Obama will fire 20,000 Marines so he can give $6 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to Muslims for ‘green’ energy

There are many things Obama hates, but only two things he really loves: Green energy and Muslims. And finally he’s found a way to put both together at the same time. And it will only cost U.S. taxpayers $6 billion dollars.

FrontPage Magazine  20,000 Marines are to be fired and the money is being used for Obama’s Green Energy companies and his Muslim empowerment program. 

Sure for that $6 billion, we might not have to fire those 20,000 Marines that Barry Hussein has decided to get of, and we wouldn’t have to cut their healthcare, the way his Center for American Progress has pushed him to do… but Muslims with Green Energy count more.

Now this U.S.-Asia Pacific Comprehensive Partnership for a Sustainable Energy Future is not supposed to be limited to just Muslims, but considering that it’s been announced with the leaders of two Muslim governments, one of them that of his favorite country, Indonesia, this looks like another expensive bout of Muslim pandering.

Recognizing that energy and the environment are among the most pressing issues confronting our region, President Obama, in partnership with Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei and President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, today proposed the U.S.-Asia Pacific Comprehensive Partnership for a Sustainable Energy Future.

Indonesia and Brunei are not exactly the two big countries that spring to mind when you think of Asian Green Energy, but these days our priority is to try and buy off Muslims so they don’t kill us. And how better to do that than with the great green energy obsession of the Democratic Party’s gang of eco-crony capitalists.

The United States will provide up to $6 billion to support the Partnership including  •The Export-Import Bank of the United States will launch a program to make available up to $5 billion in export credit financing to eligible countries in the region over the next four years to increase access to American technology, services and equipment for the implementation of energy infrastructure projects;

• OPIC will provide up to $1 billion in financing for sustainable power and energy infrastructure projects.

In theory we’re supposed to get that money back. In practice, we’re giving two Asian Muslim countries 6 billion dollars to buy influence with. Not only will that money be used to help terrorists by empowering Muslim states in the region, but good luck seeing any of it again because there’s actually another tier to this scam.

Obama is funneling money to Muslim countries so that they’ll buy Green Energy tech from his eco-crony capitalist donors. The shell game is that these companies are on the brink of bankruptcy and Obama is trying to use foreign aid to bail them out.



62 comments on “Obama will fire 20,000 Marines so he can give $6 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to Muslims for ‘green’ energy

  1. Well I might be the only one who sees any good come out of this, think on the positive side of this gift everyone. I can assure you of one thing. These unemployeed Marine’s are an asset we must not allow to go by the way of ungratefulness or returned favors towards them being on/of our side. Think of all of those combat hardened individuals and their training and what is can do to revive the Patriots movement. Just as I returned to the civilian world, my mind is still of this mindset, disiciplined and shaped into a hard-to-the-core warrior at 59 years of age, I can still out do most 20somethings to this day, in both mind and physical endourances. I am considered to be a “crippled Marine in retirement” by all known standards but, underneith this I am anything but. It’s a mindset people, once a Marine, always. An earned title not a given one who is due their respect from the rest of us. Those forced out of their titles are an asset for any organization, we must recruit these warriors into the fold, give them the assurences necessary for the betterment of our political will, Constitutional and situational awareness of a wide variety are a necesity at these times and we must win their favors if we are to suceed in turning this ship around from the disasterous course we are now on. These like-minded Oath riskers are an asset, why waste their experiences if availale, this would be a mistake.

    People, if you are in a position to hire, do so, give them back which will/ was stolen from them, their livelyhoods, their self respect, and their intense desire to be part of this solution, not the problem, a burden, or made out to be one. Communities who see their return to the civilian life, welcome them back with open arms, thank them for their individual service to God, Country and communities, let them feel they are appreciated, wanted and honored for their participation in life’s cycles of truth, honesty and grit. They deserve the honors beslowed upon their character, They have earned our upmost respect for their contributions in all walks of life. They deserve better from us, we must work to retain their experiences, both in the intellectual and efforts of being team players for the truth, their willingness to give what most are afraid of, they do not seek glory, most anyway, they only seek their individual places among us, We the Patriots, so lets let them hear of it through our individual actions and remarks towards them, God knows, these ungrateful bastards calling themselves our leaders are of no use for them other then their votes, when necessary.

    Semper Fi, and good luck with your efforts to reentry of the civilian life. It’s all what is is cracked up to be, you just have to keep in mind of your desires to be successful, and it will happen. God Bless, take care

    • Ret. Marine….
      Just some thoughts.

