HAMAS is an equal opportunity missile launcher

Watch as Arab Muslim students from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, who were protesting AGAINST Israel, run for their lives to a bomb shelter when a Hamas missile is headed their way.

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16 comments on “HAMAS is an equal opportunity missile launcher

  1. Well, Gooollleeeee, don’t they know, being devoted muslimes, that those missiles are blessed by Allah, and they should stay and get hit, thereby going straight to “Paradise”?!!……Mmmmm, GUESS NOT; maybe they believe as most of us do that they will be BLOWN TO HELL!!….That meaninng no Paradise, no virgins waiting,etc., etc….and all that muslime BS!!….

  2. If they weren’t filthy muslims with a death wish for all Jews,they would be just like the prog/lib idiots at any U.S. university. They soon find out theat it’s a whole lot more fun to protest anything with their buddies than to do what they are supposed to be doing.
    But I’m glad theier “bravery” showed up here. I think someone ought to pull the alarm every time this bunch of ragheads meets. Then they may get to know how Israeli school kids feel.

  3. Had the Hamas missile killed the Arabs, they would have been simply considered “shahids” or martyrs. Or they would have blamed the Jews!

  4. Those M.F ers who tuck & run, evidently Israel is not profiling well enough…time to decide who REALLY BELONGS in Israel! Israel can not afford to be as “liberal” as America when it comes to who has access to University I.D.s.

    • I agree 100%. If you are going to protest against Israel. Do it someplace other than Israel. Talk about biting the hand that feeds it. Phukin low-life muslim pricks is all they are.

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