Tommy Robinson is still confined to a British jail while Muslim terrorists roam free in the streets of London

Please take a few minutes to remember and support our friend Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, who is a political prisoner being persecuted by the British government dhimmis for his anti-Islamization views. Tommy’s friends will be rallying on November 24th to protest his unfair imprisonment on trumped up charges. Please join them if you can.



EDL Mark Saturday the 24th of November in your diaries.  It’s a special day.  It’s a day when all around Europe people will be congregating at British embassies and consulates to protest at Tommy Robinson’s politically motivated imprisonment.  The EDL will be marking that day with a static protest outside Wandsworth Prison.


Here is the address of Wandsworth prison:

HMP Wandsworth
Heathfield Road
SW18 3HS

We want to make it a big event, we want the authorities to sit up and take note.  We want them to know that we know that Tommy’s arrest and remand is motivated not by a desire to uphold the law but for political reasons.  It has nothing to do with law enforcement but trying to stomp on the freedoms and rights of all free-born Britons.  How else would a man who is a clear threat to each and everyone us, who hates us with every fibre of his body walk free whilst a man who is a patriot rots in a cold, damp dungeon.  Abu Qatada should be in that prison, not our Tommy!

Tommy has travelled the length and breadth of the land in support of the various EDL divisions and their protests.  He has defied the authorities to attend demos such as Tower Hamlets when he was under restrictions.  He has unswervingly shown his support to the divisions and has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the members of the EDL; we think he deserves the same support from all divisions, all divisions from the north to the south, from the east to the west.  

We must all turn out to show Tommy our support.  He needs to know that his immoral detention is not in vain or going unrecognised by the membership. We all need to be there to let the authorities know that the EDL is alive, well and kicking and enjoys the support of thousands of people across Europe and in America and Canada as they protest on the very same day.  Don’t let Britain down, don’t let Tommy down.  Be there to shout your support, shout out ‘Bail for Tommy, Jail for Qatada’, ‘Bail for Tommy, Jail for Qatada!’

Also remember it will be Tommy’s birthday, so imagine it if 3 or 4,000 voices were to be heard echoing around that old prison.  Imagine the faces of the prison authorities as the flags and voices of the EDL are raised up high!

Be there for Saturday 24th of November, join the thousands across Europe who are preparing to make history.  Be part of the day when you can say with pride..I was there! when your children ask ‘What did you do daddy/mummy when Tommy was in Jail?’

Tommy has put pen to paper again to give us further updates on his situation whilst being incarcerated for his politically incorrect views on Islam and certain sections of the Muslim community, views that are too “troublesome” for British authorities to admit to and deal with. So troublesome are these politically incorrect issues the powers that be have only just started to take the subject of Muslim rape gangs seriously, which will no doubt be due to the pressures that we as a movement have placed upon them.

We are over the target as they say! Perhaps it’s better they try to silence and intimidate us rather than deal with the real and genuine issues we face on a daily basis?

That’s just the cowardly way out, either that or the powers that be are too scared of the Islamist menace? We certainly do not pose the same threat to national security as the backward 7th century mindset of certain sections of the Muslim community (in fact we pose no threat to national security at all), but then again we are living within a two tier system that places the rights of muslim rapists and jihadis above their victims!

What an absolutely disgraceful, diabolical and disgusting world we live in, it’s time for change, that time is now! Tommy touches on our so called religious leaders and their inherent cowardice to stand up to the backward and violent ways of Islam, his ever increasing passion and determination for our cause, and the need to face adversity head on no matter what obstacles our spineless authorities try to deter us with. He is resolute, he will not be deterred and neither should we!

So on the 24th get out to Wandsworth prison, make your voices and your numbers count, make sure you do your bit to save our democratic rights, it’s the duty of all likeminded patriots to fight for our worthy, legitimate cause.

Do not surrender to the left, do not surrender to the Islamists who are in bed with the left, and do not surrender your rights or your children’s futures! We have so much more to do, so many more battles to fight, we have so much to lose if we do nothing!








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  1. Ice, Agreed we just need to win more enthusisatic converts against Islam; when the majority are publicly opposing Islam, the fall of Islam shall become operational. Apathy is now number one enemy. When we defeat Apathy the fall of Islam shall begin.

