BNI Reader Ruth Cohen, in Jerusalem, needs to be heard

Ruth has been a long time commenter on BNI and she always gives us up close and personal insight into what really is going on in Israel that never gets reported in the media. As a result of her outspokenness and biting commentary, her account at Facebook was suspended, which is why I am posting her words here, so BNI readers around the world will see them and share them with others.

Writes Ruth: Bonni, I put up another one of my strong hard hitting notes yesteday and right after that, Facebook had me temporarily suspended, which is still in effect. It was because of my piece that was attacking politicians who signed on for the destruction of Gush Katif as being responsible for the war now. Barry Shaw put up a note with the names of the politicians and how they voted, I took his note and added my own and posted it to many people. I said I am starting a campaign to bring bus loads of people in shelters to face the cowards who voted for this destruction, and the cowards are going to be forced to explain to us, in front of TV cameras, Why? Why? Why?

After that note I got suspended from Facebook supposedly for my own good as I had been attacked. Yah. since then when I try to get in they give me 2 options, to answer a security question and then they refuse the answer. I think I know the occupation of my saba (grandfather) well enough but no they dont accept it of course. Then I can choose to identify photos which is insane as most photos are posters, signs, not pictures of actual people. Or photos that people put up on their wall of others. How are you supposed to know whose wall a poster is on when you have thousands of friends???

Obviously I am being shut down for my big mouth and endless criticism of our weak spineless, corrupt leaders. Help, help, help. My email is still working at this time and that may change too.

Anyone know what I can do????

As for this particular article, we  have had a policy of giving away  Israel for years. To give away the entire land of Israel to the Arabs. The paid whores of our leaders, politicians, media, court sytem. elites, professors etc., paid by hamas, the EU etc. They have brainwashed the Israeli public to lose. lose lose, make them tired, busy with work, busy with expensive toys. dumb them down.

And the favourite sentence is there is nothing we can do. The backlash is that now the public is screaming for the destruction of Gaza which is why our useless criminal leaders are trying to force peace on us.

Arabs have been committing crimes for years and are untoucable, from gang rapes, to wholesale theft all over the country, endless stoning attacks, etc etc, and they never get touched or punished. They are being used to drive us out of the land. Plus they live everywhere illegally, build illegally with money from Saudi, villas in the desert yah.

We are being driven out of our land. This is my birthplace .my heritage. Now I hear my nation screaming in fury my words, took them a long time to catch up and find some balls to wake up and stop being in denial. Now my nation is screaming “get the left wing out of Israel now.”  The tolerance for politician’s lies is over and the disgust with the media for never questioning the lies is over. We are here vomiting out our elite liars and killers of  Jews. And I am proud to say I am one of the voices that has had a part in this.

More and more Israelis are on the facebook, twitter, etc exposing our wicked corrupt leaders. They are squirming and desperate to hold onto power. Ehud Barak is the most hated man in Israel. they are all going down. we found our power. they are losing theirs. We will throw all the bastards out of power. All of them. The nation is on fire and boiling, this war will force our people to get up and do something. They dont have work with the rockets coming down on them, no money, homes are destroyed, lives are ruined so the only thing they have is to throw out the traitors.

The word traitor is being used all the time, another one of my contributions to truth and bringing down the lights here. As powerful and corrupt as these criminals ar,e they need the public to be their submissive fools to keep in power. This is impossible now. Running to bomb shelters to say nice words is not working.

The public will be marching to their luxury houses and protesting why they are enjoying the good life, on our expense while our poor in the south have nothing.  Its over, the party is over . Hence they closed my Facebook account to shut me up, too late my words have gone into the universe and others will be forwarding them on. Before they shut me down I sent my message to many many people, in the media, influential people, people who will spread the word. not cowards.

Some are Christians in America who love Israel, some Kahana people here and abroad, and others who do not live the lies but know the truth. If you want to help israel reveal the truth, nothing else is  important. If we dont force our weak wicked leaders to wipe out Gaza, and everyone here wants that, we will be receiving real scuds from Iran on our heads soon. It WILL happen.

Hashem is furious with our traitors who shut down our voices. Someone called them jelly fish last night. Expose our traitors in government as traitors who are selling us out to the tender mercy of Hamas. the PA (Palestinian Authority) is exactly the same with the same goals to wipe us out.

