New movie documents the demise of free speech in the West, led by America’s very own Muslim-in-Chief

On September 25, 2012, Barack Hussein Obama astonished most Americans by declaring, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” This is a sentiment espoused by radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, the OIC, the Taliban and al Qaeda.

CounterJihad  Worse yet, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, revealed the lengths to which the Obama administration is prepared to go to enforce this view when she told the family of a former SEAL killed last month in Benghazi that the producer of a video she falsely claimed precipitated that attack would be “arrested and prosecuted.” He was subsequently taken into custody and remains in jail.

Now, the powerful documentary SILENT CONQUEST explains why these affronts to the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of speech are not isolated incidents. Rather, they are part of an ominous pattern of Team Obama’s submission to the stealthy Islamist effort to enforce in this country the supremacist doctrine known as sharia and its prohibition of any expression that “offends” Islam or its god, prophet or followers. 

SILENT CONQUEST offers a frightening insight into the extent to which Europe, Canada and the United Nations have already succumbed to the restrictions of sharia blasphemy laws. Its stark warning about the Obama administration’s substantial efforts to accommodate them here, as well, is a wake-up call for every American.

After a successful online pre-election screening, ‘Silent Conquest’ has attracted the attention of distributors who want to get the film and the important issue it addresses to the widest possible audience. Updates on the official release date will be available on and on


25 comments on “New movie documents the demise of free speech in the West, led by America’s very own Muslim-in-Chief

  1. We must rally round NOW ! We must get together and convince others, they must watch THIS.
    We are more than they are. We are millions, we the people MUST protest en masse, object, reject and prevent our freedoms being taken away as a commentator on the video mentioned, freedoms millions fought for and died for over centuries! These bygone heroes will be rolling in their graves now, all for nothing!Gave their lives for their descendants to experience this? !
    They managed to dumb down the people for years and as a result few care or even realise what is coming upon them.

  2. Maybe some great natural disaster — or man-made natural disaster — will intervene to even the score a bit … I don’t believe no one with power is watching and those of us in the common ground who resist are growing in number. I feel safer to speak out than I did a few years ago although it still means risk. And a bigger fight is coming. Let’s hope we’ve got more power than our enemies.

    • Stickers, why, biooan, why signal your intentions to your enemies, a wise man once stated, let them state their fears, projected to others of their intentions, plans are made on such foolish notions and a wise man never projects his intentions least yea be made the subject of discresions.In other words, never let it be known of your intentions as you will be among the first they come for. Nice thought, but a little late to the current party don’t you think? In case you may have not noticed, the only industry now in the black and can’t keep up with the demand is, the gun industry, I believe we all are projecting our disapproval of this fraud and his policies, don’t you?

      Semper FI.

    • Right on booti…………!! But people actually need to ARM themselves against the totaltarian regime and NOT just get a sticker, for you can be certain the bastards of the Obama Regime WILL be coming round TRYING to disarm the American Public! THAT just COULD be one of the chief reasons thee are numerous petitions to secede!!

    • While it might be true in some sense, let them try and enforce their backasswards platforms on the ordinary red-neck (Constitutional loving) types, yeah good luck with that. I don’t think pissn’ on a rather large segment of one society, especially a segement of feirce gun tooting (read trained all their lives in the use of said tools and the largest segment on our Armed Forces)) bible clinging hunting as usual types is going to go very far in the end. It might be the preverable straw that broke their camels ass barbarian mindsets though, we can only pray, right?.

      Yeah bootislamoutofamericanow, necessary and overdue. Keep the powder dry soldier. We’ll get out chance to right this lefturd motion, in due time friend, in due time.

      Going GALT

  3. The push toward islam, socialism, and loss of freedom of expression will have unintended consequences. Muslims are not the only ones capable of great sacrifices to attain an end. There are many US patriots and veterans that can do the same thing, and moreover, are well trained to do what ever is necessary to stop this plan, even if it results in their death. What is the administration and islam going to do when they get the full treatment by these people who do not want to leave socialism and islam as a legacy for their descendents? Make no mistake, this will come, and those who have put Americans in this position will pay dearly. They will pay and never see it coming until the Grim Reaper calls their number. When he does this the final number for islam and mecca will come up, as well as the socialist movement. Personally, I think wiping the earth clean of these movements and cults is necessary and overdue.

