NORWAY: Multiculturalism did this! Muslims stepping up demands for ‘NO GO’ zones where sharia law rules and non-Muslims dare not go

Hmmm, and they wonder why Anders Breivik did what he did last year?


33 comments on “NORWAY: Multiculturalism did this! Muslims stepping up demands for ‘NO GO’ zones where sharia law rules and non-Muslims dare not go

  1. Not everyone is bright enough to avoid going to bed with vipers – some even swim in shark-infested waters – others welcome Muslims in, expecting some kind of tolerance or reciprocation, blindly unaware that Muslims view kafir as far less than human.

    • Paul…
      Look at your own self.
      now, ask yourself this;
      Will I submit, or will I fight to keep my nation, culture, home, freedoms and liberty.

      You want to play self-righteous holier-than-thou smug slagwit…that’s fine. islamists don’t fucking care, so long as you mind your place like a good pet-dhimmi.

      The last time a muzzie called me ‘dhimmi’ I backhanded him hard enough to sprain his neck and swat the little hairclog to the ground.
      He’s lucky, as if Husband hadn’t been on crutches for limb-lengthening, he might very well have killed him.
      yes, I;d be fine with that.
      ‘Dhimmi’ has the EXACT same connotation as the word ‘Nigger’.
      They both mean; subjugated, inferior, dehumanized, disposable, and slave.
      The next muzzie that makes that mistake with me, is going to end up with far worse than merely a sprained neck.
      How do I validate this?
      The muzzies validated it. I’d prefer to have NEVER learned all the combat training and instruction Husband and anow deceased friend gave me.
      But, if the muzzies want to act like monstrous, savage, uncivilized sub-primates then I will treat them accordingly. I will not tolerate their abusibe behaviour towards myself, my family, my friends or fellow Citizens within my sight.
      Yes, I know the risks, and I;m not pleased by them…but the choice is to be a dhimmi, bow head, accept the abuse and let them have their savage little way…
      Or stand up to them and make sure that they start getting the message that this shit-flinging of their’s stops, either by their own volition–or by me/Husband/fellow Citizens.

      So, paul…you be a good Leftist dhimmi and bow head and scurry away in submission to your muzzie masters.
      Myself and people like me…islam = Nazis. Same damned thing, but islam tries to pass itself off as a ‘religion’. Aside from that, there is very little difference.

      • Marlene Wilkins you make me sick, just reading your comments here about Muslims and how much you hate them and how much you would do this and that to them. Muslims are good people and so are Catholics and other people of diferent religions but it’s people like you in each one of these religions that make this world a sick place. You’re no better than these certain few trouble making Muslims. Every religion or group has good and bad members in it. One quarter of the worlds population is Muslim (approx 1.5 billion) now do you think they’re all the same?

        • Yes, muslims are ‘good people’…tell THAT to the hundreds of millions they’ve killed.
          Go ahead and look it up, India alone: 80 Million and climbing.

          islam isn’t a religion.
          It’s a Criminal/Political entity with a Cultist mindset to maintain cohesion.

          As for muzzies, the Majority are the problem, and it’s ‘not just a few’ considering the non-stop atrocities going on globally every day.
          Also, all the so-called ‘good muslims’ were Cheering after the first plane hit the WTC.
          Rather telling isn’t it?
          Have a good look at Sweden, listen to Swedes BEGGING for help against what islam is doing to their nation.

          You are a know-nothing halfwit who buys into the Liberarbid line about islam. You’ve shown that. And when the time comes, boyo, if you stand with islam, you will be treated as a sympathizer and dealt with as such: Exile and Quarantine in somalia.

          Get yourself properly educated about what’s really happening in the world regarding islam, then speak.
          All you do right now is sound ridiculous.

          Then again, have 10+ friends, across the world and some with their families, killed by ‘good muslims’. Or have some immigrant somalia muzzies invade your town due to fed gov’t placement and then see what they turn your city into…like using 911 to set up ambushes and kill cops, emts, firefighters.