While we are feeding the rocket shooters and supply trucks are going down to Gaza, they owe us $$millions for electricity, but never pay. Our prices are going up on everything to feed Gaza, and we are helping Saudis to build the fancy hotels and shopping malls in Gaza. We are building Rahat a city for the Arabs very fancy buildings with our money. This is what is going on we are not only giving away our land, but we are building them villas to enjoy. We are doing this. Jews, well, pretend Jews are traitors. Everyone who reads this must pass on this message.

If they come to shut me up, then someone else has to speak up. Activists in Israel are either dead, in mental hospitals or jail. One day I may run out of luck. So far my chutzpa is exposing the pedophiles and those protecting them all the rabbinim for a start seems to have given me a protection. Now i know how to bring the bastards down. Fearless, and use the same methods on all evil men. I have to go to court again on Thursday because another pervert helper is upset with me. Boo Hoo. 3rd time that will be.

So dont’ let me down. I am the voice of many here who cant say the words from fear, from brokeness, from lack of knowledge of English. We are just a few steel and iron fighters and even though more and more people are speaking out, its still not enough. Keep our words going out into the universe so that hashem will bless us here in the war of gog and magog and we will wipe out all our enemies, or hashem will let us be wiped out for tolerating our wicked leaders.

Thank you and shalom from holy Jerusalem, where we have opened the bomb shelter near us in my street Friday night with a crowbar, the muncipality locked it Monday and refused to give a key(their pervert friend is running a business there – ballet lessons for many years against the law and all his stuff is there) and then we used my key, the crowbar to open the place yesterday when the next rocket was on its way.

Someone last night did something so that we cant force the bolt open with a crowbar. Good we have a hamman. Shmuel (husband) has all the tools and the neighbours are ready to take off the door. I believe its skippy or his pals trying desperately to keep us out, in the office there is a locked file case. No doubt there is very hot stuff inside which they are desperate to protect. No doubt it is going to be opened by others, suspicious like me, as to why the place is being protected.

What the hell are they hiding – kiddie porn videos? We will sure find out and turn the city upside down and wipe out all the corrupt liars in bed with each other who are out to destroy torah,our hertiage, culture and our right to live in our own land.

No wonder I am so popular with shabbak (Shin bet – like the FBI I think) and the others. at the last protest I went up to shabbak and said shabbak shalom. they were fuming. they dont like shabbat and its a play on shabbat shalom. that too them is a real insult.

Shabbak shalom. enjoy my words honey cause I am coming to expose all of you rats , rattlesnakes, and weasels. its over.

Thank you for listening,


Another letter from Israel: heart-wrenching-letter-from-israel


45 comments on “BNI Reader Ruth Cohen, in Jerusalem, needs to be heard

  1. I just now only read this. Ruth, thank you so much. You are one of the warriors of Israel ! You fight for Israel and you fight for the entire Free World! Thank you! The cruel betrayal of Israel by her leaders has been going on for many years.

    Most people are unaware of the persecution perpetrated against Israel’s patriotic Jews.
    A number of times Israeli leaders have removed the weapons of defense from Jews in Judea and Samaria rendering Jews defenseless prey for barbaric Muslim enemies.

    Israeli leaders have destroyed the homes of Jews (besides, and AFTER the crime of rendering thousands of Jews, homeless from Gaza – many of the Gaza Jews forced into poverty had to live in tents for a very long time). Not only have Jews had their homes destroyed by government forces in Judea and Samaria, but the Jewish owners and even the children were beaten.

    Jewish families who lost a loved family member to terrorism have also been persecuted by Israeli leaders.
    MUSLIMS are LOVED by Israeli leaders. JEWS are HATED.

  2. Ruth, you are a valiant, courageous and, fierce warrior.
    God has knit together His own “global family”, a family that, first and foremost, holds The Creator as the highest authority.
    Along with you, we will NEVER bow the knee to baal, and would sacrifice our very lives for the cause of Righteousness in the land.
    Although America has not hit critical mass yet, the evil that you fight is about to erupt with the re-election of obama.
    We, in America, consider you as precious a family member, as if we shared the same DNA which, of course, we do for it is the DNA of the Creator Himself.
    Please know, dear sister, that you are being bathed in the prayers of the righteous among us. Your fight is our fight, your struggle our own. You are not forgotten but, indeed, center most in the mind of the Most High God.
    Thank you also to Bonni for what you do as well. Words are inadequate to say how much we appreciate you.

