PAT CONDELL on the Hamas Nazis

But unlike the Nazis, Hamas likes to ensure that their own people get killed, too, which is why they put their rocket launchers next to schools, hospitals, playgrounds, and in residential neighborhoods.



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  1. Pat Condell is BRILLIANT! He cuts thru the so-called Liberal bull and gives the unblemished truth about Hamas and their crazed hatred of Jews and all so-called Infidels. Hamas even hates and killed some of the Abbas led Fatah party of Palestinians. Sickening to create such destruction and so-many in the world blame the VICTIM… once again -the Jewish People.

  2. I as well never agree 100% with Pat, but you have to give it to him on this one, ” there will never be peace until these brothers from their hood islam, are soundly defeated( read killed and sent to a permenant dirt nap awaiting judgement day) right down to the last 10year old male among them”. Harsh words you say, yeah, but, it’s a reality that we will never see, why, because this world is now being lead, no, actually pretending to be lead by pussies/liars/deceivers/theives/murderers of all colors and stripes. Especially the white liberal eliteist who ring their tainted hands of immorality, death and destruction, with compromises that can’t be met, have no design of being met, nor the will to have a semblence of peace as long as there is one group to pit against another, and all of this is of course for political power. They think of themselves as so sofisticated and importent and wise having made up their minds of knowing better then those who live their disasterous deeds in this life, they have failed to understand the handwriting on the wall of appeasement hoping for the alligator to eat them last, while never noticing the hatred being directed right back at them for their delusions of granduer by the common man, it may well come back to bite them when least expected. Here is to their type of fodder, may they reak what they have sown in spades, soon is not close enough but, the day of reakoning will come, it will hit them like a rock does the earth, hard, harsh, ruthless and devestatingly dead as in graveyard dead does.

    Going GALT

    • The only thing I can critique Mr. Condell upon is that he quoted the Hamas “Charter”, which calls indeed for a Jewish genocide. [Otherwise, his speech is very good indeed.]

      However, he should have gone ALL THE WAY to the even deeper root: the Qu’rân, Sira, Hadiths, Sunnas and the rest of the actual IDEOLOGY that Islam happens to be!!!! Then he – and his listeners – would realise that it’s not merely Hamas but any and ALL Moslems, with ALL OF ISLAM, that are identical in these very same desires, with their aim being not merely the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people but the COMPLETE EXTERMINATION of any and ALL other CIVILISATIONS, peoples, cultures, ideas, ways of life and positively EVERYTHING “un-Islamic” world-wide!!!! All this not to mention the total annihilation of art, music, science and even Western medicine from THE ENTIRE PLANET!!!!!

      That’s why – in one simple phrase – “the only good Moslem is a DEAD Moslem”, unless the one is no longer a Moslem and has proven him- or her-self to genuinely have renounced and repented it forever!!!! It’s because of their talent for – and their commandment and thus commitment to – lying that very few thereof can really be trusted. One such sign of trust is their genuinely cultivating talents in what’s TRULY FORBIDDEN in Islam (not just the Taliban or Boko Haram, which means that even their cultivation of Western medicine must be considered suspect). It means their proof has to be in genuine art, music and science (and simple rap, Henry Moore or other such “abstract” sculpture or such things are insufficient!!!).

      [I’m not here to look down on genuine rappers or rock-n-rollers; however, it seems to me that a truly-worthy musician has to be capable of doing – and willing to do – something serious in jazz and/or classical in order to count (especially relative to examinations)… In any case, what I’m trying to establish – in music as an example – that those Moslems who TRULY cultivate such fields are so GENUINELY into them as to have a serious case for potential trust!!! It’s the untrustworthy (the real Moslems, just like the real Commies, Nazis and Fascists!!) that are the ones that CAN’T EVER be allowed to remain in the West – because of totalitarians being focused upon their goals to the exclusion of everything else including the truth!!! THAT’S WHY the burden of proof must be with the one interested in remaining in the West – i.e., “guilty until PROVEN innocent”.]

        • You’re entirely right that the Hamas charter DOES call for a Jewish genocide – but so does the Qu’rân, and the Qu’rân predates Hamas.

          What I was trying to say (mea culpa, I think my thoughts were running away from me…) is that Mr. Condell should have gone ALL THE WAY BACK to the QU’RÂN and shown it – together with ALL OF ISLAM!!! – as the truly-GENOCIDAL CULT that it truly is!!!!

          Sorry for the ‘kipper’. I.e., ALL of Islam is genocidal, PERIOD!!! It’s not just the Taliban, Hamas, Al-Qaeda or even the Wahhabbist-Salafist strain of Islam – it’s ALL ISLAM that needs to be exterminated from this ENTIRE planet; and when we get the basic quotations from the core-sources, everything else can fall into its place…

          Just quoting the Hamas “charter” doesn’t – in other words – quite address the ROOT-PROBLEM, whereas quoting the Qu’rân, Sira, Hadiths, Sunnas et al almost certainly will!!!

        • ADHD, he wasn’t giving a history lesson, he was talking about Hamas. Pat is a master of avoiding TMI (Too Much information). It’s the same reason I rarely use overly long, rambling blocks of text. I prefer the KISS method – ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid.’ Otherwise people’s eyes glaze over, myself included.

        • Yes, Ms. BNI, you’re COMPLETELY RIGHT about keeping things “short and simple” – that’s where I freely accept your being better than me as a human being and a teacher!!!

        • Bonni: I have stated elsewhere that the Hamas charter calls for a TOTAL, global Jewish genocide, because there is no geographic or national term of limitation mentioned:

          Article 7:[end]
          “O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad, which is a Jewish tree (cited by Bukhari and Muslim).”

          [Note also the stone age superstition.]

          And for good measure, how do liberal democrats parse this quote?:

          Article 15 end:
          “I swear by that who holds in His Hands the Soul of Muhammad! I indeed wish to go to war for the sake of Allah! I will assault and kill, assault and kill, assault and kill (told by Bukhari and Muslim).”

          BTW, I like “Keep It Short and Simple” for KISS.

          BTW2 How about an instant ready link to the Charter of Genocide, maybe the Avalon Archive:

  3. Pat is right on in his view of hamas and the fact that Israel will never have peace until hamas is driven out of gaza. muslims are cowards, using their children and women as human shields. All support for Israel.

  4. I can’t always agree with Pat on all of his vids, but he is spot on most generally when it comes to the assholes of hamas, the taliban, and a few other muzzie fuck ups out there. hamas monkeys need to be killed and bitch slapped with a pork hock.

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