  2. Valhalla,

    You made a good move getting out of Bankstown and are right the media both local papers and mainstream does censor all comments about Islam, including very soft minor comments. I was censored for soft comments by local Grafton newspaper lawyers in 2008; comments about the words Islam, Mohammed, Koran and Muslim population logistics are all banned by Australian media. The owners, editors and journalists are all running yellow scared of Islam. They all have their heads between their knees and that is a fact. After 54 years in Sydney I left and moved 650 k’s north to Grafton in 2003; I owned a Education Bookshop 2005-2010 until I retired. In 2007 I deliberately broke all of the rules of retail and sold a book published in USA titled ‘The Roots of Jihad’ By Dr. Tawfix Hamid. I gave myself only 10% mark-up in order to sell the book. In addition I created a series of A4 size slides display [approx. 4X4 feet] on Islam promoting the book and tabling texts from the Qur’an and pragmatically wrote against Islam in a constructive way. A handful of people talked to me about Islam and I gave them highlighted photocopies of some Koran Jihad texts. Those few people were keen to learn. But the majority of people in Grafton were not interested and that includes the majority of Christians because Grafton is a Christian town- at the moment until Islam invades. A big man of Arabic Middle East Background a tourist asked me who Allan Ivarsson was because my name was signed off on the slides on the wall; I told him and he was so impressed, he shook my hand. I gave a free copy of Hamid’s book to a local politician when he visited my shop. Three months later I asked him what he thought of the book and he answered, “Disturbing” I asked him to tell other politicians about what he had read. Nothing more happened; the marketing effort died in a pool of apathy. I am now regrouping. A male Muslim convert came into my shop in 2008 several times trying to win me over and I told him what I thought of Islam- he gave up in the end; after four times he never came back and disappeared from the town. Be patient ‘Warriors Against Islam’ keep up the good fight every which way you can; don’t be afraid to be open in your true name, state and country – the more open we are the harder it becomes for Islam to win. Most important be the eye of calm in a storm endeavour to the best of ability to choose your words carefully- never threaten just table the dark truth about Islam and be prepared to fight if forced into a corner. A Reckoning is coming and those politicians that do not stop the advance of Islam shall in the end be held accountable even if that day is after they have retired. The inevitable trial of Muhammad is coming… it is not about how, what and why it is simply when…

    As you can tell by my Swedish/Danish Surname I am of ‘Viking’ blood and proud of it. True to legend I shall never submit to Islam. As I warned one of my old school mates that temporarily made the mistake of opposing Israel and supporting Palestine “I don’t give any quarter- and I expect none.” After several philosophical battles that friend changed his tune and now supports Israel he simply needed education about hard reality. The message here is never give up on people- “Sell by Objection.’ – it works.

  3. Bee I have just released a 25 page report designed for ‘Court of Law’ that ‘Proves Islam Approves Paedophilia’ – it contains information that has never been read by the majority of people in the world including Muzzies. Anyone that wants a free copy can write to I have released many reports over the months including ‘Proof that Wearing Hejab Says Muslims Are Superior;’Taqiyya – the Art of Deceit;’Death Bounty;’Proof that Muhammad Approves Rape of Women’ and many other subjects. My writing style is focused on data collect for courts ten years down the track. There is only one way to defeat Islam in the West and that method is to put Muhammad and his teachings on ‘International Trial.’ That day of legal battle shall come because Muslims have a serious weakness… they love to file lawsuits and they lack ‘Emotional Intelligence.’ Islam is by ‘Belief System’ the synonym character of Muhammad. Take out the credibility of Muhammad by calmly proving that he was a False Prophet to the majority of people in the world and I guarantee Islam shall disintegrate and mainstream media shall find the courage to publish the truth and Marxist Politically Correct Socialists shall run for cover in absolute fear. The desperate left shall be looking for a new survival cause and I bet that shall be ‘Green Fascism.’

  4. Had a check around on Google for actual “News” coverage of Tommy`s imprisonment and found NO mention from any “UK news agency”.(Do the search yourselves setting Google search to “News Only” ) The Brit government can impose a “D notice” which bans publication of particular stories from UK news agencies.They did this with Sinn Féin and Gerry Adams by banning his voice in all TV news programs in the 1980s.They can also request news agencies “not” report events.Such as EDL marches.(This includes Google and correspondingly therefore even YouTube…….Perhaps they are using this draconian censorship in Tommy`s case………..

  5. The media needs to be held accountable for their strange ways of dispensing ‘truth’. It is up to us to tell it the way it actually is. Our governments are insane and self hating. I celebrate your needed and forced sobriety, yet I shall hoist one IN YOUR HONOR.

  6. Jesus Christ our Lord says ,
    I do not know where in the bible he said that , But I bet you He is saying it in Heaven.