          You don’t stand in my shoes, you have NO idea what people worldwide are going through regarding islam’s persecutions, purges and unspeakable atrocities.

          Smarten up.

        • Obviously you have ever seen islam as itself, never visited a mosque in disguise, nor listened to what surveillance on mosques reveals about how they TRULY see us, all these ‘wonderful’ and ‘good’ muzzies you speak of. They are not even people at all…they’re a Plague, and History shows that PLAIN. Either side with Humanity, or submit as fhimmi to islam…there’s NO middle ground anymore. ‘Certain few troublemaking muzzies’….’few’…you sickeing decerebrate, you really know not one damned thing about islam’s global history do you? Look it up–and when you do, keep a sickbag handy, because it’s absolutely horrific. As for the muzzies, I don’t care, they’re like Nazis in WW2, and if you think I am going to stand up and find out if they’re ‘nice’ muzzies the next time they’re rampaging and acting like barbarians as opposed to shooting back and breaking bones…then you’re so damned delusional you need serious help. Wake up, or stay the hell out of the way you sopwit. If you side with islam, you and those like u will be handled like islam will be, and that means Exile or Extermination. Humanity or islam, That’s your choice…the choice is pressed on you by islam itself, not me.

  2. Interested in “hunting” … and the Norwegian robots in charge believe it! Leftist secular socialist humanism is not a certifiable mental disease and I can’t understand why. Has the science of psychology been taken over by the Islamist ideology too?

  3. another lie@ the poeple of Utoya were NOT children anymore..they were youths who belong to extreme-left anti-Israel ,pro-Hamas political youth organisation..
    but of course nothing can justify killing it children or adults…killing is killing…although…that’s what happens during every war….

  4. Poor tolerant, peaceful Norway. I’d like to see an interview of Norway’s Bruce Bauer. He moved from the US to Norway so he could marry his lover. He is a journalist who used to criticize US conservative policy on gay marriage but who has changed his tune over the past 15 years. Some years ago, he wrote “While Europe Slept” in which he said the US is now the safest country in the world for homosexuals. So, I’d like to hear what he has to say now.

    Norway’s native people don’t all embrace submission. That was evidenced by their court’s decision to not find Breivik not criminally responsible. Had they done so, they would have delegitimized his philosophy but because they found him criminally responsible, the court admitted he has a point. Obtuse but true. Someone who favours an extreme solution like his can organize from prison where he couldn’t from a psychiatric hospital where drugs would control his ideas. As it is, he can write and spread his philosophy as a legitimate, while rogue, criminal resistor.

    While they aren’t really vocal, Norwegian resistors are simply playing their cards close to their chests. When the time comes, they will unite with the rest of us. And in fact, out of the view of the world’s media, their leaders already have.

    • @Joan – thank you for that information I am hoping for Norways sake that there are people waking up and doing something about their “Moslem” problem.

      I will say it again as BNI has, can see why Breivik went mad and as for the Asslifter Asslicker obvious Leftard “Another Lie” you should change your name to.”Another Dumbass Dhimmi” or “Taquiyya”.

  5. Just noticed this….in parts of Birmingham UK there have been `muslim only` areas for years, signs on lampost to that effect. Even Bham city centre is a bit dodgey these days with gangs of muslim kids shouting racist and anti west abuse at passers by…mind you the are ok with their iphones and other stuff the wicked west develops for them. Just as well they will never develop and become civilised, at least with ghettos you don`t have to go there!!

  6. You wonder why Anders Breivik did what he did?

    You disgust me. There was no excuse for what he did. Murdering children is not right. Indiscriminate violence (which we hate from Muzzies) is not right.

    Look at yourselves. Draw a deep breath and grow up.

    • all our disgust is over your disgust that you fail to get his bloody message and there fore are doomed to see his like again , we know , muslims know , you draw a deep breath hold your nose and go back take a second look see where this killers hate was grounded

    • Okay…so how do you feel about islamists phoning in a fake emergency, and then ambushing the Cops who respond?
      Two Cops, two fathers, defenders of our community and Citizens…pretty much blown apart from close-range concentrated weapons fire.
      because muzzies did it, well…it’s ‘OK’, because better to just accept it than speak up and maybe offend the poor muzzies, right?

