‘RAPE JIHAD’ comes to New Zealand

We haven’t heard much about the Muslim ‘problem’ in New Zealand, but as Muslim population numbers continue to grow, so will the disproportionate number of crimes associated with them. Two Somali Muslim men have been sentenced over the gang rape of a woman snatched off an Auckland street, but police are looking for two more still on the loose.

New Zealand Herald (h/t Jim S)  Abdinor Abdi, 29, and Mohamed Bashir, 25, were sentenced in the High Court at Auckland today to 16 and 15 years in prison respectively for their part in the continued rape of the woman. Neither will be eligible for parole until they served at least half of their sentences.

Abdinor Abdi, left, and Mohamed Bashir

Crown prosecutor Sam Wimsett said the woman had been with friends at a bar on Auckland’s Karangahape Rd on June 4 last year. She started playing pool with four men and lost contact with her friends. The woman left the bar to go looking for them but instead of getting help from the four men, they grabbed her by the wrists and forced her into a car. She was taken to a garage at an unknown location, forced to lie on a mattress and held down while each man raped her.

“Having to dance in front of the men, having them giggle, laugh and chatter must have made this particularly degrading,” Mr Wimsett said. Abdi threatened to kill her if she did not dance. She was allowed to go to the bathroom once and called out but no one came to help her. She was then taken back to the mattress and raped again. “I felt degraded as these guys raped me one after the other,” she said in her victim impact statement read by Crown prosecutor Michael Walker.

Abdi’s lawyer Peter Kaye said his client was born in Somalia but had been living in New Zealand for the past 16 years. In sentencing, Justice Ailsa Duffy described the crime as “inherently brutal and callous”. “You maintain your innocence despite DNA evidence of your semen being found on the victim’s underwear,” she told Abdi. She told Bashir that his views on women were “dangerous for society”. “I also note that you espoused no remorse for your offending and indeed, you said the victim was going along with the fun.”

A jury earlier found them guilty of rape and three counts of being party to rape. Abdi was also convicted of abduction and threats to kill. Abdi – who refers to himself as Canada and 2pac – was identified by his gold teeth. Both men were also charged after DNA samples found on the victim matched samples already held by police.


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  1. Marlene: In reference to “chemical castration,” acid is a chemical and it only has to be administered once. Just pondering.
    Thank you for your thoughtful responses. I don’t always read long replies in their entirety but your offerings are well worth the read.

  2. AS a new zealander i can tell you we have a weak, incompeant goverment which has little clue. It’s ran done the miliarty for 30 years and they view the country as a charity for 3rd world retards. they’re very soft on crime and there are many MANY liberals here! I don’t watch the news as it’s very left wing and I amlost always get mad or depressed over whats happening. so i never heard if this was even on the news. but then a lot of people don’t watch the news here and most are concern with the lack of jobs – I’m unempold or they going gaga over the rugby. But NZ is a small country and if this keeps happening word will get out fast, VERY FAST. it’s just a pity the goverment and liberals are so in love with the UN…

  3. “She was a whore” Nope, she wasn’t. Striping wasn’t her job and I highly doubt you knew her personally. Even if you knew her personally your psychotic action doesn’t justify your motivation. You are brainless and dumb. For my experience blonde women are generally kindhearted, respectful and smart women. Well, blonde women with her facial make-up are generally eloquent, intelligent, non-hysteric and calm.
    “She asked for it” Another absurd dumb claim from the pathetic worthless ugly rapist. Her reacting behaviour proves that she never asked for it and she never said something like that. You are obviously delusional, I am not insulting that’s a fact.
    She even called the public TV to announce herself being raped and how horrible she felt during that event. Again I couldn’t expect more than the bottom of the toilet insulting that woman with that despicable manner when he must had been kneeling, punching himself and insulting himself for his dumb mentally ill actions.

  4. First of all you cannot associate Islam with this crime. Islam forbids these acts. The men who committed these crimes are not following Islam. Just because they are “Muslims” doesnt mean that whatever acts they are right and a part of Islam.

    • syful islam…
      Yet another lovely piece of presumptuous stupidity on your part. You assume too much, and now you (again) make yourself to look the fool.
      I, myself, am 29. Just turned this October.

      ‘islamophobe’ isnt a word, you halfwit, and I don’t really expect you to understand that as you threw out the ‘racist’ comment, and obviously failed basic bioligy in not understanding the meaning/definition of the word ‘Race’.

      Is it ‘islamophobic’ to stand against what the muzzies did my friend and are doing to other women?
      Oh, right…you come from the presumptiong, the certainty that all muzzies are your ‘friends’ and would never do anything like that.

