Crazy Muslim Drama Queen thinks Islam is at the heart of the ‘Feminist Liberation’ Movement

CMDQ says, “Islam freed me from the shackles of sexism” and “Allah sent the paedophile prophet Mohammed to liberate women.” (Especially his 6-year-old ‘wife’ Aisha?)







30 comments on “Crazy Muslim Drama Queen thinks Islam is at the heart of the ‘Feminist Liberation’ Movement

  1. Whatever you do, don’t get raped or get involved with a non-Muslim man. If you do, you will see how far you have carried God’s purpose for your life. You deeply believe you are personally overturning 600 years of female oppression? Good luck with that premise.

    • This…quasi-feminine thing wants to be a ‘warrior for allahkazoo toe great and powerful sock puppet’.
      Fine, then the little slagwit can pick up a knife, come to canada, and face me.
      NO suicide vest, no cheating with explosives.
      Let’s see if she’s got the overian and intestinal fortitude to match her mouth in backing it with cold steel, outside, at night, in a combat circle.

      Women like this…they’re a living disgrace to my gender and everything our female ancestors fought for and suffered over the generations.
      islam is the heart of feminism…
      I’d love to see her say that to my Grandmother, who’d put a 9mm right twixt those empty-islami-eyes of hers and into the clot of grease she calls a brain and pretends to think with.

  2. Yes, uh-huh, right. So, if I understand this right, Islamic women were the first liberated women. Islam certainly has regressed.

  3. They lie when they speak. So when aren’t they l Where do you find these mental retarded people? Do they knock on your door or just appear before you and challenge yourself restraint not to kill them.
    I would be going totally mad if I had to read all the pieces you must to get at these tid bits.

  4. BNI, I misunderstood I thought she was raised in the UK. I know about Paki’s I had hundreds of them working for me over the years. You talk about a bunch of interbred cocker-spaniels.

  5. Oh, STFU! Neither Allah or Pislam have delivered you from being an IDIOT!!…And every time you open your stupid mouth to spout horse shit like this, it is even MORE evident that probably WILL NOT happen any time soon!!……IF you are free it is because you LIVE IN THE UK, and enjoy “freedoms” that you most certainly WOULD NOT enjoy in any one of the 57 Islamic sh– holes, including AND ESPECIALLY Pakistan, where you claim to have originated from!! …..

  6. I can’t believe my ears. Is this woman a complete nut case??? She knows fuck all about Islam in the true form. Have this moronic spoiled little bitch spend a year living in Saudi Arabia as the 3rd or 4th wife of some goat shagging Bedouin. Than come talk shit about how beautiful Islam is for women. She is so friggin lucky she was raised in the UK and not in Pakistan or Yemen.

  7. Go get a job, MuslimA(sshole) and be a productive member of society. Do something worthwhile instead of inspiring and spreading hate, murder and destruction. You have too much time on your hands. I hope your hate eats you alive inside and the only destruction you cause is of yourself.

    • you shold see the MRI Brain Activity scans of muslims vs a cross section of folks from other faiths including hardcore Atheists.
      Some parts of the brain having to do with higher-level Intellectual processing, critical and judgemental thinking…all near inactive levels.

  8. Not even going to watch. I can tell right now it’s that racist MPACUK bitch who calls herself “lioness.”

    She’s the female version of Anjen Chowderhead.

    Listening to this c*nt makes my blood boil and my ears bleed.

    allah the impotent help this racist little kaffiraphobe if she ever crosses my path.

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