May your holiday be healthy and happy, and your turkey certified ‘NON-HALAL’








  2. Happy Thanksgiving to Americans and to anyone in the world who wants to join us in thanks for some of the blessings we still have.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans this year. Next year may not be a good year for affording food as prices are predicted to rise. It is very easy to raise your own chickens and turkeys, and it doesn’t take very long for them to grow to a good size. I will not eat Butterball brand – I will try to buy local, but even then, the local politicians have been destroying the small farming industry to the tune of many thousand farms being prevented from selling their wares.

  4. It’s bad enough they dominate the slaughterhouses. (In Canada, they dominated the one in Alberta, XL, that spread the ecoli; one never knows if it was a mistake or a planned attack. We are certain that when they process 4,000 cows per minute they sure aren’t slaughtering humanely but practicing their butcher skills for future.) But what’s worse is that they also dominate pathology departments that make diagnoses of disease like cancer. That leads to lots and lots of surgeries. And on the news, more and more, are stories of unnecessary surgeries to remove breasts that had no cancer. The surgeons are protected, of course, because they do the surgeries on the recommendation of the pathologists. /and I don’t know about in the States, but here in Canada, most of our medical specialists are Muslim. And with socialized medicine, you don’t get a choice. You must be treated by whomever they assign. And doctors who don’t comply, don’t work. And remember, many of bin Laden’s generals (and al qaeda still flourishes so this is still true) are doctors, many of them surgeons. And my family doc told me many doctors change their names to sound western. I won’t eat halal. rather live on rice and beans.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Americans, and my best wishes to Marines.

  5. I call this Your Welcome Day.
    It has a whole other meaning for me. I use to be really pissed at you people and called it Thanks-taking Day but I’m over that now….sorta.
    I will say this, you people don’t really know the real story. The first thanksgiving celebration was about killing some Natives and having a good solid rain needed for the harvest. It wasn’t until later that the half naked people in the woods were invited to the party.

      • That’s twice now you’ve lost it. You only want to hear people agree with you. The last time I was absolutely right about something and you came unglued. I dropped off supporting this site but when you were attacked and blocked I came back to help defend the site. Truth is you don’t know what this day is about but how could a late arriver know squat.
        You are a physco and I am done with you. Go fuck yourself.
        One more thing you aren’t capable of debating an issue that’s why you just cut off anyone that disagree’s with you. Dumbass.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving BNI! I just dashed of a letter to sharia compliant Butterball. I informed them of the fact Christians are forbidden per the Bible to eat meat offered up to false Gods or idols. I further informed them I will be sharing their sharia compliant anti Christian actions with everyone I know and meet! This HORRIFIES me as a Christian!

  7. Shalom Bonni and all Americans posting from an ex-pat living in France. Have a great thanksgiving and remember we have a lot to be thankful for in spite of Bo, Hillary and the whole rotten crew in Washington. My day would have been made if Netanyahu had sent Hillary packing and sent the army into Gaza! Its only a matter of time until he will have to do it.Oh well, stay happy and healthy and keep looking up!
    God bless

    • Kim, as I mentioned, there is no way to know. Last year they scrubbed the HALAL CERTIFICATION from their website as soon as the story went viral. This year, when you write to them, they say their birds are not halal but there’s no way to know for sure. Better not to buy them just in case.

  8. Happy to say there will be 19 real american freinds and family 3 who are brand new americans under 6 months no teeth yet who will be sitin at the table with a 26 pound real american plump hen as the unwilling guest of honor . An my hope is that all my American Patriot Freinds can share the same on this day ! oh yea Mrs B don’t forget to break out that bottle of mark an mark you been hiden for Mr. B on this day

  9. i;m shocked, i never thought that America would put up with this invasion of freedom, what with the firearms they own, its a wonder there;s any of them paedo loving scum still walking the streets

  10. NO Butterball halal turkey on our table this year. We also give turkeys to all our employees every Thanksgiving, we made absolutely certain the sale went to a NON-halal supplier. Hope everyone has a blessed day! :)

  11. Dear BNI, I hope that just for today, you relax, take in the aroma’s of our blessed holiday, put on the March of the wooden soldiers, the Thanksgiving day parade, and sit back with your favorite beverage, and forget for today the battle, the struggle, the constant job you undertake to keep us all on our Islamaphobia A game.

    That’s right, our Islamaphobia A game. Without your information, which you share so graciously with the rest of us, so many of us would be somewhere in the CO-EXIST universe I am afraid.

    In my prayers of Thanksgiving, I will thank the good Lord for BNI..(my relatives ask, what is that? Like QVC or something? ) lol, CLUELESS!

    Clearly, there is a lot of work still left to do, we gotta wake up the clueless. Not today however, today, I celebrate being born an American, so so thankful Lord! Amen and pass the mash potatoes!

  12. BNI – please know that you and the information you provide are a part of my life that I am particularly thankful for. May God bless you with continued health and success.

  13. Thanks BNI and I hope you have much in the coming year for which to be thankful.
    I wish I had that video a week or so ago. Being a good consumer advocate, I affixed PostIt notes to evry freezer containing Butterball trukeys saying “Butterball turkeys are tortured to death to satisfy filthy muslims. Some of them remained on the equipmesnt for a couple of days. I tried to replace the ones that were taken down within a day. I hope I had some effect.
    Have a happy day!

    • Bob, they now claim they are no longer selling halal turkeys, but I believe they have simply scrubbed the halal stamps on them and are still selling them anyway. When this story went viral last year, they quickly scrubbed the Halal Certification notation on their website. So I have no reason to believe they stopped selling the halal birds.

      • Bonni,
        in europe it is even worse, they have school districts that force halaal meat on all the non muslim students…they working on that here in the US also…iceland already has couple thousand muslims and a few mosques in iceland…Iceland is tiny only 300 ,000 mas o menos . Despite all of icelands fianncial pblms the icelander still welcome muslims . Watch iceland closely, it is like a lab …..soon the mslims weill overunn and occupy iceland, there will try to ethnic cleanse iceland of the native icelanders…..you mark my word !

        • Rajan, we know. I have posted several stories on how halal meat is being forced on British schoolchildren and sold in restaurants and fast food places without telling anyone. France, too, to a lesser degree and the French at least are fighting back. If you have more stories of other EU countries where halal is being forced on non-muslims, please send them to me.

        • OH No! I can’t believe they are in Iceland! I’m going to check Patagonia or Tierra del Fuegoand maybe with luck THEY won’t be there.

  14. It’s hard to celebrate Thanksgiving when you know your Jewish Israeli Friends are suffering…My LOVE and Paryers go to Israel…

  15. God Bless you, dear Bonni and ALL your fellow-Americans who truly know right from wrong, who are capable of – and are! – taking precautions given the evil times that so seem about to spring some extra-catastrophic surprise upon us!!

    Truly, have a BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving as we remember the extreme hardships your ancestors – and mine too!! – underwent in order to provide at least a modicum of happiness to their descendants, to escape the evil of other nations and their wars plus so very, very much else whose mere mention would make this posting unreasonably wrong!!!

    Please keep up your wonderful work!!!

  16. Same to you BNI and Ret. Marine and yes all freedom loving infidels!
    I thought I would share this. I work for an Independent Contractor who has worked for a company for 4 years and every year they give every employee a turkey but the IC people…..I just kinda raised my eye brows when I saw them ALL walk out with their BUTTERBALLS.

  17. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAH.Back at yah B. Happy Turkey day and all those of the infidel world. That picture was a hooot, thanks for the laugh at 2:27 am. I needed it.

    Going GALT

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