Hillary and the Muslims vs Hillary and the Jews

Body Language is everything. Notice Hillary’s face when she’s with Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian leader, Mohamed Morsi and Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas vs Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mohamed Morsi

Benjamin Netanyahu





Mahmoud Abbas





65 comments on “Hillary and the Muslims vs Hillary and the Jews

  1. Netanyahu, the man of the moment, Israels Churchill, a true Leader
    Shrillary, yesterdays has been, female Judas, and traitor commie.
    May God take care of Israel, cos USA under Obama sure as hell won’t

  2. I’ll send you the link of some of the vids I did while here. I do Hasbara, Pro-Israel advocacy here for United With Israel and on Social Media. I myself am not Jewish.

  3. And, BTW, I’m living in Israel at the moment. So this spawn of satan and her boss Barry very much affect my life over here.

  4. I think my Billary Rotten Clinton satire works well here.
    Billary declares her new peace partner in the Middle East: “Yes, I proclaim that Gollum will be our new Peace Partner in the Middle East. When he gets back from Mordor and delivering the ring, he will be partnering with the Muslime Brotherhood to extend our extension on the “Israel ceases and the terrorists keep firing” rocket thingy agreement. I hereby declare that the Orks will be standing guard on the border with Israel in order to ensure that while I’m blowing smoke up everyone’s ass, I mean holding discussions on the extension of the extending circumstances of the “we cease and we keep firing” agenda. If a personage speaks against the said Orks, they shall be banned from the world and forced to wear hair nets and mithril thongs and will be accused of Orkslimeophobia. I hereby declare that they shall be forced to drink that green Hobbit stuff and will be dragged through the streets behind a band of Wring Wrathes while writing on a blackboard, “I shall never speak against Orks again.”

  5. Clinton certainly is two faced! She gives a look that could kill when in the presence of Netanyahu who is the President of our biggest Ally. She looks as though she’d like to frolick with her smiles to Morsi and Mahmoud Abbas. Is she bipolar, two faced? Should she have her head examined? You can see where her heart is. That’s where mine isn’t!

  6. Funny but we probably agree with muslums on this one point, we both think hillary is a freakin skank and should be put in a cage. They only treat her nice because she is on thier side.

  7. Ugly either way. After reading that she had a government paid seance at Camp David to channel the spirit of Eleonor Roosevelt, I have regarded her as mental fluff. Nothing between her ears worth speaking of.

  8. Just proves the old adage; a picture is worth a thousand words. She is such an amateurish lightweight, even though she’s definitely not light.

  9. Her face is offensive. She needs to be put down, poor thing must have some serious decay and disease going on internally for her external appearance to be so gruesome. Sends chills up my spine.

  10. The only reason the Hamas agree to a peace treaty,is cause they r being whipped,gives them time to regroup,plan,thete is no peace,just buys them time.

  11. Hillary is a Red Diaper Baby always was and always will Her and Sex Fiend Husband should be stripped of their US Citizenship (wishful Thinking) and Deported better yet tried for sponsor and support of known Terrorists

  12. Well, this does not surprise me a bit. It was obvious what she belongs to, TO EVIL. But, what surprises me is that she does not even tried to hide her strange feelings like politicians do. But, she is a puppet in her Muslim boss’s hands What a mess poor America. My heart is aching for you.

  13. Whatever happened to this story, about Clinton and her possible lesbian love relationship with Huma Abedin?


    If Clinton got herself into a compromising position with Abedin, that fact might explain her about face with the Muslim Brotherhood and the OIC. Such scandals happen all the time. She may have been set up.

    National Enquirer is coming out with a book, I understand, that resurrects this story. Clinton is possibly being blackmailed. If so, she’s a very huge danger to national security.

  14. Very interesting, indeed. But what can one expect of hillbillies? She’ll be gone in weeks and Obama should be gone if Congress does its job which they probably won’t. The cease-fire won’t possibly last more than a few days. The savages are programmed to push, push, push and Bibi knows it. They simply have to put them out of commission and it could lead to fighting Egypt, too. They did just fine the last time and they are prepared to do it again.

  15. Hmmm! I wonder if Morsi and Abbas are getting some of that old Hillary nookie? LOL.

    They seem to like Hillary and smile at her as much as she smiles at them. Maybe she is shagging them to help them come to some agreement? Despite Morsi’s strict Islamic upbringing and that he likes to make Middle Eastern women wear the hijab, he doesn’t seem to mind Hillary not wearing the veil and he likes looking at women’s legs and everything else too. Hillary is kind of chunky; maybe he likes thick bodied women. Morsi seems to think he is some kind of sex god, he likes to adjust his crotch when he is around women. LOL. Old Morsi is the biggest hypocrite that ever walked the face of the Earth.

  16. you got to understand Hilary like Pelosi are old bags. It takes a lot of muscles to make a smile at their age they get tried very fast. Hilary got the message and is retiring for now Pelosi is not that bright. But for some reason both these women have a thing for Arab men and Arab women.

    But on C.N.N tonight ships will be heading for the middle east seems they feel the middle east will go up in flames. Seems Mr Moron in the White House didn’t know what he was doing after all. Hilary is leaving for one reason the shit will hit the fan and she don’t want to take a chance it hits her in the face.

    The elderly and poor will take a big hit in January . Medicare will be gone . That is why Mr Moron took 750 billion from it. And if the elderly had Medicare why the panel being picked in January for the elderly in Obama care. Food stamps will take a big cut, Housing assistants will be cut. So were is the elderly going to live.

