Headlines from the Muslim world (II)

MOROCCO: 11-month-old baby girl allegedly raped by her own father.

The incident came to light when the toddler’s mother saw the little one bleeding and filed a police complaint. The baby is admitted to Beni Mellal hospital in critical condition. The suspect allegedly committed the crime in an inebriated state. READ MORE

SAUDI ARABIA: 33-year-old Bangladeshi morgue worker accused of raping a dead woman denied he committed the crime, saying he only wanted to see the corpse’s genitals.

A Saudi employee at a government hospital caught the Bangladeshi with the naked dead woman inside the morgue last week and told the hospital management that the worker was raping the corpse. “The worker told police that he did not rape the corpse but that he took the sheets off her and caressed the body out of curiosity,” because the Devil made him do it. READ MORE

YEMEN: Man tortures, then burns wife and daughter after killing his 3 sons.

Doctors managed to save the life of the woman and her daughter, who reported the man to the police. The wife said her husband tried to kill her and his daughter after murdering his two little sons and her unborn baby while she was pregnant. She said the father killed the first son by lifting him up and banging him against the floor while he murdered the second one by pouring hot oil on him. “I was pregnant when he forced me to lie on my back and sat on my stomach many times until I aborted.” READ MORE

SAUDI ARABIA: Three Saudi girls used a cleaver to stab their father before trying to set the house ablaze while he was in bed, accusing him of trying to rape one of them.

Firemen managed to control the blaze and savied the man, who was found bleeding in his belly as he clutched the cleaver he said his daughters used it against him. The man told police at hospital that his three daughters stabbed him with the cleaver before setting the house on fire. READ MORE