Pig’s head found at Muslim prayer center in Milan

A pig’s head was found on Friday at the PalaSharp Arena in Milan where the local Islamic community holds weekly prayers. The head was found by delegates of the civil protection agency in an area close to where ceremonies are held every Friday.

ANSA  PalaSharp is an indoor arena, located in the northern Italian city of Milan. It has a seating capacity of almost 9,000 and is also used for concerts and sporting events. Local authorities have vigorously condemned the incident. Vice-Mayor Maria Grazia Guida called it “intolerable”. “It is light years away from this city of dialogue, of tolerance we are building,” she said. The matter is being closely followed by police. Local dhimmis seen hand-wringing over the incident. Patriots cheered.


22 comments on “Pig’s head found at Muslim prayer center in Milan

  1. Mozzies believe beheading is ‘divine’. Why are they upset?

    Mozzies have already left their own head at the door upon entry into Islam.

    Islam demands the removal of the brain.

    The Islamic word for that is ‘TAQLID’…blind, brainless following of the mullahs’ nonsense, hatred and taqiyya.

    • This is no surprise to us. However the normal useful idiots are blinded by the lefts propaganda and hate squads. The truth bounces off them like they are SUPERMAN. The kryptonite is going to come in the form of beheadings of the left when the right doesn’t show up to protect them.

    • Good point Per 1. Stupidity is mandatory for any good muslim. (personally, I define a good muslim as a dead muslim, but that’s just silly ol’ skool me, lol!)

      What says you CAIR?

  2. Ku Klux Kair, Ha ha, I forgot about that gem! I’ve got a name for the pig, lets name him “Muhammhock (pork be upon him), Pig Prophet of Pigslam and Swine-Allah’s Porcile Apostle.” We should also consider spamming muslim and pro-muslim blogsites with pork by-products (Spam).

  3. I’m sure kkkair monitors this site. They can’t stand the light of truth about their lies and propagandizing that eminates from here.
    But on a lighter vein: I think we should adopt this pig as our official mascot. We could have a site-wide “Name the Pig” contest. Also have custom made outfits for the porker so he, she, it could masquerade as Big Mo, Uncle Dougie, and other prominent bullsh*t artists hawking the peaceful, loving cult of islam. Wow ! I can just visualize the grinning pig wearing a turban with a bomb like Big Mo wears in the cartoons.
    Good idea, wot?

  4. Bonni,
    That is a very, very, funny picture of the pig. You should send a copy to CAIR
    i’m sure they would enjoy it. Or maybe they would not. It would make a great bumper sticker.

  5. “Hahahahahahahahahaha!!” “Allahu Oinkbar!!” Let them do their flatulent prayers in an Italian piggery! As for the stupid, obediant, leftist Mayor and other assorted vile, traitorous pinkos, let them join them at the piggery, knee deep in mud and pig poo.

    “Morte a tutti i musulmani e di sinistra, collaboratori dhimmi!”

    • “this city of dialogue, of tolerance we are building,”

      She’s in for one HELL of a surprise as muzzie numbers grow and that city-of-dialogue-and-tolerance….
      We all know where this is going, right?

      • Yep, that we do. She’ll see just how much “dialogue and tolerance” is left when those muslimo numbers hit the roof and turn her beloved “Milano in un porcile gigante.”


        • I’ve been looking over the patterns and it’s NO mistake that Islamization happens the exact same way in every city and nation. Some entity (muslim brotherhood?) has to be coordinating it somehow.
          I have no Italian heritage, but I always hoped to see Milan and other parts of Italy famous for their beauty.
          But, with the way muzzies do things, islamization = de-beautification, redication of cultural aspects, and eventually the stablishment of the same bland Nothing that is the hallmark of islam.
          That mayor…I hope she lives a really long time so she can properly live in regret for being the dimwitted dhimmi traitor that she is.

        • Given the unique beauty of Milano as a city, I sure hope that any mosques be located well away from the down-town (as the barest possible minimum)!!!

          I would FORBID ALL Moslem activities within one whole kilometre of the core – which means the world-famous Gothic cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente, the Galleria next to it (for shopping) and the Teatro di La Scala (Milano’s principal opera/ballet theatre + concert-hall). WOE to that lady-“mayor” if ANY damage whatsoever comes to any of those places (and yes, there have been Moslem plots for blowing up the cathedral “for allah’s glory”…). [What an irony that her name translates as Mary Grace Lady-Guide – she sure is guiding her people into the worst possible kind of HELL!!! Yet another leftist who deserves arrest, disenfranchisement and deportation to “dar al-Islam” and/or the Communist world when “the shit hits the fan”…]

          MORTE A L’ISLAM – TUTTI I MUSULMANI FUORI DEL’OCCIDENTE, adesso e per sempre!!!!

          [DEATH TO ISLAM – ALL MOSLEMS OUT OF THE WEST, now and forever!!!!!]

          PS., is an entity coördinating the Moslemisation of the West? Not necessarily, it’s just that the virii are sent to occupy the entire West, especially as they BUY the politicians and other “élite” with their ill-gotten petroleum money – then they finance their mosques and other “cultural centres”. They ALL share the same fanatical beliefs about forcing Islam upon the entire remainder of the world: Saudi Arabia, followed by the Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain (who share the same Wahhabbi-Salafi extra-virulent strain of Islam) ALL are out to RUIN us!!!! They have the arrogance and contempt for all of us “infidels”, and even their own kind if they’re not 100% Arab. Mind you, they could ALL be gladly coördinating things between themselves as far as governments and the rest are concerned, especially given their being mostly absolute monarchies of one sort or another.

          While we’re at it, Mrs. Wilkins, you would do well to look up http://www.barenakedislam.com/2012/06/09/kiss-my-hand-you-filthy-dog-says-saudi-to-bangladeshi-immigrant/ – that’s one example of just how utterly-RACIST at least one particular Saudi is to a fellow-Moslem from Bangladesh. If all the Saudis are like that (and many of them no doubt are!!!), that would justify their total annihilation as a nation and a people!!!!

          You’re so right about that Moslems can NEVER, EVER hope to pay anything like the compensation they by all rights should pay to ALL the people in the world they have wronged via things as relatively small as this going all the way up to and including genocide, murder, rape, you name it!!!! [Also, may I please refer you to the late Zhivko B. Damyanovich’s essay “The Origins of Ethnic Cleansing in the Balkans” – there you’ll for example be able to note one form of genocide practised by the Ottoman Turks in the name of Islam: the FORCED conscription of male children from “infidel” families between the ages of 3 and 8, where they would be taken away and put into schools whose rigorous curriculum inculcated a fanatical devotion to Islam and the Turkish Sultan as well as the complete purging of ALL memory of home including parents and siblings!!! Ah, how MANY Balkan families were forced to mutilate their male children very soon after birth (e.g., a just-boiled egg put next to the groin) in order to stop their being taken away…]

  6. The first thought I have is that this is just another case of these Muslim shitbags vandalising their own toilets to drum up liberal bitch support and sympathy.

  7. imagine a cult that gets all bent out of shape because a pig’s head was left. What nonsense. These muslims beg to be made fun of because they are so pathetic.

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