  7. So it’s okay for them to kill us, rape British women throw rocks at elderly people, and call us names but if we say we don’t like it we get put in jail? What a Crock! The people in these Countries Including America need to stand up and stop this before it’s too late and we are having our 4 year old daughters taken away si some old pervert can “marry” them!

  8. If you want to write to Tommy address it like this: Stephen Lennon #A2084CG HM Prison Wandsworth Heathfield Rd. Wandsworth London United Kingdom SW18 3HS

  9. I think that brave, working class, patriots like Tommy are in the minority in Britain. Of course you can put most of the military in that same category too.The majority seem to be either complacent idiots or liberal pansies and dhimmi appeasers. To those fuks, I say you’ll get what you deserve you spineless wimps. And to the likes of Tommy, I hope you persevere and eventually win this battle and destroy those scum I mentioned along with thier friends and leaders the muslums.

  10. Allan -I lived in NSW- now in QLD. I buy the Telegraph papers to keep up to date -I think the media censors comments as their aren’t many printed ,-years ago the paper would be full of them -not now- in QLD they aren’t aware of what is going on as they -them (muzzies) are mainly down at the gold coast you don’t hear about them up here,only that I am a reader of BNI and belong to other organisations against the Islamization of Australia am I aware of what -they are up to-I lived in the Bankstown area for a long time -I have never regretted leaving there and would never go back.

  11. “while Muslim terrorists roam free in the streets of London”

    I have one living near me. The pictures in this article of the muslim terrorist are within a few minutes walk of my house in London. In another article in the same paper, he’s pictured standing at the bus stop at the end of my street. I have personally seen him at that bus stop on several occasions. I know he lives in a ‘safe’ house somewhere close by at taxpayers expense:

  12. I have no doubt that Tommy is a political prisioner, however I’m not so sure the charges are “trumped up”. He does have many virtues, but can be a bit impulsive at times. That said the USA, under obama, doesn’t seem to worry about illegal immigrants, and TR didn’t stay long. The UK also seems not overly concerned about the use of forged passports, when it comes to our cultural enrichers.
    The question I cannot answer is why have the MSM not mentioned this disgraceful episode once? Tommy is reasonably well known, has been in the papers and TV many times, and yet not one word (that I can find) in any of the national newspapers. When you consider the crap they put out on a daily basis, this should be a big story. There’s something strange and sinister going on.

    • Paris, the only crime he committed was against the US, not the UK. I’m sure he reentered the UK on his real passport. If the US is not asking for extradition of Tommy (which they could hardly do considering the millions of illegal & criminal aliens who are here, living as citizens) then the UK has no case against him.

  13. Let’s put this into perspective.
    * Was he jailed for political expediency? Probably
    * As a native resident, should he get parole for a non violent offence? Definitely
    * Is he likely (regardless of guilt) to commit the same or similar offence whilst on parole? Probably not.

    But… If he did break the law and obtained a false passport, there is no excuse and he should face prosecution, and if guilty serve an appropriate sentence (3months to 3 years seems to be the average). It’s not a matter of civil disobedience against a bad law. Him (and we all) want tight border controls and this includes strict passport and visa control. If he is guilty he is a hypocrite.

    We shouldn’t defend the breaking of a law just because we like Tommy. We should not prosecute just because we don’t like Tommy.

  14. I am with you Tommy, I feel bad enough because I wont be able to attend in person. british politicians have really submitted to the arse lifitng muzzies. I’ve had enough with the hatred filled, lying & deceiving cult of islam, was hoping that Israel would wipe gaza clean of all those terrorists. Hope you will be reunited with your family soon. (In tommy’s notes, he says he observed them imam spending more time in the womens room, to deceive them into accepting islam. It’s all PR by the devil and the moment one accepts islam, you land in hell and wants to take others into hell.

  15. Here in America we are facing some of the same issues with the rise of Muslims. Our current leader is weak and soft when it comes to terrorism. I would march with you if I could but I will be there in spirit. I will pray for you all and ask that you do the same for us here in America. Where can I send a donation too? It won’t be much as I am a poor widow with two children, but I need to help in some way. I call everyone who see’s this message to donate too. To the end of Radical muslim terror!!

    • Check out the English Defence League Website. I think you will be able to donate from there. I have already donated when Tommy first landed in jail. The whole thing is so utterly disgusting and undemocratic. I hope Tommy gets a good lawyer and sues this government big time. That’s what he should do.