      How would Canada go about adopting the US Marine Corps.? If they’re gonna be orphaned…well…
      Jobs, I’d like to remind people that Canada is here and open to Americans. We know you love your nation, but if you have a family to feed and you’re stuck, then at least consider coming here.
      NO pressure, just keeping a foor in the door so you all are mindful that there’s an option available.

      To all ServicePeople, from this Canadian, her family and many more she knows are like-Minded;
      Nov 11th has passed, but /Veteran’s/Remembrance Day is everyday here in our household.

  2. Meritocratic System.
    Something our city’s been talking about for a while, and is going to implement to keep Leftist corruption out.
    Straight Democracy has deepl flaws, as revealed so frighteningly in the recent US election.
    Democracy and Meritocracy…alloyed together, make a very strong gov’t that resists corruption and special-interest influence very adeptly.
    It also REALLY pisses off Leftists, Fascists, Communists, and muzzies. 😀

  3. I see a revolution coming.It’s the only way.To vote doesn’t work anymore because I believe the voting process are rigged.Obama knew he would get re-elected before the election.There is no honesty anymore.Our gov’t as I see it is controlled by Muslims.But there is still enough true Americans to keep them in line.Soon though it won’t be.I think this is the end folks.Christians that say they are with Muslims and against Israel are not true Christians.True born-again Christians love the Jewish people and will stand behind them no matter what.As both my husband and I will.I feel America is on a fast tract to hell.Get right with God because he is going to pass judgement on this country that turned there backs on him and Israel.God help us all!!

  4. Not sure what it’s gonna take to restore America. Aside from the moron/traitorous voters, the media can’t kiss his ass enough and the gen’l public swallows it all. And, I agree with Tet Vet, our military is being dismantled and any REAL Patriotic commanders will be flushed down the toilet. This soros/obama/cair/etc evil is very calculating and they are very well aware of how to dismantle America. Not sure how to fight this but I am ready.

  5. He does it by executive order, he did it for soros, 200 million, soros paid back his 200 million and sold the oil company for 760 million 4 months later and secured a grant from executive order then for 2 billion which soros still owns 40% share. At the same time he wouldnt allow offshore drilling, but brazil could drill all they want with our money.

  6. you are done for, why bothering writing about the traitorous muslim pos in the white house? There’s nothing he could do to make people rise against him, you just re-elected him. America is over.

  7. please realize people that he has to have alot ” willing idiot’s ” to accomplish the down fall of this nation !!! it is not just him! ! ,they are as guilty of bringing this country down as he is !!! what happens then ? , where do you go from there ? the north korea model ! , BY THE WAY !!! I posted a comment on this website not long ago about europe ( behind the scenes ) how do you think they are going to feel about ” barry ” and his band of willing idiot’s turning the middle east into a ” muslimbrother “HOOD” ! , the vatican has as much to lose as Israel ! remember jerusalem is the “center of the christianity ? ( the crusades anyone ! ) and europe is much closer than we are ! . there is much going on behind closed doors that us “peasants” are not privy too ! ,mix in biblical prophesy and this nation is in a heep of trouble ! ( luke 21 : 34-36 ) and when! not if but when “big brother ” goes down what happens to the little brothers ? , ( taiwan , canada , newzealand , australia south korea , japan etc etc etc !!!! ) ! the whole world will be on fire !!!!!!!!!!! with no one to come to their rescue any longer !!!!!!

  8. I’m so happy to be Canadian and living in Canada. Far far away from the influence of this slimy conniving double-faced whatever… Prime Minister Harper doesn’t seem to want anything to do with this guy and it’s fine this way.

    • As long as we have Harper, yes we’re relatively safe; however, we must beware Justin Trudeau, his fellow-“Liberals”, the NDP and the Greens – they would make us into another Obama-republic within 6 months of taking power!!!!

      Personally, I wish he would END ALL Moslem immigration and get rid of the civil-servants bringing in those virii (there are far too many Marxists in their ranks!!!!); presumably there’s only so much he however can do…

      Seriously, we MUST recall ALL Westerners back to the West; arrest, disenfranchise (as necessary) and DEPORT every single Moslem man, woman and child back to “dar al-Islam” (with few exceptions, ALL of who would have to renounce and BLASPHEME Islam among several other conditions!!!); cut off ALL ties between the West and the Islamic world; acknowledge that Islam is at war with the West and PUNISH them by nuking or irradiating {with neutron-bombs} their major cities so as to kill their commerce, communications and wealth – and as part of which ALL Moslem wealth in the West MUST BE NATIONALISED!!!!

