“Islam is like Nazism,” say increasingly popular Sweden Democrats

Keep an eye on the Sweden Democrats, they are gaining strength from a populace fed up with uncontrolled Muslim immigration and the resulting crime, rape and welfare overload that always accompanies it.

The Local  (h/t Colin W) “We’re presenting a new team today,” Jimmie Åkesson said at a press conference. Åkesson presented Richard Jomshof, a former high school teacher who was previously the editor in chief for the Sweden Democrat paper SD–Kuriren, as the replacement for former justice policy spokesman Kent Ekeroth who stepped down on Wednesday.

The Local  Jomshof has previously likened Islamism to Nazism in the publication, a view he showed no signs of abandoning on Thursday. “I’ve also compared Islamism with National Socialism and Communism. I stand by that. I think it’s a completely reasonable comparison,” he told TT.

Jomshof was then asked whether he equates Islamism to the religion Islam. “Islam is an ideology. That doesn’t mean there is only one direction within Islam or that all Muslims think the same. There are different directions in all ideologies.”

Party leader Åkesson did not dismiss his colleague’s statements. “It depends on how you make the comparison. Now we’re seeing an example in Gaza and other conflicts where extreme Islamists are involved, sometimes using the same symbols that the Nazis used,” he said. “Such a comparison can in certain cases be relevant.”

The Local  Some 6,000 members of the Sweden Democrats will be receiving an anti-Islam newspaper at the end of the month, courtesy of the party.

Dispatch International is a paper that plays an important role in the societal debate,” MP and editor in chief for the Sweden Democrat paper SD–Kuriren, Richard Jomshof, told local paper Sydsvenskan. 

The publication, which is connected to the Swedish anti-Islam group “Freedom of the Press Society” (Tryckfrihetssällskapet), recently featured an article where a professor argues that the Muslim call to prayer should not only be seen as that but also as a threat. 

Jomshof told the paper that he doesn’t think that sending the publication along with the Sweden Democrat paper is in any way in breach of the party’s recent zero-tolerance policy against racism. 
“The newspaper can hardly be seen as racist. Islam is not a race and not all Muslims are of the same race,” Jomshof told the paper. 

A 15-year-old student mailed the Sweden Democrats seeking the party’s view on Islam for a school project and received a link to a website showing close-up photos of mutilated, decapitated and burned bodies. (Below are the actual photos of what Muslims did to the Buddhists in Southern Thailand that were released by the Thai government)

The Local  “I was shocked. I had no idea how I was supposed to respond to his mail. I can’t describe the feeling, the photos were so horrible,” the student, named as Johan, told the Svenska Dagbladet daily.

The teenager was tasked with writing a project about Islam and was told to gather information and attitudes to Islam. 

He mailed an address on the Sweden Democrats website intended for “general questions about the Sweden Democrats or the party’s national policy” and received a reply from Ted Ekeroth, a Lund county councillor.

Ekeroth sent Johan the link which he explained shows victims of Islamic terrorism in southern Thailand. The photos include bloodied bodies and body parts including close ups of severely burned corpses and beheaded torsos.

The link was attached in response to a question from the 15-year-old on whether the Sweden Democrats think the media presented a balanced view of Islam.















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  1. I am afraid that it is already too late for Sweden, for my United Kingdom… They are here too many now, to stop they, to recover our security and safety…

  2. screw the bearded storm troopers of that sick ideology and their prophet ,we all.know what islam is it’s in your mein kampf koran. ……islam is feces with a turban

  3. muslims will, when in control, murder all gays, non muslims and so on. Just look at the countries already under the control of muslims to get the truth of life under sharia laws and muslim savages. Stonings, beheadings, child brides, amputations and so on, the horrors of islam go on and on, unabated since the 700’s.

  4. The majority of people in the west have never seen anything close to what really happens in the mohommedist controlled areas and would faint if they did. The shock would cause an apoplectic response.

  5. Bonni, thank you for re-showing this. Please repost your worst when you can.

    Yes, and I’m sure you know, Hannah is 100% correct: Nazi and Sharia ideologies are a near perfect twin match for evil, formula (hatred of Jews), and abject human depravity.

    • There was worst than that … Look at years 90 at conflict in Bosnia herzegovia. I have seen thousands of people death with a horrible dead. People cut in piecea, women and young childs, babies raped and violated. All that done by muslims. People have no idea what’s going on and ehat is coming.

  6. Learn your history…Nazism and Islam were together during WWII…Adolph Hitler and Islam were together in Nazi Germany…

    • There are several pictures if head muslims together wih Hitler. There had many agreements between both Hitler and muslims. If you dont believe that, just ipen your books or google it. People are so mistaken … Muslims are worst than nazis.

  7. If you check your history it was Muslim and Nazi Germany together during WWII killing jews, christians and everyone else … ALL Muslims need to die…Don’t wait until its to late, because you and your family could be next…And don’t feel sorry for Muslim children they have been brainwashed at a very young age to HATE and kill jews and christians… You want world peace “All muslims need to die and everyone else that follow islam and Nazi agenda”…History is repeting itself because ‘NO’ one learned from the past!!

    • Hannah ! you got a sound bottom no reference too ass am saying with you and your kind ride’en picket duty we can get to the main battle for earth with out all that fuss and talk ! instead of paying up we will be paying back more our kind of world

  8. Islam is WORSE than Nazism!! No oneon Earth has ever invited more hatred and insult toward themselves than the Satan worshipping muslimes!!…AND it is a DAMN shame that the Democrats of the U’S. are predominantly DHIMMICRATS and NOT like the Sweden Democrats!! If WE had Democrats like the Swedes we would NOT be dealing with a–holes like Dougie Hooper and Nihad Awad every time some muslime a–hole whines and boohoos “discrimination”!!

    • better question is why stating truth about islam is considered racist/ after all it’s not a race it’s not evena a religion