    • muslim Pigs call us islamophobic? I say we fight fire with fire … !

      We should all call them infidelophobic … !

      Pass this on to everyone, use the word “infidelophobic” against them when you hear them say we’re islamophobic!

      To Hell with the muslim Pigs!

  4. Tens of thousands of Americans SHED THEIR BLOOD for FREE SPEECH!

    Hillary DOES NOT GET IT!


    That’s called THE HECKLER’S VETO.

  5. “Without freedom of speech, we may be led as sheep to the slaughter.”

    – George Washington

    …but OBUMMER doesn’t get it!!!

    A man who doesn’t understand the value of free speech SHOULD NOT be U.S. president!

  6. Western Society has become extremely SECULAR. Western Society as a whole has
    forgotten the True God. When there is a spiritual and theological vacuum, something has to take its place……..allah, mahammad and sharia, and make no mistake the followers of this evil ideology know how to push their thinking on the masses. That’s not good ! ! ! ! Look at Europe, its the Canary in the coal mine.

    • ” western society has become extrem;y SECULAR” NOt so Mapleleaf, just because this is something we constently hear coming from the gone left out of their minds liars of the media, doesn’t make it so. Please explaine the numbers coming out of a recent survey of Americans, southern and middle America, 86-to-92% providing a positive attribute to be of Chrisatian sway? Now if you are talking about the western societies in general, even that is not the case, world wide surveys suggest, Christian thought, decision making and moral are at an all time high. Where are you getting this line of thought from anyway? Please reply, provide links and such. Appreciated.

      Going GALT

  7. Since entering office Obama has shown himself to be on a personal mission of proselytizing a false and deceptive view of Islam as a religion of peace. Ironically, this same pursuit was one that Nidal Hasan engaged in at military hospitals prior to his undeniably Jihad murders of 13 of our troops at Ft. Hood while shouting “allahu ackbar.” Mr. Obama immediately classified Hasan’s Jihad as “workplace violence.”

    Some noteable lines from Obama’s Cairo 2009 speech include “Islam has always been a part of America’s story” or “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

    More recently and more aggressively in his pursuit to whitewash Islam to our law enforcement agencies, Obama has removed all references to the terms Islam, Muslim, jihad, enemy, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Shariah from the all FBI, CIA, DoD, and Pentagon training manuals.

    In Cairo Mr. Obama also said “America is not—and never will be—at war with Islam.”

    Well, as “Allah’s Apostle” said, “War is deceit” – Bukhari:V4B52N268

  8. there are few things that are worth spilling american blood on our soil for but if the left of the left try this it will come to be that day , I have prepared myself by will by action by oath from this ground there will be no surender an no retreat

  9. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) have been trying for years at the UN to get negative speech about Islam criminalized.

    The constant Muslim attempt to destroy our freedom only became a threat when Muslim Obama and Clinton met with the OIC to cooperate with them in this vicious attack on our God-given freedom. After Obama cooperated with the OIC, only then did the EU follow Emperor Obama’s lead.

    Obama, Clinton and the EU are one hundred percent responsible for this threat to our freedom. These spoiled, wealthy, power-hungry elites believe it is totally acceptable for Muslims to call for the murders and annihilation of non-Muslim innocents both in speeches and in their signs.

    Evil western elites don’t care about the constant Muslim slaughters of non-Muslims. What the elites and their Muslim partners oppose is anyone telling the TRUTH about Islam.

  10. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Is the political-class of America Anti-American, now?
    Such a position is against the Founding Fathers and Presidents of 19.century! Watch for example John Quincy Adams.
    But I think it is not only the problem of Obama. Obama is a President of domestic policy.
    It is a problem of the advisors too. They don’t think cultural(ist) and theological, they only think about power or geo-strategic,or even more worse for their own business.

    Brzeziński’s “planes” are leading us to an islamized planet and USA.
    We need a President with faith and conviction!!!!

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