FRANCE: Mosque vandalized with signs that say ‘Islam out of Europe’

While you might think/hope this was done by French counter-jihadists, there is a strong possibility it was done by Muslims themselves to evoke sympathy from local government and their leftist neighbors.

Graffiti and Celtic crosses have been found on a mosque in Villefontaine in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. It reads: “Islam Out of Europe” and “This is our home”. Similar graffiti was found on the walls of a Catholic boarding school in the same street.

In a statement, the rector of Lyon mosque denounced a new “upsurge of violence against French citizens of the Muslim faith”, and called for a “peaceful demonstration” at 3 pm tomorrow in front of the targeted mosque. 

 Le Dauphine (h/t Islam vs Europe)


16 comments on “FRANCE: Mosque vandalized with signs that say ‘Islam out of Europe’

    • Quite right! BUT they wouldn’t want to blow up their symbols of “Conquest” AND DOMINATION!!…..So, they use some lameass attempt for sympathy that ONLY IDIOT libtards and dhimmis would buy!!

      • The point is they (Muslims) start to feel the pressure and they are running scared. But, don’t worry they will find all kind of tactics to fool the uninformed. That is their specialty taqiya.

  1. The owner of the burnt Continental Spices Cash & Carry, in Everett, Washington, who had claimed “he had been harassed by some customers earlier this summer [and that] the verbal slurs didn’t stop until he threatened to call police,” was arrested a month later for setting fire to his own business and causing an estimated $50,000 in damages. The cautious Muslim had even spray-painted the property with obscenities against Arabs and a white cross before setting it alight .

  2. It is a good thing no matter who did it for whatever purpose because this sort of thing usually prompts imitators and once mosques start to be defaced and burned they will begin to get the point – they are not wanted here.

  3. the sand donkeys are the worst liers they are doing this themselves so they can blame it on the generation identity and the so call islamophobes they are the real devols (demons and evil mother f…s ) and the left protect them BN the left are doing like the crococodile apeasement thinking that the will eaten later and bending over for more oppresion from the sand donkeys the left says give me more , more mistreatment and the sand donkeys are willing to give more oppresion is ridiculous even white leftist when they talk they said oh them white people are racist but they are whites themselves so I hope everybody supporting this evil cult will suffer nique l’islam

  4. Awww, diddums, the words were painted on so violently, must’ve really hurt & caused serious injury.
    Be careful the paint job isn’t fatal.
    Pffft! Obviously an inside job – REAL vandals would’ve smashed &/or burnt the pissoir down!

  5. Fine. The slap them with inverse-shariah and Forbid them to clean it up, repair it.
    As per shariah law re; non-islamic churches and places of worship.
    Treat the muffars with their own damnable shariah, shove it down their bellowing throats and make them choke on it.

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