  3. Leftists, muzzies, and elites…

    Time to clean this world up and get rid of the lot of them.
    No muzzies, Leftist-fascists, or elites…the world goes back to being a pretty good place to live without their crap-flinging to ‘advance their agendas’ which are being built on the blood, flesh and bones of people like Ruth, and the rest of us Citizens.

  4. Ruth GOD BLESS.
    The word needs to continue to get out. Keep writing and we will do our part.
    For the locked shelters, this is not unusual when dealing with those in power when they need sacrificial lambs lead to the slaughter. All this is to score points with the world lawyers and legal beagles. How sad things have become that politicians need to sacrifice their own people for fear of offending the bad guys. So who is the worst? This is a no holds barred war that has been waged on Israel the USA, Canada, England, Australia and several other nations. We as GOD’S people need to stick together to provide a platform for information to be dissemination so others can at least read about the truth.

  5. All the best Ruth ! We support your cause although I personally am not on FB, and praying for you and yours and all the innocents of

  6. shalom to all. wow what response. i did get back into facebook.
    as for yona hall and the locked shelters. oh my god they are so beyond low these wicked people who want to see us killed. it is not carelessness its deliberate. bastards

    before the whore clinton started to speak i got pains in my heart and had to go to bed to recover. while she was talking i wrote on facebook what she was saying and that rockets will start flying with her lies. which is what happened.

    when i got out of bed recovered some had the honour of seeing rat bibi and rattlesnake barak lie throught their teeth to the nation. i sent to barak my fury and energy that he will not live long. the paid whore of the arabs will not stay alive. the entire nation hates him, look what happened to sharon. we curse barak today and his end is soon. one way or the other he is finished. he looked terrible when he stood there with the same old same old.

    as for the jelly fish bibi ugh vomit. ugh.

    the nation is going to spit out these worms. we are going to get these left wing erva rav out of our land. we cant do anything like throw out the arabs, take back gaza or anything becaues the military bows to the politicians. we have to get rid of our leaders , media lap dogs and foul corrupt courts to get back straight thinking.

    where is joshua someone asked. hell he is here. we are here. now we will start to rise and make ourselves felt. now the nation will come out of its slumber. now its over. we are not a nation who mkes revolution, but we are going to vomit out our leaders.

    things i have been saying for years that very few ever said are now being said by the common man in the street.

    the rockets are going to rain down tonight , tomorrow and i asked hashem to hit hte holy of holies the whorehouse the knesset. only then will the politicians get it that they are at war with the living god. the israelis interviewed on tv now are cursing and spitting blood.

    • Hi Ruth, needless to say I am saddened to hear about the premature ceasefire. But since Hamas is already ignoring it, I hope Israel will do the same.

      I have liked what Avigdor Lieberman has said about what to do with the Arab problem. Is he any good? Would you like to see him as PM?

  7. Wow, I had no idea things were so bad in Israel. Satan’s minions are most definitely hard at work. I’m glad that the tide is starting to turn, Ruth. God bless you, and long live Israel.

  8. Sherut haBitachon haKlali ( שירות הביטחון הכללי‎), better known by the acronym Shabak ( שב״כ‎), in English as the Israel Security Agency (ISA) or the Shin Bet is Israel’s “internal security service” as opposed to Aman (military intelligence) and the Mossad (foreign intelligence service).

  9. Once again Ruthie, from one Cohen to another….I cancelled my facebook account quite awhile ago for just this reason! It was obvious as to what was considered “free speech” and who was going to be denied their ability to speak their minds! We saw it with BNI and WordPress…Israel will Prevail and the truth will ALWAYS get out! Shabbak Shalom!

  10. This is really bad of Facebook. I am sorry that I can not help Ruth, since I do not know Facebook and their roules. I have had a lot of problems with them earlier when I started up my site on Facebook but these days it seems to work. I hope someone here can help Ruth with her problems. This time in our newspaper they have put up the problems that the jews have in Israel but earlier I think they have took up the palestinian almost everytimeit happends anything and that is just TOO BAD. I hope Ruth´s problems gets solved in a good way.