      Gun sales here have taken a straight climb up and the Police are handling Firearms training and familiarization in classes of 30 now and every class is booked solid.
      You wanna know a secret about violence?
      It ENDS a problem when properly employed, but you’d better use it properly otherwise it’s like throwing gasoline into a bonfire.
      The damned muzzies leave us in the West with NO other option, and they’re forcing it on us. The options;
      Submit and be a good dhimmi, a slave in our own nations.
      Eliminate the invaders.

      This IS a War, A.L..
      No more. No less.
      They mean to kill us and or subjugate any survivors.
      Look at the pattern of behaviour in every nation experiencing islamization it repeats, the same way, everytime.
      In short, it is being coordinated.
      Once is Chance.
      twice is Coincidence.
      Thre or more times, it’s Enemy Action.

      Stay comfy in your fuzzy-wuzzy Leftist realm, but when the islamists force you to choose between submission, or watching your family get their brains blown out, don’t even think of running back to us.
      We’re going to be too busy fighting in every way there is against this invasion or parasitic culture destroyers.
      Some of us will die, some of us are already in prison, or hiding, merely for speaking out.
      So, do some waking-up, dig out some facts for yourself if you don’t like the ones here, and consider the way things are shaping up.

      I’m a Housewife, and all I ever wanted to do was be married, a Mother and Write.
      But, because of these rapacious, greedy, and essentially psychotic parasites are forcing all this crap on us–I’ve had my life hijacked along with so many other people who out of Conscience must stand up and speak out, fight back.
      I loathe islam, muslims and despise them. I resent having my life and future hijacked, and that of my future children. The nations that my Lineage is composd of–ALL are being so rapidly islamized, that they are GONE.
      All I have left is Canada, and I will Kill to protect it, it’s culture, my family and my friends.

      So, the next time you think of firing off your yapper and spewing drivel and rhetoric,criticizing us and those like us–give it some thought first.
      And babycake, when the shooting does start–stay the fuck out of the way. If you don’t, leftists like you will be lumped in with muslims as co-conspirators and complicit with them.
      Right now, you’re a despicable, disgusting, loathesome traitor to your own nation and culture.

      Now, go do your homework assignment and learn some thing that wasn’t spoon-fed to you by the MSM.

      • Marlene, listen to yourself.

        Anyone who knows me will know I hate the Left with a passion and am not a dhimmie. I hate islamism as much as I hate the left.

        Anders Breivik was/is a kook. Islamists and Nazis are kooks too.

        Do you want to reduce yourself to their degenerate level? Yes…then a kook you are. No and there is some hope and humanity in you.

        Don’t you worry, if the muzzies start shooting as you describe, I’ll fight back. But wanton murder is for the inhumane (aka Islamists and Nazis and Commies)

        There is a war going on right now, of that I have no doubt. I can be counted upon to protect my family and my nation, but I will not engage in murder. Our initial fight must be to stop the immigration and enforce compulsory deportation of muzzies.

        • Okay, I’ll admit i did misinterpret your statement as a Leftist remark, in my defense, it’s somewhat unclear. No matter, I made a mistake, and I apologize for it.
          Mistakes happen, and that’s why humanity invented apologies. :-)

          But, where did I ever mention killing children? Unporovoked violence? I’m a bit confused, not attacking you, just looking for a bit of clarity.
          To quote you for your convenience

          “Do you want to reduce yourself to their degenerate level? Yes…then a kook you are. No and there is some hope and humanity in you.”

          I ask for your help in knowing the meaning of the above statement–this is NOT an attack.Is this like a general example thing??
          I’m not really good with ‘obvious’ things, thus I ask for your explanation/help to avoid another misinterpretation.I am unfamiliar with some of your speaking style, that’s all.

          Overall, and if you’ve read any of my posts, then you KNOW I hold the same stance as you do and agree with you 100%
          I like violence in movies and games–I am NOT fond of it in Real Life. I was very happy before all this blew into my life, but it’s here now, and fighting is an option I can live with–kowing in surrender and accepting dhimmitude…I’d rather die on my feet fighting.

