ISRAEL UNDER FIRE photos the mainstream media can’t seem to find

At least 21 people were injured on Nov. 21, when a bomb exploded on a bus in Tel Aviv. Eyewitnesses said the terrorists climbed on the bus, placed the bomb and fled the scene. Ambulances and emergency personal immediately arrived at the scene, and the police initiated a search for the perpetrators – a man and a woman – throughout the city.

BBC reports that Hamas has claimed responsibility for the morning’s bombing. Reports from Gaza spoke of people taking to the streets to celebrate the attack.

Hamas official Ismail al-Ashqar on Nov. 14, 2012 threatened Israel that the organization was calling on its operatives to target the country with suicide bombers as used by Hamas in the past: “The resistance can cause Israel great misery.” The attack took place on Shaul Hamalech Street, one of Tel Aviv’s main thoroughfares.


2010 – 238

2011 – 653

2012 – 2,334 so far

More than 800 rockets have hit Israel since Operation Pillar of Defense began on Nov. 14, striking houses and schools and other civilian areas; five Israelis have been killed from rocket fire.

While residents of southern Israel have gotten used to frequent rocket alarms in recent years, those living in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have also had to run for shelter in recent days as Hamas’ long-range rockets were speeding toward them.

The following photos will give a glimpse of what life in Israel has been like in recent days, despite what the Left keeps saying about rockets from Gaza being “harmless firecrackers:”

Children sleeping in a bomb shelter in Ashkelon after 14 rockets hit the city that night. November 18.
Burnt car in Beersheba, Israel. November 15.
Children running for shelter in Kiryat Malachi as a rocket siren sounds. Two days earlier, three civilians were killed by a rocket strike in the town. November 16
Store in Ashdod hit by rocket from Gaza, November 20
Rocket Fired From Gaza Hits Car in Beersheba, November 20
Hamas-Fired Rocket Hits House in Beersheba, November 20, 2012
Fajr-5 Rocket Hits House in Rishon LeZion, November 20