EGYPT: In a very Obama-like move, President Morsi declares himself God…and the people are outraged!

Mohamed Morsi declared that any laws or decrees he’s made since he took office June 30, and any made before a new constitution is put in place, are final and cannot be overturned or appealed. Angry protesters filled the streets of Cairo, and set fire to several Muslim Brotherhood offices around the country.

Hey…you voted for a radical Islamist,  just like we did, in the United States. You get the government you deserve. 

Protesters storm several offices of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood inappropriately-named ‘Freedom and Justice’ party 

CNN  Morsi also declared that a 100-man council drafting a new constitution, plus the upper house of parliament, cannot be dissolved. He granted the council two more months to finish a draft constitution, meaning the panel has six months to finish. That means Morsi, who this year took over legislative powers from the military council that ruled after Hosni Mubarak’s ouster, could have at least six months of unchecked rule by decree. The draft constitution would go to a referendum before it is finalized.

Morsi’s moves come three days after the start of violent protests in central Cairo, largely by people angry at Morsi’s government and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist movement to which Morsi belongs. There also is turmoil in the constitution panel, which has been torn between conservatives wanting the constitution to mandate that Egypt be governed by Islam’s Sharia law and moderates and liberals who don’t.


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  1. So much for Hillary’s ‘brilliant’ tour +as un-statesmanlike Sec. of State. Boy, is she going to have a legacy to remember her by! Now we know why Morsi was grinning like the cat that ate the canary. If you look hard enough you might even see a feather sticking out of his mouth.

    Speaking of feathers, people need to send Hillary, Odumbdumb, Bide-Your-Time, & Susan Rice some white feathers. Just ask the Brits what that means.

    • Yep, Saxon, I DO believe this SH– is what illegitimate Pres. was talking about when he said “hope and change” and “Arab Spring”, and the bastard is moving “FORWARD” with his plan to turn the U.S. A in to a totalitarian ruled sh–hole like Egypt has now become!!

  2. I wonder if Morsi got the nod from Obama first? I heard on TV today that Obama is continuing to send our hard earned tax dollars to Egypt.

    • Oh, yes, and he Obama, does not hide it. He acts as a dictator already. Don’t forget though, that this money is for the MB not Egypt. There is a huge difference between MB and Egypt.
      Besides, why should he care it is not his hard earned money, and it fits in with his evil plans to destroy America..

  3. Obama and Clinton were screaming at Mubarak, “Leave now, Now!, NOW!” and then, before the Egyptian election, Obama said, “There should be a religious element in the new government.” The only religious group in Egypt vying for political power was the Muslim Brotherhood and some of their nice folks had visited the White House and some of their links WORK IN THE WHITEHOUSE. Now Morsi is becoming another Reverend Wright for Obama, an embarrassing link. That is probably why he chocked on the words but said them – that Israel has a right to defend itself. The most encouraging development in this whole mess is the fact that Egyptians DON’T WANT A THEOCRATIC DICTATOR AND THEY ARE OUT IN THE SQUARE DEMONSTRATING. That show that they are not all savages. America now needs to support these people and to tell Morsi to go play with himself. Obama doubtlessly threatened the Army not to interfere with the election (or lose the billions in aid) and he called Morsi who sat back while his radicals attacked the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and Obama called again warning that the billions won’t come if any of the Embassy staff his hurt. Obama must really be sweatling it out now. What he NEEDS to do is call whatever army chiefs are left and not under Morsi’s thumb and tell them to get rid of Morsi. He probably can’t do this but Congress can..and should. Meantime, Israel needs to be ready the pounce the insant that Hamas lobs another rocket which eventually they will.

    • I guess we all agree that the ME is on fire. But, I think that many will not agree that this fire will not be put off with OB AMA IS THE PRESIDENT AND MUSLIM -IN-CHIEF OF THE USA. But, this is what I believe strongly.

  4. egg in the face and obimbo help him along , they have what they choose ,dealt with him now juste like obimbo they choose him now eat him .