      Only when ALL these steps plus the elimination of Marxists and Marxism from our society are undertaken can we THEN start undoing the damage of totalitarianism and its results effected over the duration of almost one complete century!!! [That all Marxists would have to – without exceptions this time – be arrested, disenfranchised and expelled from the West goes without saying!!!…]

      • ADHD I agree 100%…aside from the nukes, there’s no point in blasting crud into the air we’re trying to breath just to kill off the muzzie bedbugs.
        Why harm ourselves just to eliminate them? The high altitude winds carry the fine-gran fallout thousands of miles, right? Look at what Fukishima accomplished.
        The muzzies need to all be confined within somalia and arabia, quarantined, and seriously restricted in access to technology–in short, they can have access to early 1900’s and nothing above 1920’s.
        Then, we let their own inbreeding and rapacious resource consumption within a Closed System Economy finish them off according to the laws of nature.
        Their own preferred way of life would be their proper doom.

        • Mrs. Wilkins, you’re right. It’s just that Mecca and Medina – in addition to at least Qom and Isfahan – need to be wiped off the earth’s surface in such a way as to conclusively demonstrate the IMPOTENCE of Islam’s “allah” (extremely anti-Christian as such a TERRIBLE wish is)…

          Everything else, I’ll agree with you without hesitation – though Obama HAS charmed many people including not a few personal friends of mine in this area of the world (look at those as diverse as Merkel, Hollande, Christie {in New Jersey}, Justin Trudeau {if I recall correctly} and enough others) – who’re still benighted and regard ME instead as the ‘black sheep’ even in that regard (though as far as society is concerned generally, I very much overall am such – including when I didn’t like your story on your Website {I’ll not be a liar!}).

          If we compare the others as potential Antichrist candidates: you see, Obama has charmed people in both the USA and elsewhere (and not a few are still on his side); Pútjin has many Russians charmed but few outside of that country; Mjedvjédjev is apparently for now a colourless bureaucrat serving as a disguise for Pútjin. By your measurements (and they’re good overall indeed!), so far Khamene’i and Ahmedinejad don’t rate well either in or outside Iran, and Morsi has exposed himself in these last 36 hours as such a despot who’ll be a real surprise if he were to be who God Has in mind.

          Yes, as far as God Is Concerned, Satan ALWAYS is touching the bottom of the barrel; however, that kind of discussion is not well-suited to this forum…

        • Oh, it was you then on my story blog! 😀
          Okay, first, I’d like to repair the bridge between us.
          …that incident is in the past. I’m sorry I had to return-fire on you, but while I will tolerate pretty much endless criticism of my writing, my Marriage is off-limits and I would be less than Human and much less than a Woman if I didn’t stand up for my marriage and Husband. Also, could you have any respect for any women who did not stand for her marriage and Man??

          You might disagree with our lifestyle, and of course my erotic fiction, but please keep this in mind; I am Genuinely happy, and Husband does genuinely love me–so much that I will admit now and then if I love him back enough, fleeting, Human worries that we all have.

          I DO write ‘clean’ ‘Space-Western sci-fi’ and if you like I can supply the links for that??

          So…Peace between us?

          Yeah, the AntiChrist candidates…kind of a shabby lot. I expect a bit more from The Enemy, even if he is scraping bottom-barrel.
          Personally, I just don’t think he’s here yet…you’d be able to sense it, something in the wind, y’know?? All I pick up is sheer Human stupidity alloyed to greed for power–business as usual.
          Anything as Significant be it good or evil would create a ‘feeling’ globally, Nature would react to it, as all things are connected. The Eagle I saw today (The First!) seemed quite casually content circling ther thermals, the crows in our tree, all’s fine with them, the Owls around here–normal, and Vesta, our recently adopted babycat is perfectly happy.
          So…even though I am Pagan, and don’t think The Enemy is here yet, there’s enough Human Evil on the planet to keep Eyes Open on and first among such is islam and all it brings with it.
          Like islamists in egypt trying to legalize and normalize Female Circumcision.
          Christ can deal with the A-Christ, it’s up to us to keep the sub-primate islamists under watch and resist them in all ways, all times. Our entire global culture and destiny as a People rests on this War between islam and the world.

