It’s that time of year again when Shia Muslims come out to flog and mutilate themselves until they bleed

Shia Muslims around the world flog themselves to mark the festival of Ashura. The festival celebrates the martyrdom of Hussain, the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, in the battle of Karbala, Iraq in 680.

Too bad it doesn’t also include smiting of the necks.

The festival of Ashura even includes the cutting and mutilation of small children.


28 comments on “It’s that time of year again when Shia Muslims come out to flog and mutilate themselves until they bleed

  1. This is the most stupid, barbaric belief and i can’t believe they associate it with such a compassionate being as God

  2. Is it any wonder they are bloodthirsty, frenzied pedephiles? Look at what they see and feel as babies. A life full of hate from birth. It’s never going to change

  3. Pretty bizarre. But better they do it to themselves than to the rest of us. They must think it pretty barbaric for Christians (especially those who believe in the sacraments) to drink blood … book people all come from one blood cult or another.

    I object more to the ruin of their good white shirts than their self-harm. Sure, it teaches children some bad habits but it is far better (and doesn’t that say something) than teaching them to bear arms and kill their neighbours.

  4. Hopefully, if this is taking place in the western world, the savages who beat their children are put into prison. The shia muslims are truly a demonic cult of horrors. Imagine the cost to the tax payers when these crazy idiots of islam go to the hospital for treatment. I would hope that a doctor, knowing that they did this to themselves, would send them out of the hospital because hospitals are for people who are injured and not for idiots who injure themselves. This is just another reason why we can not negotiate any peace solutions with idiots of islam. Tell me again why we are in the hell hole countries trying to bring democracy to savages? What a waste.

  5. Everything that these inbreeds do is always , in some shape or form – violent! And all the Leftist Dhimmis bleat away about Shitslam being a “peaceful” religion. What would the Lefty Dhimmis say about the video clips above? ” oh that just a small minority of fundamentalists who are that way”. Buuullllshhheet! Its a bloody majority and Im getting abit over this “only a minority” crap as an excuse for these inbreeds barbaric behavoiur. Many hundreds of years ago other religions were barbaric in medievil times just as Muzscum were but the rest of us evolved to modern times and dont practice barbaric behavoiur like we did back then. Whereas Muzscum havent evolved and are no different to what they were back in the 7th century.

    Classic case of too much inbreeding over the centuries right up to today. Blah they make me sick.

  6. No, nothing wrong with this cult. Not to many years ago, the media actually showed this stuff. Can’t show this, and sell us on the idea its a religion of peace b.s.

  7. If I saw someone cutting a child, I think I would go ballistic. These freakin’ mothers are evil and insane. For some reason, muslims’ lack of empathy for others means they will even harm their own children, even when they can see they are so grieved. Heart-wrenching.

  8. I saw only one normal kid in the last film. This cute little boy was crying with blood running down his face. Whats wrong with the other ones. Cutting them is bad eought but what they do with these kids heads.

  9. Good thing they have security… wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt! lol… can you imagine the disease they are flinging around? I mean what a perfect way to spread aids, hepatitis or some other nastiness… open wounds, whips flinging the blood around to other open wounds… yuck! What a bunch of animals… Hey, buddy – we are not going to try to stop you from beating the crap out of yourself!!! Have at it!

    If anyone wants to get a clear picture of exactly “who” satan is, need only look at the behaviors of these zombies.
    THAT is the battle we are fighting.

    And to Brenda….God is ALWAYS ready to bless but, these kids have been drinking the mother’s milk of hatred from infancy!
    Hate IS their “normal!” they are already so far gone it would take therapy for the rest of their lives to undo even a microscopic dot of the damage done to them by their zombified parents and their culture.

  11. It’s really too bad that Jonesboro Wasn’t full of muslmss.
    They all need some of that special KoolAid.
    There you go Abdullah! Down the hatch. Pretty soon even the islamophobics will say you’re a good muslim.

  12. Is it just me?! Or is anyone else thinking that this damn “festival” is ANYTHING BUT FESTIVE; usually when someone says “Festival”, to me that term denotes a HAPPY occasion; and this SAVAGE SH– is NOT very damn festive to say the least; especially for the small children who are given ABSOLUTELY no choice in being cut and mutilated by the GARBAGE that are supposed to be their guardians and protectors!!

    • If they do that in a previously civilized country, do the child care agencies say/do ANYTHING, or does PC trump humanity?

      Any leftards care to comment?

      • In ‘civilized’ countries they do not stop them from performing the ritual. However every country I’ve researched that you would class as ‘civilized’ has put an age limit of 16 and above on the event. Hope this helps

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