“God willing, we will soon see black body bags (with Jews in them)”

On Nov. 21, 2012, a bomb was exploded by terrorists on a bus in Tel Aviv. Soon after, Hamas TV broadcast its delight at the news that Israel civilians were hit.



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  1. @perceptor1; not even sure if death brings peace. lets not forget the virgins waiting for them. the wicked cult of muhammad even uses women after jihad. probably some small kiddies in paradise for fondling, thighing, or whatever.
    and yet the world supports these barbarians.

  2. Savages!

    Violence is normative Islam: Koran 48.29 “those who follow Mohammed are VIOLENT to the kafirs”.

    There’s nothing peaceful about Islam except the cemeteries for 270 million victims of jihad.

  3. Hamas TV just about sums up the mentality of this despotic muslim ideology. (I won’t call it a religion) How can any civilised society live next door to this. If Western tv broadcast this then the world could see what Israel has to live with daily and what is in store for us too so very soon.
    In some respects I hope Hamas breaks the cease fire, then Israel has every just cause and right to go in and finish the job once and for all.

      • That’s such a flimsy threat!!! So much of the world will anyway vote their “Palestinian state” into being ANYWAY via the ‘General Assembly’, where no veto can or will be at all effective.

        All the Security Council really serves for is accelerating the process: what the Council accepts has a stamp of approval that can thus be implemented that much more quickly. Since this false-state will come into being one way or the other as far as the UN is concerned (especially with the help of a) the Islamic states, b) Russia and/or China), that’s such a flimsy excuse for a mere “delay-action”, I would simply have ignored it in Netanyahu’s place!!!

  4. I don’t think there is a muslim god or prophet. Just a stone aged ideology of who can kill the most to keep the fire burning. islalm sucks as bad if not worse than fred phelps and his band of taliban in Topeka, Ks.

  5. Destroy Hamas or you will be destroyed ! That is only way Israel need to survive ! Don’t be kind to Hamas destroy them the victory will be yours !

  6. G-d willing, there will be no need for body bags for those who hate the G-d of Israel and His nation. Let them be vaporized!

    Did you see this english jizya video set to pink floyd music?

  7. Is THIS for what Netanyahu accepted a “ceasefire”??? Even if he was supposedly blackmailed into it?? He should NEVER, EVER have accepted it, PERIOD!!!!

    • I’d IMMEDIATELY take both the bomb-attack AND the rejoicing by Hamas as more than cause enough to declare the “ceasefire” NULL AND VOID…

      • Damn right!! And damn the muslime vermin SOB’s of Gaza and HAM-ASS!! Blow the bastards off the Planet!!….NEVER LEAVE AN ENEMY ALIVE BEHIND YOU, knowing the bastards could get up and kill you not long after!!………….

  8. A few days ago Hamas said they missed the brave bombers its time they came back. Seems with the dome they couldn’t hurt Israel that bad with their Iranian missiles. But their shields were being killed big time. So now its time for crease fire and send the bombers in. Thanks Hilary thanks Obama go to hell. You screwed the Jews again.

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