        • Well…I must concede the points about Mecca and Medina – in addition to at least Qom and Isfahan…but I’d like to suggest a Cleaner alternative that benefits the West.
          Make them Quarantine Zones for muzzies–AFTER stripping ever last scrap out of them with any islamic significance whatsoever.
          Then turn them into Factory/Industrial zones circa steam-age/Victorian era technology that works exclusively to supply the quarantine population in a Net Zero sum economic balance state–the Quarantine pays for itself, and we don’t end up brathing fallout, even as the religious significance of those areas is eradicated even more certainly and thoroughly than any nuke ever could accomplish.
          Nuke them…there’s outcry and all that rot.
          Quarantine, and it’s the Humane solution to a very dangerous problem.
          Problem solved and PR nightmare averted. 😉

        • Very good, Mrs. Wilkins:

          1) Yes, I gladly welcome your offer of peace between you (plus your husband) and myself. [And yes, good for you for standing up for your marriage and husband – that I NEVER was out to impugn ‘per se’ in the least!! It truly is one example of how I feel unfit for society that it so happened to be taken – it’s fresh proof as it were and is.]

          2) I wouldn’t be surprised to be wrong regarding the Antichrist: how many, many people have been wrong on that count throughout history, and I’m positively no better than anybody else. However, that his time is drawing near is evidenced by a) the restoration of the State of Israel (something that wasn’t to happen until the “Last Days” – and also the restoration of Egypt and a few others), b) the technology (notably nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weaponry!) that TRULY makes the destruction of ALL life upon this planet possible (as per – for example – St. Matthew chapter 24), c) the technology needed for the “Mark of the Beast”.

          In regards to point c): the first attempt to build a computer of sorts – which failed but was to inspire the actual development later on – was what Charles Babbage and Countess Ada Lovelace tried in the 1820s and 1830s England. This mechanical apparatus was too bulky to be made to work effectively, if I recall correctly. After that, aside from a few specialised adding-machines around the time of World-War II (in addition to coding / decoding machines like “Enigma” that Alan Turing finally managed to crack), ENIAC was made in 1946 such as to occupy the equivalent of an entire city-block with the CPU itself (and nothing like monitors, high-level “languages”, &c. had been invented). By the 1970s, a number of high-level languages (e.g., ForTran, CoBOL, PL/I, ALGOL) had been invented and implemented in computers worldwide, monitors were coming into use (but more common still were card-readers using punched-cards) – and at that time, a computer including tape-drives, magnetic drums and then disks, monitors and printers still occupied quite-LARGE rooms, with considerable rationing of actual computing time. By the 1990s, computers had already downsized to desktops (though there still were – and yet are – supercomputers that not only occupy huge spaces but are even perpetually immersed in freon on account of the tremendous heat they generate), then laptops in the past decade. Now we’re talking of “iPods” that will fit into the palm of a hand, with people visualising already what can even be implanted into a human brain and/or one’s eyeglasses!!!!! That last development most certainly WILL mean “The Mark of the Beast” – particularly the destruction of our privacy (our pulses, heart-rates, breathing-rates, physical-locations via GPS/GloNass/Galileo will ALL be instantaneously available!!!).

          My apologies for being so long-winded; however, the development of the computer is MOST remarkable over the course of less than 70 years – and particularly not only in terms of the control it has acquired over our lives (you can be sure the Moslems, Commies and others are no less out to imprison us all with such things – just as Orwell forecast in 1984!!!!) but in terms of how much we have already lost!!!! Seeing how explosive-devices (crucial in terrorism!!!), computer-virii and the rest now can do to society is EXTREMELY significant (notably thanks to their miniaturisation)…

          I could say not a little more; however, it’s better to cut it short…

        • On the first point; Peace it is. :-) Happily agreed to! As for impugning my marriage unintentionally, you were obviously quite upset when you wrote the comment, and even under Ideal circumstances–Humans Make Mistakes. It happens, it’s Human. C’est la Vie. No Problem. You’re not ‘unfit’ for society–Society (what passes for it these days) is Unfit for US! You, me and many others here–if only because *gasp!* we’re anti-islamic!!
          Oh, the horrors!!
          Seriously, I’m not kidding…same deal with Husband and many of my Male friends. Because they’re honorable, Old School masculine Men, society claims that they’re ‘wrong’ and such other fetid tripe.
          SOCIETY is PolCorr effed-up…Not You, Not Me, Not The Rest Of Us.

          Look at how much tolerance there is for islamics calling for the Genocide of Jews, and all other non-muslims!!
          Go ahead and answer this; If Marlene was to call for the extermination of muslims in the same manner, exactly the same manner, as the muslims call for genocide against Jews–what would happen to Marlene??
          Prosecute a muslim rape gang? Nope, won’t even be investigated, as it might be seen as ‘racism’ and might provoke ‘islamist reaction’.
          That by way of demonstrating just how ‘broken’ society is, and unfit for people of intelliegence and objective viewpoint.

