MUSLIM SAVAGES having fun in the streets of Gaza

Masked cowards shot dead six suspected collaborators with Israel in a Gaza City intersection, where a large mob, apparently unemployed, surrounded the bloodied corpses, stomped and spat on the bodies. One corpse was tied to a motorcycle and dragged  through the streets as people screamed, “Spy! Spy!”

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27 comments on “MUSLIM SAVAGES having fun in the streets of Gaza

  1. These fuckers will burn some day… hopefully soon. Someone please release a deadly virus on these terrorist fucking cavemen. We really dont need this shit in 2012..

  2. Low life -gutless cowards -kicking the dead -no respect -I won’t call them -animals as that would be insulting the animals -uncouth -uncivilised -inbreds and this is what is floating into Australia -daily by the hundreds -and costing us -millions -God help us -because -Julia Gillard won’t.-she ‘s selling us out.

  3. These people use anyone to sexually attack someone. Right in a large crowed they pants dead people. Don’t they see something wrong with this religion and its people. God needs to come now and show them what Allah truly is.

  4. Is Hamas leadership so well protected that no one can get close enough to take a lethal shot? Or what about one of those poison tipped umbrellas that it is alleged took out Arafat? Some rainy day, a coordinated umbrella attack on all Hamas leaders wouldn’t go amiss…then lock down all those with blood on their hands until they understand the meaning of civilized behaviour.

  5. Pamela Geller is absolutely right, these people are Evil Savages. What kind of person stands around in the blood of another human being ??????
    All in the name allah, that figures.

  6. Killing people without giving evidence or putting them on trial proves that this Gaza Hamas-régime has truly become utterly LAWLESS!!!!

    By that token, perhaps we of the sane side can say that at least one Gazan out of every three is a collaborator – then let’s see how they react when they decide to kill 33% or more of their population… [That would also be of help to us Westerners, as then they’d be killing off their own Moslems… :-) :-)]

  7. Western ruling elites violate the rights of non-Muslim taxpayers by FORCING them to finance evil.

    Stop financing jihad against Jewish innocents!

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