  11. Shabbak – Israeli internal security. Inside Israel it’s called the shabbak and outside Israel it’s called the Mossad (like the FBI is inside the US and the CIA is outside of the US – supposedly)

  12. Shabbak is a spy agency that targets enemies of the leftist erev rav regime. They set up the assassination of Rabin with a religious man as the fall guy, so they could criticize and demonize all those who believe that jews have rights in Israel.

    The erev rav are the spiritual descendents of the mixed multitude that went out of egypt with Moshe and the jews. They were insincere converts who caused the golden calf debacle and have been a bad influence on jews since then.

    They have run the Israeli govt since the nation has been reborn, as prophesied in Torah. We are currently in a triple exile from our land, even though we have a country. There is the roman exile, the ishmaelite exile, and the erev rav exile.

    As these exiles were prophesied, redemption is also prophesied. Mashiach is coming, and the true govt will be in place, and the A-mighty G-d will make His presence known as the One True G-d.

  13. Yes the left has been the downfall of us all everywhere in the world for more than a hundred years. This BNI reader will pass your words on to those in my sphere. My prayers are with Israel several times daily as you all endure this heinous situation.

  14. Often there’s a price to be paid for speaking out.

    If enough people speak out, Facebook will listen.

    Facebook needs to learn that the answer to controversy is not censorship, but more speech.

  15. Ruth, open a new FB account under the same name with the number 01 and make your first post a notice that if you’re shut down again, you’ll open up under the same name 02, then 03 and so on. That way, if people can’t find you and try to locate your FB account with a google or bing or yahoo search, they will get hits for your new account. Same thing with your email addresses. I’ve been the target of online censorship for years and found that is the most effective thing to do. Word will get out. And contact a few followers of your censored FB account and ask them to post your new account details. FB censors will lose interest if you’re too difficult to censor. And if that doesn’t work, consider if it may not be FB but some enemy hacker who is shutting you down. If that is the case, use similar tactics to proliferate your profile under many different names with slight differences. If you continue to be shut down with numerical permutations, use misspellings of your name, like Rooth, then Roooth, etc. and just engage in online war with them and publicize the war so your account gets even more attention. Also, report the problem to FB with a threat to sue if it doesn’t stop and copy your complaints and threats to sue FB to press all over the world and to some legal firms. FB won’t fight you because they have an international audience and there are lots of wealthy supporters of Israel whom FB will not want to piss off. And if FB is not responsible, they won’t want the bad press and will use their technical support experts to isolate the problem and neutralize it. You know, President George W. Bush was correct that this war on terror is a new kind of war because, in part, it will be fought and won online in the international community of interested civilians with means to influence ends. It is not a war fought only by governments and military against terrorists in their civilian clothing hiding behind civilian populations. It is a war fought by all of us and it is a war about decency and civilization, about moral integrity, and the outcome will depend on the state of the human heart. I am betting on a victory by goodness and my bet is strategic as much as supported by data as I want humanity to survive.

  16. This guy has the answer for Gaza and I pray that the government of Israel will choose this path and not the one being proposed by Ban and Hillary!

  17. To Ruth, Hang in there and be strong. My prayers are with you and the people of Israel!
    To Bonni,
    The Shabak (in Hebrew, שב”כ “Shabak” an acronym of “Shérūt ha-Bītāhōn ha-Klālī” שירות ביטחון כללי) known in English as the Shin Bet (which was how the Shabak was known in Israel in its early days) or the GSS (General Security Service), is the Internal General Security Service of Israel. Its motto is “מגן ולא יראה” whose translation is: “Defender (Shield) who shall not be seen”. The service consists of close to 5,000 employees.
    Unfortunatly, I think these are the black shirts that come to beat and expell real Israeli citizens from their homes.
    God bless Israel

  18. Ruth Cohen, G-D bless you. I have read your comments in the past and have been impressed with your courage and strength. Seems like since the rockets have begun hitting Tel Aviv, the leftists are becoming more hawkish. I sure have no sympathy for them in Israel or here in the US. You are in my prayers.Please keep us posted.