          Point 2.
          Good points, but you forgot Nanotechnological.
          Hmmmm…4 of them, and four Riders…
          I suspect we are getting close, but here’s where Paganism steps in a bit.
          Nothing is ever cut-and-dried, and as we all know, all things happen in a cycle. That said, this might be merely another sub-cycle within the much Larger Prime Cycle.
          Also, let’s face it…the Bible, really only gives out the ‘Cliff’s Notes version on details. So pegging an accurate fix on ‘when’ is tricky.
          The restoration of Egypt and Israel mentioned….might mean that Egypt returns to it’s former glory under the Pharoahs, and Israel might be restored after a massive earthquake so bad that it gets the palestinians and Israelites to put aside their differences in favor of survival/compassion and such.
          That’s the annoying part…we only have 10% of the pieces, enough to get a good idea of what the jigsaw puzzle looks like/is about, but not enough for the Full Picture.
          Then again, the AntiChrist could be just about ready to step into the limelight tomorrow, or Monday.
          So…50/50 either way right/wrong I guess. *shrug*

          Point 3
          Yes, computer tech and related offshoots can be immensely powerful. We have a Home Server Network, five Servers in all, plus a ‘dead access’ server for strictly Secure Archiving.
          The security on our network is Military Grade Plus, and I’m privy to some of the development work Husband is doing with his friends on a totally new generation of computers using a hybrid of fibre optics and standard CPU processors. Then there’s the work being done on Quantum computing, and revolutionary chip architecture.
          Yes, doubtless the muzzies will try to use computers for terrorism, but they’re hamstrung by the way islam affects the Human brain’s operation regarding intellectual function, and the increasing delterious effects of prolonged deep-generational inbreeding.
          One thing’s for sure, the future’s not going to be like anything anyone imagined.

        • By the way, Mrs. Wilkins: I like the idea of forcing “dar al-Islam” to be confined to the Arabian Peninsula – with Mecca and Medina et al being factory-zone towns meant to take care of them. I’ll have to think about this some more… :-)

        • There’s some details that would need to be worked out, I saved space and didn’t want to go into a full dissertation.
          But the thing is, the muzzie slags owe the world’s people a LOT in terms of reparations and compensation. Never gonna happen, so locking them into a closed-cycle no-growth subsistence economy is the next best thing and keeps them properly controlled.

  9. Every democratic administration in my memory has talked about getting the US Marines eliminated. But this administration has the backing of the DOJ, the Supreme Court, the Senate, 40 plus czars and the UN. This is the first time all the political planets are in alignment and I do fear for them. I know from my many years of working internationally the Marines were a welcome sight in our embassies and consultants. But Hillary and the state department spooks would gladly replace them with civilian contractors that would only be loyal to their pay checks. The baboon that Hussein Obama is married to has shown her displeasure with them and wants them out of the White House. The rumors out of the 8th & I street watering holes have whispered that they are feeling the singe of betrayal. For the first time in 237 years they actually feel they might become extinct. Hussein has just about gutted the military of all stand-up generals and admirals and they’re replaced with career only ass kissing knob polishers. He will eventually have nothing but unqualified minorities and Muslims at the helm in the Pentagon.

      • BNI, why do you think he uses the slimmest of justifications to relieve the top military brass? He will have nobody in command of high speed combat troops that may pose the slightest possible threat to his plans. He brought Petraeus home and gave him the CIA because he knew that he had the creditably of all the military branches. The Benghazi debacle was his perfect storm; he made a clean sweep of the remaining honest men. He will flood the senior ranks with Muslims and minorities that will destroy the integrity of the military. He will have a bunch of yes men and women that will do his bidding. I have always feared the thought of the UN commanding our strategic forces. Nuke missiles and nuke subs think about that.

    • …..and in charge of every regulatory agency to boot. Short of some senior people (military and other) showing enough backbone to simply treat the creep with the derision and contempt he deserves, there is no stopping this guy or his crew. I honestly don’t think even the senior people in congress “get it”, even though BHO has been very clear in the writings we know about, as to where he wants to take this great country. That the American people would bring this upon themselves — even after seeing 4 years of economical train wreck — is scarier than the fact of an election lost by more traditional voters.

  10. The only reason barack osama binladden got re elected is cause he is black, look at rice they condem her actions and they are racist, you disagree with hussain you are racist.