      Answer me this, and I am calling you out on this one.
      What will you do when (I hope such never actually happens) it’s a woman you know personally laying like wreckage in a hispital bed and she tells you it was a muzzie rape gang?
      What will you do when you smell the left-ver smell of burnt hair, blood and burned flesh? No matter how they try in the hospital, they cannot get rid of all traces of those smells.

      What will you do? Call the Cops, and be told it’s ‘Unsuitable for investigation’? will you accept that?

      Now, if you’re islamic…then here’s where it gets interesting.
      What will you do if you come face to face with someone who has lost, or in fear of losing, a woman who went through such?
      I have male friends who would tear any and all muzzies apart for such on general principles…as well as any and all mosques they could find.
      These are Bikers, they don’t give a damn what Cops thing and have NO problems incinerating a police cruiser with an RPG if the Cops are dumb enough to mess with them in avenging someone they care about who was subjected to such obscene atrocities.
      So…either your a muzzie symp and a Leftist with a question to answer, or you’re a muzzie and now have something to think about in regards to how the actions of your fellow muzzies can backflash on you personally.
      There are more and more people everyday who are so sick and tired of the muzzies getting away with crap like this and denialists under PolCorr giving them open-license by making sure there’s no police action against them.
      Sick and tired and given the way things are now–there’s very little still holding back the eventual and rightful purge of muzzies from the Western world–even hrd core media Leftists are starting to come around to the truth.

      So, I’ve called you out.
      Are you going to answer?

      Or are you going to do the muzzie thing, scream some obscenities at us along with some lame insults and promises of ‘allah’s wrath’ and then run for mohammad-the-unclean-obscenity’s skirts??

      Or are you just going to slink away in urine-stained cowardice even worse than that of option 2??

      Which is it?

      I’ll be here, waiting to see what you choose.

  5. I am an atheist.

    I see a lot of racism against muslims in this blog. Muslims are good. I know about a lot of christian rapists. It does not depend on the religion, but on the person. Christian religion is very machist and treats women as meat. Have you read the bible? So, fuck off with the racism

    • You’re also a Leftist, Denialist, and Islamist Enabler and Cultural Traitor.
      Muslims, generally they’re okay…that’s why I use a Capital on it.
      Then there’s islamists, who are muslim only insofar as they claim adherence to islam.
      Aside from that, they’re monsters.
      Never confuse the two.

      Muslims try to live in peace with their neighbours, support the community they live it, assimilate and generall act like civilized people.
      And OMG, they might actually have the odd drink, too!!

      islamists want to kill them, us and everything else unislamic in their narrow perspective of what the world is, should be and how far they’re willing to push islamic supremacism.
      Generally islamists come from the Wahabbi, Shiite, Sunni and Salafi sects.
      Generally, but as ayatollah khomeini was a Shia, well, radicals can come from anywhere and that includes Atheists, Jews, Pagans and any other school of belief religious or political.

      As to the rape jihad…go back and re-read what happned to a friend of mine, then re-think what you said. All you’ve done is display that you’re ignorant, un-read, un-educated, have nothing but a PolCorr approved worldview and think you have the ‘correct’ view and are insufferaby self-righteous about it.

      I’m Pagan, you dipwit, and given a choice between Christians and that includes the hardcore bible-pounding Fundamentalists or islamists…I’ll take the Christians any fucking day you loose-witted drivel-spewing throwback.
      islam has NEVER stopped in being a plague on this world, and has killed 270 Million people in the past millenium, nearly half that number in the past 98 years alone.
      Christianity treats women as meat??
      Just from that statement you’ve demonstrated that you know not the first thing about Christianity. Hell, I’m Pagan and I know more about that faith than you do.

      So, fuck off with the ignorance and the PolCorr drivel you aloppy, inglorious, self-blindered dipwit.

    • To echo our host…
      Pray tell…do you even understand what ‘Race’ means on a genetic level and how the term is applied??
      Obviously not from your idiotic, sub-moronic comment.
      What, did you get your education from the Big Book Of Queeranic & Koranicized Science??

      Leftists, ladies and gentlemen…ignorant, inobservant, rude, and self-righteous. These are the people selling us out culturally and literally selling the asses of women like myself and the rest of the female readers and members here to the sub-primate muzzies in the name of PolCorr, Multiculturalism, Liberal idealism.

      Never mind that in doing so, people like ‘Anti racist’ are demonstrating racism themselves (they think all White people are ‘evil’ and guilty for all wrongs on Earth) wrongful persecution, supremacism and sexism, misogyny, injustice and treachery.