    In the city I live in the rent is 650 for 2 bedroom in a run down house with no utilities . Assisted housing they pay a portion of their rent money . With most getting about 750 a month from Social Security its not much. The heat and air goes with the apartment so the government pays 1750 per apartment. Most are companies that own these buildings across the country. Now you know how Trumps father became rich.

    So seems our elderly will hitting the streets if their families can’t take them in. Nursing Homes are cutting back on services but in January Obama care takes over seems no one has found anything about rehab or nursing home care . Plus Agency for the elderly don’t know how their will be home care if Medicare is gone.

    Funny part most nursing aids who take care of the elderly were trained to get them off welfare under Clinton. In mass poor people in hospitals were kicked out under Michael Dukakis . Then when they got home to their pubic housing they got calls this is low income not no income housing get a job or get out. America found out how stupid Michael Dukakis was sitting in a tank.

    Before Abortions demarcates in Mass would help women alone with children to get pubic housing then show up at night for payment. Then when the women needed an abortion they had a doctor come to the house to do it. The police was always opening up manhole covers to find a premature baby crying . But they would die very soon.

    On the Ballot Nov 6 right to die in Mass failed by very little but it will be back on the ballot in September. Its needed to help Obama care. Obama got women upset about abortion so they voted for him. When Medicare is cut the Republicans will get blamed for it. Seems people who vote for demarcates can’t believe they hurt the poor all the time. But Republicans are the evil ones.

    Seems these people don’t want our troops over seas to fight and die for us. But they want to protect their right to kill babies and the elderly and disable. Hither did kill lots of people but his government took babies for the future of his government. But don’t worry after Obama’s term if he leave office Hilary will come back to save the day.

    But think of this Venezuela had term limits Chavez changed that Obama could do the same if he gets the house or our government falls because of debt Obama picks our new government.

  17. Hillary Clinton works for a Muslim who lied to get into office, among many other things. How do you think Hillary will do with the Israelis or Jews if she allows her own Ambassador in Benghazi and others to DIE while they had knowledge ???? Hillary is a Traitor and should be punished. So should Eric Holder, and other State Department officials, Military for Standing Down and CIA personnel, etc…NOT to mention the Commander In Chief Imposter Barry Soetero.

      • Kissy facing it is as strong as I feel I can state it as a Christian, but there are plenty of other words that would describe her “negotiations”

      • Yes, in a way she is – but I think Ms. Abernethy was being a little more literal relative to the SEXUAL sense!!

        [For me – until very recently – being on one’s knees in front of somebody meant that the given person was begging for mercy as having been BADLY TROUNCED in some way or other; and that still is the traditional meaning. The new sex-related meaning feels a great deal more SORDID, however…]

  18. I’ve never seen Ms. Clinton-Rodham so openly UGLY in her face with her EVIL!!!! She truly proves what kind of a spiritual PROSTITUTE she really is!!! [She used to have some real physical-beauty in her (though even then she was as wicked as she was beautiful!!!), but the EVIL SOUL in her has finally destroyed it…]

    It’s so obvious that she HATES Israel (her loathing for Netanyahu is blatant!!!!) and loves Islam – she may as well convert, put on her burqa and be done with it!!! She has betrayed her country (and so did her husband!), and if ever Obama is exiled, killed or whatever, BOTH Clintons deserve the same fate!!!!]

    • ADHD
      Watch women and men that are far left. Their features change over a short period of time. They become evil looking and ugly. Start with Helen Thomas, then move on to Wasserman and then to HAJI HILLARY. Ck out Weiner and his lot and the mohommedist themselves they tend to become ugly as they get older and the youthful angelic look dissipates because of the Evil within. Your face shows what you have become.

  19. Bibi had better watch his back. The EVIL Trinity of BO, HAJI HILLARY, and PANETTA will not let this pass without retribution. They must destroy Israel and build the Caliphate.

  20. Also notice morsi wearing a tie, something muslim brotherhood,hamas and him self
    never do, always the beard,jacket and open shirt.

    • You are so correct. These savage MF’ers dress in western garb to appear civilized. Sadly, many fools fall for it. Hillary is obama’s whore and a complete piece of shit!

  21. Meanwhile, shillary is UNCOVERED MEAT in the eyes of the mohammedeen SAVAGES.

    But to answer Glory’s obviously rhetorical question, I’d take the courageous and attractive IDF people (handsome men and beautiful women) any day over the flaming mo SAVAGES (who are invariably ugly, probably from all the inbreeding)!

  22. As a student of body language and facial expression, the differences are profound.

    The podium pics: The slumped shoulders and frowning, are a clear indication of someone who is thinking along the lines, of “I so can’t wait to get outta here!” And by her eyes, she clearly doesn’t like this guy.

    Notice the last pic: It’s plain, even from a profile view, that she is feeling contempt, her face is screaming “Yea, they bought it!”

    As for the pics with the sand monkeys, well, they speak volumes for themselves.

    • Old Hillery loves the camel shaggers .. HATES the Jews ,Most socialists in this administration feel the same .. MUSLIMS barf !!!

  23. Yep! Muslim Brotherhood and Huma Abedin. I think Bibi knows where he’s going. There’s something else in play here that he accepted the cease fire and this is why she’s not happy.

  24. Who would you rather meet in a dark alley (or even a well lit street), a member of the IDF or a member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

  25. I’m sure Mr. Netanyahu feels the same way about her — and with good reason. He’s just too much of a gentleman to let it show.

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