          I’m not a murderer either, but if a muzzy ever again attempts to draw or use a weapon on me, next time I will kill.
          Yes, it’s already happened once–combat knide, at the time I thought he was going for a gun.

          I would like to resolve this misunderstnading and return to good spirits and abiding of each other.

  7. Breivik was insane and evil. It is also insane and evil to allow rapists into your country and allow them to roam free and pray upon your youth. To give up your freedoms for the appearance of tolerance and acceptance is suicidal. When I was last there in 2004 at least the far north was free of muslim problems but now I read that the problems are everywhere. Trondheim and Oslo were dirty then, I cannot imagine what they must look like now.

  8. Aren’t they still voting in leftist governments? They’re suicidal idiots who deserve what they get. Go peacefully to your deaths, little dhimmis.

  9. Those nations, like Norway, Sweden, etc..
    Well, we’re learning from their suffering, so at least what they suffer has that merit at least.
    Epic Historic Failure.

    islam, given it’s doctrines and such, isn’t a religion, and doesn’t qualify for protection under the law any more than the Mafia or drug cartels do.
    ‘It’s only 2% of the muslims committing the problems’…
    Okay…that’s still HOW many Millions again? And lets not forget that islamists are rapidly radicalizing all muslims and the choice is either ‘get radical or get dead’ thus that ‘2%’ figure is nonsense and has been for a good while now.

    I do now understand why Husband rarely bothers speaking at length to muslims, aside from our friends.
    They start with trying to convince you how ‘beautiful’ islam is, then work on trying to convert you.
    Turn that down…and it’s like a switch gets thrown and they turn into snarling, raving, threat & hate-spewing bullies that then try to browbeat you into accepting islam and submitting.

    2011 Anjem Choudary tried establishing shariah-controlled zones in some places in england, and other groups are still trying to do the same there and in other locales across the globe in Western cities in Europe, UK, here in Canada and also I suspect the USA.
    The UK story here:
    As we all know, just because they failed then…they’re not going to give up.
    They’ll try again…
    Maybe UK, Maybe here where we live. Maybe your own home town next.

    Now you know.
    Eyes open folks.

    Jihad turned against islam, is Dahijzh
    Islamoresistance not ‘islamophobia’.

    • We can blame Karl Marx plus Friedrich Engels and their fellow “philosophers” (Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau, D’Alembert, Kant, Hegel; thence Gramsci, Liebknecht, Luxemburg, the “Frankfurt School”, Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao, Pol Pot and their various other followers, open and secret like Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Jack Layton, Pierre Elliott Trudeau {and his son Justin Trudeau}, the American Kennedy family, &c.) – and the fact that we gave them FAR TOO MUCH IMPORTANCE, credit and even veneration!!!!

      We have given MUCH TOO MUCH WEIGHT to education (especially when the Marxists subverted our education systems – their first goal and stop! – into being merely indoctrination centres between 1910 and 1960!!!) as opposed to really trying to see what kinds of CHARACTER people actually have – not for nothing that Ljéñin wrote to his friend Maksjím Górjkiy about such “intellectuals” being “useful idiots”, or his famous quotation “the intelligentsia are not the brains of the nation but the shit!”

      Thanks to them and their HATE of ALL our traditional Western civilisation with its Judæo-Christian, God-Fearing, God-Believing morals, values, traditions and so much else, WE HAVE LOST TOUCH with what REALLY made us great and which helped us accomplish so very, very much!!! We have wanted to eliminate the idea of ANY Deity from our lives and have us only listen to our fellow human-beings as the basic centres of wisdom and knowledge – and, sad to say, behold the result!!!

      Please note carefully: I’m NOT out to attack atheists, pagans, Buddhists, Shintoists, Hindus and other people of other religions ‘per se’ here as people BY A LONG SHOT!!!! Yours truly knows all too well that there are good AND bad people in any grouping (whether measured relative to religion or the lack thereof {Islam of course excluded!} – and the same holds for ethnicity, race, colour &c.

