want to see it. Years ago when I was a kid I asked my Mom why the Jews did’nt fight Hitler and she said they were Germans first and Jews second. The same thing goes for those who voted for Obama. They’re lefties first.
    I too stand with Isreal! love your blog also. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I also stand with Israel.Whether they are there own worst enemy or not,it is Biblical to stand with them.God said,I will bless those that bless them,I will curse those that curse them.It’s very evident if you look at all the countries that are mostly against Israel how poverty stricken they are.Our nation,America, has always been blessed in so many ways because the majority of America supported Israel.If that changes,and the majority including our gov’t goes against Israel,this country will lose God’s hand of protection.

  6. Why is Israel held to a different standard, in the eyes of evil, ( read arabs, muslims in general) they are worthy of slaughter, just like pigs and any other unclean animals are, can’t say I agree, but to the arabs, this is what they teach their children and their children carry out the wishes of the parents, and we expect what? An Israeli’ minister once stated, we will have peace when they start to love their own children as much as they want to kill our, any question? This is your brain on islam.

    Going GALT

      • This is my take on the reaction of the Vatican to the Gaza fighting. They have a deal cut to protect themselves for a period of time against the mohommedists, so they will sacrifice the Jews for their own safety. I have found over the years the Vatican is not very ethical in many matters. They are inclined to do whatever is necessary to cover their own asses first.
        They forget they come from Israel themselves and the Trinity is not happy with their behavior. That is why the 144,000 are about to make an appearance. These are HIS Teachers, Saints, Healers, Etc. So the response of the Vatican is not a revelation at all, but expected
        I have had intimate knowledge of the Catholic Church as Cardinal Spellman was a close family friend in New York.

  7. Very well said Mr. Beck. I am not a religious person, but as soon as Glenn finished speaking, I surprised myself. I said outloud… “Amen.”

  8. bonni i am crying at the moment i am a 70 year old gay man .i still cannot understand why there is so much hatred against jewish people ?where would music be without GEORGE GERSHWIN and his sister IRA lol IRVING BERLIN MOSS HART one of the most beautiful lyricists of all times .bonni tin pan alley would never have survived without the jewish talent do i have to go into the medical and scientific achievements of the jewish people ..i always remember reading THE SCOURGE OF THE SWASTIKA by LORD RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL i was 16 years of age.,,,,,welcome to the real world mate but Bonni jewish queens have an absolutely devastating effect with bringing somebody back into the real world

    • Arthur, I hate to say it, but since I am Jewish I can. Jews are their own worst enemy because they befriend people who really are their worst enemies. No group did more for civil rights in the ’60’s than Jews and most blacks hate Jews today. The liberals/leftists in America befriended Jewish immigrants in the early 20th century because at that time liberals wanted to recruit anyone they could. As a result, most American Jews are liberals, yet liberals for the most part have turned on Israel, even tried to have Jerusalem as its capital written out of the platform during the Democrat convention. Even worse, for some reason, liberal Jews see Christian Zionists are their enemies. Most Jews today are JINOS, and probably ashamed of being Jewish in many cases. Look at George Soros, a Judenrat who worked for Hitler, and today has helped finance Israel’s enemies via the ‘Arab Spring.’

      Yes, Jews have contributed enormously to the arts and sciences yet are never considered a “minority” because they have succeeded financially, more than most. They are hated for their business acumen, yet nobody seems to remember that Jews at one time were excluded from most American industries and professions which were mainly the domain of white Protestants. There were (maximum) quotas for Jews at all Ivy League and other top colleges for a long time. Therefore most became merchants, starting as street peddlers and working their way up to real business owners, then Wall Street and Banking when they were finally allowed. Jews run Hollywood because they created Hollywood, when the New York theater people didn’t want Jews and movies were in their infancy.

      I imagine “Republican” was and still is a dirty word to a lot of Jews whose grandparents were immigrants.

      My parents were the first Jews to buy a house in my neighborhood because up until then it was restricted – no Jews allowed. My uncle became the token Jew in the local country club, only because he was wealthy and didn’t look Jewish. My father, all uncles, and brother all served in the US armed forces. My family of immigrants always loved this country and no matter how hard it was at times for them, it was light years better than the pogroms they escaped in Russia. My maternal grandmother who spoke 5 languages didn’t speak English when she arrived here and made my mother teach her everything she learned in school each day to help her learn English. My grandfather died very young, and my grandmother worked several jobs to support her 3 kids and put one thru college. She never took a dime from the government or thought she was entitled.

      Still, it’s not an excuse, Jews remain their own worst enemies (nearly 70% again voted for the Jew-hater Obama) because they fail to recognize who their real enemies are. So I don’t feel sorry for them. And I am ashamed that so many of them are proud leftists.

      • Bonni, as a proud Jew, I too am ashamed and disgusted by leftists who call themselves Jews and I too do not feel sorry for them. They are delusional and enemies of freedom. Our histories are very similar. Grandparents VERY much loved America and worked hard to learn English and support their family and others who migrated here without a dime. As a kid, I remember we had monthly “family circle” meetings to discuss how family’s could help others who had nothing…help them migrate, help them get a job(mostly in the garment center of NYC), help figure out who they would live with, etc, etc. Funny, we would meet at the cemetary because no one had an apt(tenament) large enough or any other place to meet. Back then, even my Hebrew school taught about fascism and the words “Never Again” actually meant something. As a young girl, I also had the honor of meeting Rabbi Meir Kahane. But sadly, we were one of the only Jewish family’s in my neighborhood who actually belonged to a Synagogue, who spoke about the past atrocities, who lived simply and humbly while the others mostly focused on outward appearances of large ostentatious homes, cars, clothes.etc. As a side note, I am no longer friends with any of my childhood “jewish” friends as they have chosen obama over America and Israel. I have no personal regrets for this but lots of disgust. Sorry for the rant. G-D bless you Bonni and all BNI supporters.

        • ND, I lost all contact with some Jewish friends/family for the same reason and also because of this blog. All I can say is Good Riddance to all of them. But I have a lot of great new friends here.

  9. I so STAND WITH ISRAEL!!! Thank You Glen Beck for speaking on what I want to say! Again THANKS!!!! ISRAEL YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

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