British journalist blames ‘Muslim behavior’ for rapidly rising anti-Muslim hatred

Fresh on the heels of the furor over some ‘anti-Muslim’ remarks by celebrity TV chef, Clarissa Dickson Wright*, comes yet another (daily) incident of Muslims being offended. PM David Cameron’s choice of Australian Lynton Crosby as campaign manager has Muslim panties in a wad over his alleged foul-mouthed rant against London’s “f*cking Muslims.”


The SUN  (by Trevor Kavanagh) Aussies are renowned for colourful language but, as I say, criticism of any race or creed, except English Christians, is more or less outlawed.

Mr Crosby’s track record as an election mastermind includes four victories for Australian PM John Howard and two for London’s Boris Johnson, so he is a man with enemies. He is big enough to look after himself, but both stories suggest it’s time the Islamic community did something to polish its image.

It is not surprising many otherwise tolerant people feel as Clarissa Dickson Wright did on entering inner (Muslim) cities across Britain only to find themselves in what seems a foreign land. Far from merging with local communities, many seem to have decided as an act of defiance to live and dress as if still in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somalia or the Middle East (creating ‘NO GO’ zones for non-Muslims).

Some (leftists) say that, in a generation or two, they will assimilate, as other immigrant communities (but never Muslims) have in the past. But, increasingly, the reverse seems true. If such self-imposed separation is tolerated or even encouraged, it becomes hard not to arouse suspicion and even anger.

Islam is far from enhanced by almost daily authentic reports of honour killings, forced marriages and Pakistani child sex gangs. Nor are we likely to feel at ease with the Muslim enclaves described by Clarissa when they harbour thousands who would and could do this country harm.

We spent a decade deporting rabble-rousing cleric Abu “Hooky” Hamza. Now we seem doomed to waste another getting rid of terror mastermind Abu Qatada. Interestingly, a few pages on from yesterday’s story about “f*cking Muslims” is a detailed account of Qatada’s “fatwa”, allegedly issued after 9/11, ordering the slaughter of innocent British civilians. There are calls for him to be charged with incitement to murder.

These are not yellow newspaper cuttings. Last month, an NHS doctor was nabbed after allegedly leading a terror cell in Syria and holding a kidnapped British photographer at the point of an AK-47.

These are stories about Britain today, a country where up to 30,000 young men are being politicised and, in some cases, trained to fight against their fellow citizens. So, unless they and their leaders stand up and loudly and repeatedly denounce such conduct, their community will always be surrounded by fear and suspicion.


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  1. When Parliament and the House of Loards, pulls its collective head out of that warm dark place, maybe they will listen to the people for a change. If they do, they just might want to get out of the EU and put the mohommedists in the garbage disposal and rid England of this trash.

  2. No country can be ruled under two seperate set of laws -by allowing this -evil law of Sharia -Britain is now paying the price -it is a divided country -how can they have no go zones ?-where some can go and others can’t-because you aren’t one of them and this?-is the religion of -peace?-one street you have your hand cut off for stealing -the other you go to jail-how has this come about -by allowing too much -migration and those in power who ingraite and kowtow to this -political ideology posing as a religion .

    This is happening as we all know in -France- Belgium -Denmark-Germany -and will happen in Australia -our government is allowing them to float in here daily by the hundreds -in time we will be in the same position if we don’t speak up,it is very hard as both freedom of the press and freedom of speech is being -supressed–we Australians are being swamped by them at the expence of our own people who are homeless and need work-they go on -hunger strike’s -burn down buildings etc.-have cost and are -costing us-millions-once established they -turn and want -Sharia -yes we do say -go back from where you came from -better still don’t come in the first place.

  3. Basically it is simple and clear, Western Civilization must begin by BANNING ALL MOsque and begin a world wide anti-caliphate, first thing is to gather and speak with other western fathers, plan to focus on this goal and grow in numbers to get the point across.

    Here is one motivation: Living among muslims in the middle east as a Christian requires your family live in a small apartment, a muslim below, to the left and to the right and across the hall, your door must be open for any muslim to enter and you must provide food and drink, your daughters of any age belong to the muslim men and they will have there way with them, the muslims are commanded via their belief system to harass continuously making the Christian know they are filth to muslims.

    Keep in mind, you and your family will be killed if you complain…

    This is Islam, but this is the 21st Century and we have weapons to defend ourselves with force if muslims do not comply to our demand of banning mosque, no political leadership roles, no police role, no military, no welfare nothing for muslims period.

    Islam is for Islam, that is in the corners of the middle east where they must live and kill one another, tribe vs. tribe until the end of this ridiculous ideology.

    What say U?

  4. Take your sharia and go back to your countries. We don’t want people who HATE us in our countries. We only want LOYAL citizens who don’t want to harm us.

    An expert has warned that unless Muslim immigration is stopped and reversed and Muslims sent back to their countries, CIVILIZATION WILL COME TO AN END.

  5. I dislike violence as much as anyone else but I just don’t know how we can hope to rehabilitate large groups of people whose regular practice is raping children, killing women who are victimized by rape, torturing men for breathing. And who believe such behaviour is acceptable. Maybe over a period of years under strict supervision … unfortunately, I don’t think such people ever change. When the world’s decent people turn on them, they just retreat and hide and wait and bide their time until the decent folk of the world again drop our guard. Sad testimony about the nature of the human heart.

    • That’s EXACTLY WHY virtually ALL Moslems MUST be arrested, disenfranchised (for those who one way or another have gained Western citizenship) and DEPORTED ‘en masse’ back to their countries of origin.

      Western converts must be deported to Saudi Arabia or Iran (depending on whether they are Sunni or Shi’a) – and the moment ANY Moslem countries try to resist the influx of their brethren, the penalty for all such countries must be the nuking of their major cities (including their “holy cities” especially!!!) so that all their unjust wealth and commerce will be severely crippled if not destroyed. Simultaneously, ALL Moslem wealth in the West must be nationalised; afterwards the West must make it as mercilessly-difficult as possible for Moslems to ever come back for at least TWO-HUNDRED YEARS as the BARE MINIMUM!!!!

      We simply CAN’T wait for them to be changed by the passage of time: their ideology is MUCH TOO DANGEROUS to the rest of us!!!!! Any changes they undergo MUST be on their native territory…


    All news about Islam is bad news. Ordinary people are catching on.

    Our job is to give them the vocabulary. They will do the rest.

    Islam is 7th century loony-toons!

    Mo was not only a pedo, a highway and woman hater…he thought he was god and that’s the reason his closest followers killed him.

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