  19. shabbak is our secret police. i know my emails and facebook comments are read all the time, my friend who understands this stuff found proof . and skipy has hacked into my email and put out info on his blog which included my address. i reported him to the police computer fraud a few weeks ago. so i know that people are reading my stuff and they did not take me seriously and now they do.

    i will get the info out through other people of course, but its a waste of time and a lot of running around to do so
    a bus was bombed in tel aviv. the mayor on tv looked out of head worried. he never looks worried. always smug and careless. he looked terrible. they are keeping all children in schools there. they are terrified that more places will be hit in tel aviv.

    i am sure its going to be jerusalem. the real attack is coming our way soon. and it will be big. i posted up notices on the bomb shelter exposing why the shelter was locked and have photos in my pelephone. now i will get someone to help me update it and then i can send you pictures.

    thank you so much for putting this up

    • Ruth, I will post anything you want me to post here. It broke my heart to read your words. Let me know what else I can do to help, Ruth. We are solidly behind you.

      What do you think of the ‘ceasefire’ that was just announced? Why would BiBi cave so fast?

    • Re-blogged it. :)
      Ruth, although the probs we have here with our wannab ‘Taliban’ pale to nothing beside yours, there are similar concerns we share and similar behaviours in the muzzies we face.
      I feel you are like a sister, distant, but connected.

      Blessed Be. May you and your loved ones be safe and favored by those above always.

  20. Ruth, I have put your message on my facebook page. I feel for your predicament. Many of my fellow Christians stand with you in you fight. The only question reamins is whether any believs Obama’s words “Israel has the right to defend itself”. He was a lawyer. You know how lawyers are with words. Obama did not say America would stand by Israel in any war against Islam. As there’s much proof Obama is a Mussie. If it comes to the ObamaNation in our WWhite House turning his back on the defense of The Holy Land, Israel will but have to call to the Amercan patriots themselves, and the Jews will have a friend in us.

  21. I was shocked when I read that Israel had sold hundreds of acres of the best farm land in Galilea to Arabs, and a huge, modern white city has been build for Arabs, while Israelis are starving and have inadequate housing — get rid of the present government and get some real Jews to take over. I think there has been a lot of mind-manipulation among the authorities, certainly in America and probably also in Israel, this is happening all over the world, people are brain-manipulated by the powers of evil (FBI and Co). It is now almost certain the young man who shot Rabin was brain-manipulated.
    Take Gaza back — it was a huge mistake to GIVE it to the Arabs — they didn’t even have to pay for it — and then it was of course overrun with Hamas savages. The 8,000 Israelis who had been living in Gaza and were made to leave were the bulwark protecting the Israeli people — now you see what appeasement brings.
    Israel should have long ago had her scientists develop a gas that safely knocks people out for 24 hours — spray this all over Gaza, then send in the IDF and let them handcuff Hamas monsters (or better still shoot them dead), destroy all the rocket launching pads and rockets and Iranian weapons, block or blow up all the tunnels, also those that come up into houses, and arrest the owners of these houses, or still better blow them up in their houses, they are abetters. Cart away in trucks all the civilian residents and dump them either over the border into Jordan or drop them into the sea. Who cares? Get rid of the scum, so the valient Israelis can prosper. Let Saudi Arabia take the Gazaites in as refugees — when has Saudi Arabia ever taken in any refugees? Even though the refugees were created by Saudi principles. No more Muslims or Arabs or Hamas in Gaza, it rightfully belongs to Eretz Israel, and Israel will be easier to defend when Gaza belongs to it.
    Stop worrying what the world will think — stop appeasing the Communist/Atheists in the world — do what’s best for Israel and to hell with world opinion. If Gaza were sprayed with this gas, no IDF soldier would be harmed, and the threat of Hamas would be eliminated forever.
    What good does it do Israel to have such a well-trained army and a lot of super weapons if they aren’t used? Israel, do not think the Saudis are your friends — they are only afraid of Iran and they want Israel to do their dirty work for them. But out of Saudi Arabia came Wahhabbism, which teaches hate for Jews — do not trust the Saudis. Better bomb the hell out of Mecca, Medina and Jeddah — then Islam wold be destroyed and the world would be a better place. Be ready for their retaliation — so they would probably bomb the Vatican — well, i can do without the Vatican, but I cannot do without Israel.
    Where is your Joshua, your great military genius that won all the battles against the enemies of Israel? Remember the Prophet Elias killed 450 prophets of Baal and cut them up into little pieces — how I would love for a modern Elias to kill 450 Hamas members, but don’t waste the time to cut them up, just throw them onto a bon-fire with all the Korans you can find and this will be blessed by the Holy One in Israel.
    Israel, you can easily have the advantage in this situation, but you must be bold, be like David who knew he could defeat Goliath because he was armed with the Lord God of Israel, and Goliath (and the Muslims) have no God (they believe in a psychopath, so Israelis have an enormous advantage. Stop pussy-footing, be bold, attack with might and intelligence and save your holy country.