  11. This is what happens when good men do nothing. Now I’m beginning to wonder if there are any good men left, because where are they? ….there are only so many rocks to climb under. One thing I do know is we have hope, hope, hope, and hope, but that is about it.

    • Mrs. Wilkins, much as I completely agree with your wish to have him suffer horribly, it won’t really help free the USA from his evil yoke. Only a sudden death from some cause or another can really do that – and who would THEN take over? Biden? The Clintons? Pelosi? Frank? Sebelius? They’re all bad one as the other…

      God Grant that those of us who’re in Canada be at least somewhat protected from that TERRIBLE usurper and tyrant who even bought and rigged the elections just a couple of weeks ago…

      • The best hope for the USA would seem to be a “coup d’état” by the military, sad to say.

        My STRONG suspicion is that Obama himself might decide to impose – in the name of security (especially after a few terrorist attacks by the Moslems and Commies) – force people to wear the Mark of the Beast, and other countries in the West will follow suit…

        • Of course, if he (Obama) does that, he’ll prove himself to be THE Antichrist – and even now, while I can’t conclusively say that he is such quite as yet, he seems to be well in the running!! [Other potential candidates include Pútjin, Mjedvjédjev, Ahmedinejad, Khamene’i and Morsi – notably the last-mentioned, who has just declared himself in essence ABOVE THE LAW in Egypt, making himself dictator…]

        • I know, and agree, but realistic pragmatic points aside, it was simply a statement of pure frustration.
          I don’t hate blindly nor without reason–I Choose who,what to Hate, and Obamination is now on that list.
          Up here in Canada, we are lucky to be somewhat insulated from that loathesome, slawitted dungheap that calls itself Obama.
          The worst thing I can think to call him, as a reference to the quality of his dubious character is;

          The Beast-Mark, aka chip-implants, I’ll never have one. Dot. Human beings are not to be tagged like cattle, that’s that. The laws of the would-be ‘elites’ mean nothing, especially here where we live and I hope that more and more municipalities will start standing on their own.
          Basically, here in Canada and the US, we have to adopt The Cancer Strategem.
          More and more small cities, municipalities, etc., become Stand-alones, and ally with each other, and the spread is like Cancer–but with a Practical purpose and a beneficial one–taking our nations back.
          Yes, there’s many, many points that would have to be addressed that space here doesn’t allow for–but we’re HUMANS, and doing ‘The Impossible’…Is What We Do.

          As for Morsi and the rest…they’re all a really good reason to get us all motivated. They smell power and they want more.
          History shows us clearly where that goes.

          As for any of them being the A-Christ….nope, just can’t see it. The A-Christ is supposed to be a real slick, smooth Charmer, and Uber-Deceiver–and yes, Obama did bamboozle and sucker many people, but he’s no Charmer.
          Also, he’s too blatent and incompetent, too stupidly plain in his power-grabs and such. If he is the A-christ, then Satan’s REALLY scraping bottom-of-the-barrel and Christ is laughing his beard off at the sad, clumsy and inglorious ‘Great Enemy’. :-)
          A-Christ, no. Leftist/islamist shill and panderer–yep. 😀

          The rest…yeah, so anti-Charm, there’s NO way they could be the A-Christ. Seriously, the rest are so repulsive I’d rather french-kiss a water buffalo than be in the same room with any of them!

        • Apart from G-d himself taking out these Satanic demons from Hell, the US military surely can – MUST – stage a coup and enforce Military rule and start by despatching Obama and his demons – each and every one – and then returning power to a strictly Constitutional Government.
          I cannot believe a nation once as great as the former USA will just stand back and let this happen! The first 4 years were the “trailer”, but we are now approaching the “End-Time Main Event” a rerun of 1937, 38 and 39 in Nazi Germany!
          The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is our only Real Hope!

      • Well, any American agencies that THINK they can come in here and act Big like in the old days, are in for a bad time, and Arrest if they’re carrying weapons.
        If DHS, for exampls, kiks in our door…Bad Idea. The Cops will treat them as armed & dangerous criminals. NO American agency has authority here, and it doesn’t matter what the Feds signed, it’s OUR laws here that matter.
        If DHS tries arresting me and Husband…Felony Attempted Abduction, or however it’s phrased.
        Obamination’s flying monkeys best stay south of the US/Canadian border and just sit quietly and drink their juice boxes.

