CHICAGO: Mosque fails to get approval to turn residential home into an Islamofascist indoctrination center

No matter where you live in the United States, make sure you do everything you can to prevent mosques like this one from infiltrating your neighborhoods.

DAILYHERALD (h/t Tundra Tabloids) Islamic Center of Western Suburbs failed to get permission from the DuPage County Board on Tuesday to use a house along Army Trail Road near West Chicago as a mosque.

A plan to transform a house (photo below) near West Chicago into a mosque has been rejected by the DuPage County Board. The board voted 15-3 against granting Islamic Center of Western Suburbs the conditional-use permit it needs to use the home at 28W774 Army Trail Road as a religious institution.


11 comments on “CHICAGO: Mosque fails to get approval to turn residential home into an Islamofascist indoctrination center

  1. It’s a sad fact, once they gain a foot, they demand more and more to operate their barracks without ever being held to account for the venom they spew in these houses of vipers. Good for the community to not allow any more of these vipers nest in their midst, nothing but troublemakers with an excuse of religious contents, all hogwash at best. Who would like a vipers nest right in the middle of their town, especially if they are able to deny it ifrst, no one, that’s who. It appears the people are catching on to the frauds of ali-alah, the soldiers of satan are being rejected at a lot of turns and that leads to safer communities, it’s a known fact. These scum sucking poor victims of this Judeo-Christian society are beside themselves ever wondering why we REJECT their lies. It’s not hard to figure when these houses of satan pop up what follows, hell ( played victims) in their presence. No thank you.

    Going GALT

  2. No doubt the obamanation will sic eric holder and the (in)justice dept on the dupage county board until they relent and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlement money to the muslims for violating their right to be above all our laws.

    Here is an interesting video on how the doj and the irs terrorize law abiding u.s. citizens. My theory is all the businesses targeted are republican owned. When obama took over gm, they closed performing dealerships owned by those donating to the republican party.

  3. Contact people like Clare Lopez, Steven Emerson, Daniel Pipes, Frank Gaffney, Gen. Boykin, Dave Gaubautz, Robert Spencer and other’s of the same mindset as all us on this forum, let them know we want Article Vl …p2 of our Constitution enforced to ban Mosque on American Soil, let them know we are in the millions of Americans that understand we are in this to prevent terrorist from implementing Shariah Law and replace our Constitution..This is the start to an Anti-Caliphate that we need to get all Americans on the same page….

  4. There is one in Crystal Lake, just a couple of blocks away from a middle school – got permission from the county board to use an old house as a mosque. It looks horrible, two years after they got permission.

  5. So , they will just ignore the rules and have their vile worship there anyway… and when someone complains, then they go crying to CAIR and screech “Islamophooooooooobia” boo hoo “We are victims of religious discrimination”

  6. They MUST be STOPPED dead from turning our neighborhoods into palces for their mosques and madrassas. For once the shtf, they will only be doors from your very dooorstep or your child’s school

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