    • The “elite” left and right, are working together everywhere, whereas before they were vying for power separately for centuries,. These elite are also to be found in Israel ,and their aim is to create chaos so they can throw us “dissidents” into FEMA camps, or worse. I have no proof for you but have researched for years and believe this is their goal. Many are satanists too. (especially the pedofiles amongst them, Muslim and non-Muslim) Sounds weird I know but something IS going on.

  22. Start a new FB account, Ruth, and invite all your friends. Start a blog of your own and post links to it on FB & Twitter. Organize your compatiouts and make the movement grow with unity. may the Almighty bless you and give you strength, patience and perseverance.

  23. Shalom Bonni,Shabak stands for Sherut HaBitachon Haclalli,in other words Israel’s Agency for general security.It deals with terrorism among other things.
    I just wanted to let you know that I’m fine.I live in Arad which is in the Negev desert.We are situated near Beer Sheva,but Thank G-d,have not had missiles land near us.

    I also wanted to tell your readers something that Ruth mentioned that I find unbelievable.The shelter in my building is not only locked,but someone has put a steel pipe across the door to prevent anyone from entering!I looked at the door a week ago and noticed how it was barred at the beginning of our retaliation against the non stop barrage of rockets.When I mentioned the situation to Israelis ,several told me they couldn’t access their shelters,and didn’t know who had the key.Someone told me I should go to the Municipality and complain and others said that would be a waste of time.This shows the apathy that is rampant in Israel and why Israel will not commit to wiping out that nest of vipers in Gaza.We are unable to protect our people who would come under fire,so we don’t want to fight a prolonged war with troops on the ground in Gaza.Also we are too busy worrying about how it looks and the bad anti Israel,anti Jewish press.

    Can you believe it?In Israel,in the South,with rockets falling on Beer Sheva,the attitude here is that Hamas can’t reach us,so we don’t have to worry.I do worry because I have asthma and there is no way on earth I’m going inside a dusty closed up closet of a room.I will have to take my chances right where I am.The pity is the pregnant woman who was killed in Kiryat Malachi also stayed in her apartment,probably praying,but she died all the same.

    • Yona, I was wondering why we hadn’t heard from you in awhile. I cannot believe they would lock shelters? Do you know who is locking them and why? Is there anything I can do to publicize this more? Do you know where else shelters are locked? Is this story all over the news there? Because it should be. We are praying for you.

  24. Thank You Ruth your dispatch has went out by way of the tin cup party line , we here on the black foot , the little black foot , yellowstone and upper missouri basin hear your words by way of BNI We stand with you and our Israel , God Speed

  25. I keep telling people that Facebook is a liberal, censored entity that will not let you speak the truth or expose any of our crooked leaders here in the U.S. Zuckerman and his ilk are big supporters and donators to the SLL* in the white house and his enableing jerks in Congress.
    They are not to be trusted. Anything you post, wheather “on the wall” or not is liable to be hung there.
    I never use it.
    Thanks for the ogod comment, Ruth. And thank you, BNI for sharing it.
    * Slimey Little Liar

      • Thanks for the tips Bob and BNI; THAT explains a lot; and here some of my “friends” and even my wife thought I have just been “paranoid” after our digital internet service and phone service being out for several hours and sometimes a couple days at a time! DOES NOT seem coincidental that these outages occur right after I’ve made one or more pointed comments about muslimes, dhimmis, or libtatards, and particularly our Muslime-in-Chief!!…BTW, the “Cable Guy” is coming in the next 3 hours between 1-4 PM; I plan to tell him, assuming he’s not a muslime or dhimmi dip; I should know talking with him in the first 90 seconds, precisely why the outages have REALLY occurred!!!.. And, Ruth, keep up the good fight! And keep the faith!! Amen! So let it be!!

      • Only reason I’m on it is to see what kind of trouble I can stir up for zucki-baby…
        It’s funny how Fb doesn’t down jihad groups calling for the violent deaths of kaffir children, but oh, wait…speak against muzzies, and watch out!!

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