  16. my life has turned from the idea of a care free life of live and let live what took it’s place in my remaining days is a contant vigil by day by nite to cast about and look across this world and its peoples for the spark the sign of where or who will start the begining to the end of this evil maby Tommy it is you ! Great Men are forged from humble beginings .

  17. this makes my blood boil, real criminals are free and given all sorts of privileges, while honest people are crushed by the law, you won’t survive with democracy or with being “nice” and holding the “moral highground” you need armed revolts and a military dictatorship if you hope to survive as a people and as a culture. Fuck democracy, see what it has brought to you.

    • Military dictatorships haven’t always been for the best either.

      The real problem is people becoming too fixated upon THEMSELVES and too enamoured with the idea of a Marxist utopia!!! Truly, Karl Marx and his philosophy (together with that of his friend Friedrich Engels and their followers like Vladímir Iljích Uljanóv-Ljéñin!!!) have been an absolute CATASTROPHE for ALL Mankind!!!!

  18. We all have chosen to live in these perilous times. What we do in this time period will affect affairs on Earth for another thousand years.
    Tommy has chosen, and well fulfilled, a strong leadership role. And he needs strong followers behind him. !!

  19. Tommy please know there are people across the ocean that love and support you and would stand with you in battle. We are in this together and I would love to destroy those who illegally imprisoned you. Stay strong!!!

  20. mad-aussie, I also feel frustrated with apathy in Australia but gradually many Aussies are learning the ‘Dark Truth’ about Islam. I focus on sending out reports about Islam into social circles in Australia, America and South Africa many of them are forwarded inturn to other country links. These reports mostly target people that refuse to read BNI. Hence many critical path reports are linked to BNI. Others are news information from other sources. Many of my links are now sending me information about Islam- this participation is an encourageing sign. More Australians are becoming educated about Islam. If you want to pass on some of these reports to others write to We shall never submit to Islam and shall keep fighting against Islamization.

    • Thank you for that email link. I will certainly pass on much that goes on here in the UK which our rotten governments try to suppress. I hope that everyone on this blog will do the same. We are all frustrated at the truth Not getting out and must use every avenue possible. Likewise The Guardian here in the UK needs to be exposed for its anti-semitism and biased reporting.

    • if you want to learn all about islam, go to, prophet of islams terrorist dogma,all you need to know is there, it will open your eyes to the garbage and bilge thats spouted by the muslim scum

    • Allen there is a word of mouth effort going on today all over the world. Some people are afraid to voice their concerns on the net, so they quietly speak in dark corners as not to be heard by the Gov’s. So act as though they are talking to you personally and do as necessary. Spread the word regardless of the looks and retaliation from the powers that be. It is helping to awaken the people.

  21. I wish there was a demo in NYC, but so far there is none.

    Tommy is a great hero. God has raised up Tommy. I wish I could attend the demo in London. Tommy and Kevin’s treatment by the Authorities is despicable and evil.

    Triumphant Muslim terrorists and rapists walk free whilst Tommy is unjustly jailed because he protests against the many thousands of gang rapes of British children by Muslim MONSTERS. GOD HELP THE CHILDREN.

    • I would get in touch with Pamela Geller and get a demonstration organized at the British consulate and possibly the British Embassy in DC.

  22. “What an absolutely disgraceful, diabolical and disgusting world we live in”

    I share your sentiment, brother/sister. It’s APPALLING that Islam is being allowed to spread – a hideous cancer eating at the very heart of humanity.

    SHAME ON ALL THOSE WHO HELP ISLAM SPREAD. YOU ARE COMMITTING EVIL! Our descendents enslaved under this diabolical ideology will have YOU to blame in large part. You will go down in history as complicit in the greatest genocide and atrocity ever, as Islamic fanatics helped by YOU slaughter and enslave us all.

    Tommy’s abuse only makes me DETEST Islam even more and steel myself further to DESTROY this filthy, evil cult of hatred and violence.



    • Thanks for this post BNI; I’ve just reposted on a couple of pages AND blogged on this blog on my own at Pray that this goes far and wide and moves patriots everywhere to action and exposes the lying Arseliifters for what that they REALLY ARE!!.

  23. Noone in australia apart from anyone who goes to these websites knows who tommy is almost a complete muslim ban in the media. How can we educate people about the threat of islam when the media cover everything up. When I show some people articles from your blog they have said to me anyone can make stories up and fake pictures on the internet. This is the attitude of people mostly young people ,the ones that should be concerned most. This is why truth in media is so important. If these same people saw truthful , no punches pulled news stories on TV then there would be no dought at all in these same peoples minds as to the truth. I get so frustrated with the apathy in australia.

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