    • arabia considers itself the pinnacle of islam, and are hardcore arrogant, looking down their hooked noses from beneath their obesity-enfolded eyes at all other muslim nations and peoples.
      Why do you think they have Obamination sending $$ to muslim nations and they don’t??
      They won’t lift one fat ring-covered finger to help any nation outside their own, they see it as the proper place for it to be OUR wealth that is used to the benefit of the ‘lesser islam’ nations.

  12. obimbo is the biggest egg in the face for all the communist ,multiculture and addicted to oppresion crazy people of USA ,You all (the ones who did )choose him you all own him , when people do the wrong choice the suffer dearly , I hope the people wake the hell up and create an American Generation dentity and force the GOP to impeach obimbo , no wonder people use to tell me that after obimbo there will be no more US president and now everything makes sence ,I guess when he is done with USA there will be no more president .

  13. After perusing other comments, all I can say is: “Why the hell do we continue to tolerate this muslime a–hole occupying the Oval Office, KNOWING that the bastard NOT ONLY consistently sides with the ENEMY but is ONE OF THEM as well”!! I am REALLY beginning to believe some of my “fatalistic” friends and family now who say “America is doomed”!!…Unless, we take action to get rid of the enemy within, we can NEVER hope to rid the rest of the world of the enemies of freedom and justice!!…REAL FREEDOM AND JUSTICE, NOT the Pilslamic brand!!……

    • Why are we tolerating this horrible person? Why as a whole can’t we get him out of here? It seems like the majority of Americans think ignore him and it will all go away. Unfortunately, it won’t. If any of us knew of and allowed 4 people to be murdered we would be on death row – including Hilary Clinton. Let the people that we have elected end this – don’t they understand that if Obama gets his way they will all be in the same position as we are. I really think that there should be a new election, well supervised, and see how it tallies out – Romney would win and we could get rid of all of the Obamas and send them were they want us to be.

    • so many ignorant people on one page, Obama is a christian who by the way is white or half white. but as you slave owners think 1 drop of black blood makes you all black. His grandmother would be devistated by the way you people talk and she was white and also his grandfather who raised him was white also. Maybe while Repubs are complaining they could do work or maybe decide what their party stands for. also being Native American you are all immigrants!!!! you should blame the 10+ year old war that was started to avenge american deaths. I suppose you blame Obama for that too. Bringing troops home to their families is not firing them, I’d like to see them come home intact not missing parts because of war. Maybe your America is doomed but my America stands strong, even though we have negatives like you living in it!!

      • ALL of Obama’s deeds and words PROVE that he is NO “Christian” whatsoever!!!! He also has never been a true Christian at any point of his life – if he was, why would he have stolen the election the way he did???

        Furthermore, he has enough times let slip that he is a MOSLEM!!!!

        This has NOTHING to do with race or complexion (though in that regard, it’s obvious that he’s an Arab, not a real black – that would have been Allen West or Herman Cain) – it has everything to do with what he has done in his life. Be it sealing his academic record, falsifying his birth certificate, changing his name while a Senator, &c. – it’s so obvious that he’s evil in a way NO true Christian could EVER be!!!! [And lest you try any taqiyya or kitman, know that Ljéñin, Stáljin, Hitler, Bonaparte (except perhaps at the very end of his life on St. Helena) or any of these other people were Christians either…]

      • Darlene would like to see how you feel a year or maybe two years from now.God said many will be decieved. praying for all of you. Don’t understand christians that voted for him, kill Babys at late term, Taking God out. God be with you

      • He’s Christian?
        Look up ‘Obama’s Ring’ and it’s inscrotion, and what many islamic scholars have to say on it.

        His faith aside, he’s an absolutely despicable example of Human-as-abomination. He’s done more harm to America, americans, and the global economy than anything else in history, including natural disasters.
        He’s a traitor, a liar, an islamist shill and enabler.

        And if he for any reason makes the mistake of arriving in our city, we have a warrant for his arrest for Crimes Against Humanity for the misery he’s directly caused millions of Americans alone, before considering the misery he’s caused worldwide.

        • Then I will pray forhis vfisit to your fair city in the VERY NEAR future!!! IT would be so AWESOME to see him arrested for the common criminal that he truly is!!!!! THAT would be the BEST DAY EVER!!!!!

