Vlad Tepes  H/T Maria J

H/T Maria J



  1. Yes, I always inform people what they see can be deceiving. But then I get attacked for it. Our book club drove me out after I suggested propaganda photos published by a Vancouver woman from Iraq who blamed the Jews for everything could have been taken anywhere. Then two men pinned me in the library lobby and threatened to sodomize me. When a library staff came running and threatened to call police, they turned on her too and told her to go ahead and call police. That confused her because she thought they should be intimidated by her threat of police but it didn’t fool me because I thought they were likely off duty out of town Jew-hater police paid by liberal leftists to enforce for the oppressors.

  2. This is just pure evil by these savage deceivers. They are always doing this, pretending, lying, scheming and they know much of the world believes them and their perpetual myths of victimhood. I hope their filthy lies will be exposed for everyone to see in the MSM too.

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