      HOWEVER, it’s one thing for us to try to incorporate varying schools of thought (wherever they rear their heads) into our basic ways of thinking (especially as long as we don’t try to shove anything down anybody else’s throats other than our own!!); but quite another when we wish to destroy the very basis of what we and our ancestors have lived for!!! So we saw with the Roman Empire (not merely the fault of Christianity, contrary to Edward Gibbon’s asserting as much) as well as its predecessors from Greece, Assyria, Babylonia plus Ancient Israel and Judah (among others); so we have seen with the British, French, German and other Empires (whatever their strengths and foibles) since the time of Imperial Rome; so we’re seeing with the American Empire!!! The moment those of us who belong to any given civilisation lose sight of the things that we and our forebears have toiled upon for a LONG TIME, that’s when they (we) are at risk of decline and trouble. No less important is that we at all times learn to differentiate between looking down at faults in people, systems, organizations et al WITHOUT rejecting those same people, systems, organizations, &c. “per se” – which, most unfortunately, is what has been known to happen far too easily!!! That’s the kind of blind-rejection that has spearheaded such nasty happenings as the French and later the Russian Revolutions, and their fateful consequences that continue to plague the entire world through this very day…

      In all events, even as I remind us of what in my opinion rate as the root causes of our current dangers and troubles, please know in closing that I mourn and lament what’s upon us just as much as anybody else here and elsewhere can and does!!! None of us need to be ashamed (aside from Moslems and other totalitarians or totalitarian want-to-bes like Communists, Fascists or Nazis – who most certainly have GOOD reason for shame!!!) of our heritage, ethnicity, beliefs, values et al. We simply – with the above exceptions – need to rediscover the values we all too often have let go in part or in whole. We need to embrace them and strive to match those who came before us with these given values (especially when they’ve really contributed positively to society!!), hold off and negate the threats against us and our beliefs, believe in these things (without worshipping ourselves – that kind of indulgence is as dangerous as anything else!!!!) and work to improve the lots of ourselves, those we love and cherish – and everybody else who comes into contact with us, no matter how ephemerally or insignificantly such things may seem to be!!

      I speak and write as a Christian because that’s who I feel called to be (much as there is A GREAT DEAL of hypocrisy, wrath, sloth, vainglory and FAR too much else by far of sin in me and my wicked heart); however, please let me ask you to do as your hearts call you even while ideally wishing everybody to know and love the Christian God FAR MORE by far than what I currently am!!! [I.e., better that I be the pupil and student rather than any sort of a teacher!!!] In all events, the last thing I wish to do is to convert (or attempt to do so with) anybody other than myself, as that’s NOT my work but God’s and His Alone!!!! Nevertheless, let me wish you all the very, very best in ALL events from both myself and – if I dare say as much – also from Him!!!!

      If anything of the above is offensive, please try to – even while notifying me! – see what I’m trying to write and say beyond what could be wrong, misguided or anything else…

  10. Sickening. The Norwegians deserve what they get. They’ve taken in immigrants for years (Vietnamese, Sri Lanka, Eastern Europe and Africa) never any trouble until they started taking muslims. Now, they have rape, graffiti, violence and loss of freedoms. Hege Storhaug tried to warn them but they must not have read her book. Great book for anyone interested!

  11. The most hideous ideology since communism is multiculturalism, and the two are intrinsically linked. It’s painful to even think of these invaders destroying once beautiful nations.

    I’m eating Serbian cuisine tonight. My own private “f*ck you” to the Muslim agenda and leftist scum-suckers like Slick Willy Clinton. Milosevic knew how to deal with Islamic invaders who tried to create their own Islamic state.

  12. norway did it to themselves juste like the rest of europe specially with the multiculturalism BS and the tolerance BS but they are so stupid they can’t see the musslimes don’t tolerate no body that is not musslime .

  13. Just wait till they become a despised minority like the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Tolerance my foot!! Stop Islamic immigration into Norway period!

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