        • I hav to agree. It would send a nice, clear message that there’s a Line and he crossed it. I sat in on the Council meeting discussing it, and it’s very serious. The plan is that he would be arrested here, held here and when the proper Court was ready, he’d be shipped off to stand trial like any criminal of that magnitude. There’d also be a triple-blind Psychological Competency Assessment done to be sure he was capable of standing trial.
          Trial would be here, and would be Trial, Judgement, and Sentencing.
          Sentencing however would be dictated by Poll and the American people.
          One of the Sentencing Option penalties that Americans could sentence him to is Deportation, sans ID, sans $$ to Somalia.
          Local Lawyers Only would be prosecuting and defending, to eliminate the kind of ‘gamesterism’ that Leftists are so fond of–look what they did to the Election, right?
          Three judges, not merely one, to ensure vs. bias-mindedness one way or the other.

          But, let’s be honest, there’s a better chance of him visiting Regina Saskatchewan than a tiny speck like our city. Less than 100,000 people, so we’re really NOT on any Intineraries. LOL
          We really do not ever expect it to happen, but who the hell knows what tomorrow brings, and I suspect it gave Council a good Morale boost just doing it up. 😉
          Considering how many hours Council works, no one can deny them some small perks as fairly-earned rewards.

          But, Arresting and Trialling Obama…man, that’d put us on the world map!! 😀

      • Native American? Its people like you that give REAL Native Americans a bad name. How dare you call yourself an American and be pro Obama.Obama is NOT Christian. He is Muslim! Know your facts before you open up your ignorant mouth.

  14. Obama said the way to take “Revenge” was by voting for him.
    Our country is run to serve one purpose only: ISLAM.

    Hardworking American taxpayers no longer work for Americans. They work for the Ummah – the global Muslim community.

    There are two countries that Obama, Clinton and George Soros HATE more than any other on this earth: America and Israel. They are DETERMINED to utterly DESTROY them. And in America’s case, until America is no longer recognizable as America.

    Experts warn that America faces a Depression worse than the Great Depression. There will be NO money or resources to help our people. Everything is to be given to those who NEVER worked for it and those who HATE us and seek our conquest and absolute destruction: the global MUSLIM COMMUNITY.

  15. Yawn! This is what we voted for… Why get upset, we have 4 maybe 8 more years of this stuff of gutting America and paying muslims. Even CAIR got a free pass with the election of the Traitor Obama. Thank God Spineless Republicans still somewhat control the House.

  16. How is it that Obama can bypass the congress on allocating all this money to different countries? Don’t tell me by executive order, for as far as I can remember, the executive orders were not designed to bypass the House with regard to funding projects.

      • Benghazi-gate is still an open question. Petraeus’ testimony is yet to be tallied with other’s actions. We have to demand of our elected officials an accounting of the coverup, especially Obama’s role. He’s the CIC, right? So where are the cables or emails that actually prove Obama’s claim he ordered our citizens be protected while they were still alive?

    • CFPB nullifies Congress’ power power of the purse to control bureaucracies because its funding “determined by the Director” comes not from Congressional appropriations but from the Federal Reserve. Untethered from all three branches of Government. The CFPB (consumer financial protection Bureau) The CFPB Director Richard Cordray was installed by Obama when the Senate was in recess. i.e. one request was for 94 Million made on a single piece of paper/another 130 million for “Other Services”. Obama can manipulate the purse strings, by pass Congress & get/spend monies at will for whatever he chooses. As I have said “Obama Unfettered”. Look up the CFPB, & read how much trouble our Country is really in. We should all be afraid, very afraid.

    • Because this Congress is made up of nothing more than ball-less morons who are to afraid to stand up to this Communist Muslim and stop his dictatorship moves!!! We have NOBODY working FOR WE THE PEOPLE anymore, and this SOB is most definately and TOTALLY AGAINST US AND WE THE PEOPLE by EVERYTHING he says and does to prove his distain and disgust. I am glad that I am not young enough to serve in the military because rather than salute such as him, I would go to jail for shooting him…same as I would have for Clinton. There should NEVER BE ANYONE ALLOWED to run for this office who has not FIRST SERVED IN THE MILITARY!! HOW can THEY be COMPETENT TO OVERSEE THAT WHICH THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT????? This has ALWAYS been a sore spot with me, and will be until the day I die….our military personnel should only have to salute those who have served!!!!! NOT THOSE DRAFT DODGERS OF CLINTONS ILK, OR THIS MUSLIM, COMMUNIST!!!!

  17. The obamanation is also going to drastically cut medicare, using funds for obamacare instead. Old folks will will be refused care, surgeries, etc.–directives are already being put into action. Any illegal crossing the border will be covered, unless they are old.


    This is more of the same treason from the Muslim Brother trojan horse in the Oval Office, whose intention is to see Sharia weaken and eventually conquer this country. And there is surely much worse to come.

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