  5. there is probably going to be 20000 very pissed off MARINES in the US very shortly History will show never piss a MARINE off just
    ask the imperial japanese army navy and airforce members whats left of them.the brothers may have won in egypt but the USA will be a bit
    different outcome.God help the copts because the religion of peace
    wont ..thses are the boat people australia needs not the other invaders

  6. not surprised about morsi. but obama only got reelected because of MASSIVE voter fraud and and voting machines that only allowed one vote and any other was was an error. GEORGE SOROS CAN THRU AGAIN

    • Not being American, I don’t understand how illegals can vote there as I have heard happens. ? Did Obama change the voting process which would not surprise me I heard that everywhere voter ID’s were necessary, Romney won.? Does this mean someone without an ID can vote? How does it work ?
      Here, we get our voting papers by post if we are a legal citizen over 18, which we have to present at the voting station together with identification (passport or drivings license) before we can vote. No doubt this will change too though.

        • Heavens Bonnie, how terrible ! is there nothing you citizens can do about this injustice? This could never have happened before in the US?

          My son’s g/f is American from Michigan. She says everyone very scared there for the future as they know the Republicans or whoever ,will never beat the Dems again at this rate, so they feel communism under Obama has already well and truly taken over.

  7. LOL. What’s old is what’s new! Despotism is back with a vengence!

    They asked for it, now they got it! LOL. They elected a radical religious nutjob, now they got “president for life”…er I mean, “pharoah for life!” Al Kulifat is now coming to pass. Al Caliph Morsi is in his palace! The Brothers are now going to destroy what is left of Egypt! It wasn’t much before! But whatever is left is gone!

  8. Where are all those dhimmi’s enraptured at the time about the “Arab Spring”? All those with such faith that “Most Muslims of course want democracy” they jubilantly declared, and they thought Mubarak was bad???

  9. hey paula is that what you call “re-elected” , more like stolen!!! and this government is so corrupt that no one will do any thing about it ! this country is about to get a serious “asskicking ” from ” GOD” and no one will get to vote on it either !!!!

  10. LoL. It is the problem of Mursi: Being a Mohammedan or being corrupt.

    But stop, at the moment it seems more he is abolishing the separation of powers ; the best tradition of mohammedan despotism.
    Our problem is: how can we abolish the rotten mohammedan cultural stratum and replace it.

  11. Well, that didn’t take long. Obama sells out Mubarak with the infamous “Cairo Speech” charade, and takes Egypt from a secular government to an islamic totalitarian police state in record time. Meet the new boss, much worse than the old boss. Huma’s parents must be very proud of their daughter. Now come the purges in earnest…it’s an old script.

      • touche BNI touche , How did you guys in the USA relect him , just how did you allow it to happen ,
        As for this muppet , well I think we all knew

        • 1) Too many Moslem and – especially – Communist shills;

          2) Election RIGGING (corrupt computer-programmers with their voting machines);

          3) Voter intimidation (especially by Obama-favouring Communists and blacks not knowing that he’s not black but ARAB).

          These are the THREE reasons Obama got back in – against the will of a good part of the US electorate!!!

    • IT IS Obama’s doing. He started his evil plan with his visit to Cairo in June 2009. He gave the Muslims, in general and the MB in particular, the green light to spread the Islamic take over with his blessings. I wrote this message all over trying to warn Americans of the same here in the USA, but it will be in a way much bigger scale.
      FRAUD was Morcy’s (like Obama) tool to win the power and he will not leave peacefully like Mubarak. He is MB, even if he wants to, the MB will not let him. They got Egypt under their control with the support of Saudi Arabia and America.
      Yes, BNI, “Egypt in a very ‘very’ Obama like move”. My fear is not what happens in Egypt; my utmost fear is what is happening here in the USA. The Egyptian know
      how inhumane the MB are, but, sadly, the Americans have no clue and they are not willing to know or observe. AND, that where the danger lies. God save America.

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