    • 1. What does “machist” mean?
      2. Which part of the Bible is worse than the Qu’ran and Sunnah regarding women?
      3. Have you read the Qu’ran and Sunnah?
      4. What race is a Muslim?
      5. If saying Muslims are bad is racist, saying Muslims are good is racist too.

    • Leave those dead nonsense now. You are atheist? Hahahahahahaha animal you are humiliating and making fun of yourself. I can’t inderstand your stupidity of your caliber. You came here to complain and defend Muslims while you are atheist? You are Satanist Muslim of the Devil, you moron. Atheists don’t care about religions generally, they don’t defend religions. So why you defend a religion? To prove the truth that you are a bitter sexually starved gay with cholera? Hahahahaha you proved that truth already man. You are hilariously retarded.

  6. @ADHD; Re Christmas decorations and such.
    It’s not ‘PolCorr-itis’ people WANT the decorations and such. The concern is that the @sshole muzzies might sieze on that as an excuse to riot and we’ll end up in a war over…
    Christmas decorations.
    The concern isn’t so much provoking them as we don’t want Christmas for the city to be a continual reminder of what will essentially be a bloodbath.

    PolCorr isn’t something that goes over well here, at all. As more than a few Loosewitted Lefties from Edmonton have learned when out here. A couple of years back we had some flakewits complains about Christmas decorations being ‘offensive’ to people of other faiths.
    They were told in no unequivocal terms that the city wasn;t going to deny the majority for the sake of the minority and that the roads out of town were open 24 Hrs a day.
    The loudest proponents of the Christmas decorations were our small Jewish population who stated very clearly that denying any faith it’s identity was grounds for legal action and that if the matter was pressed, they would sue the abolitionists on behalf of the city and citizenry to protect Christmas traditions of Christians and Pagans.
    That shut the PolCorr abolitionists up pretty quick, because they carried through and had them Served.

    …and some folks wonder why I like Jewish folks. :-)

    That Christmas, with their permission, Menorahs (uncertain of spelling-apologies if in error) were made part of the ‘standard’ Christmas decorations.
    Which, to the eyes of many, just seems to ‘fit’.

    We’ve still got plenty of time, about a week and a few days before it’s Crunch time decision-wise, so the jury isn’t out yet.

  7. These are the refugees or families of refugees (family reunification system) that we are required to take as refugee quota (1000 plus however many they can manage to claim are starving relatives)) per annum. We have no choice in this matter, the UN sends whom they want.

    We signed up to this under the Labour Govt. of Helen Clark (now in the third top job at the UN) and yes the Maori have dealt to a lot of them especially in the first town that was allocated Somalians. The only one that I can remember being prosecuted was a taxi driver who raped a local girl after he picked her up – apparently other incidents were dealt with by the local Maoris and such incidents seemed to stop as the Somalis were petrified of them. Maori gangs are not nice!

    However the Maoris in Auckland probably did not find out about this until it was made public, especially as it was not one of their own. We have also had quite a few Afghanis, many of whom have converted to Christianity and married local girls, the local postman is one of them. Seems some of the Afghani men like the laid back lifestyle of secularr Kiwis. But they were first arrivals so did not have their muslim brothers influencing them so had more freedom of choice.

    The only other incident which garnered publicity was when a Somali woman took a knife to the pilot of a small feeder plane because her family was not being brought to NZ quickly enough – but she was found to be mentally unstable. The authorities are obviously not yet aware that they are all mentally unstable!!

    Unfortunately times have changed and there are now Islamic centres in all the major towns who keep their brothers and sisters in line when they arrive. We have a lot of them employed here in Christchurch where we desperately need basic labourers to help with the rebuild. I have already had an argument with one Pakistani who was leafletting my area – he scuttled away after I had a really good verbal go at him and he realised that I knew a good deal about Islam and he wasn’t going to get away scot free trying to tell me Islam was a religion of peace once he realised that I had read the Quran, ahadith and Sira and was familiar with Islamic law and history.

    Unfortunately most Kiwis are totally naive about the ROP as we haven’t had too much trouble – hopefully some might be thinking twice now!

  8. As a single woman, I moved to a small, conservative town in 2004 to get away from the harassment I experienced in the four cities I moved to before that. This has been a demographically homogenous white rural farming community but this fall, I’ve seen more and more veiled women. It’s everywhere, including New Zealand. So, moving away doesn’t correct the problem, it only puts off the necessary solution. I am so happy the dialogue is finally allowing media to report legitimate arguments in favour of resisting the spread of radical Islam and shari’ah law.

  9. 15 years is all and after half that they will very likely be let out early. Only fools rely on police and courts for justice. Why didn’t her father and mother tie their private parts to a truck and their bodies off a cliff? Nobody protects their children or themselves. You better believe if I was this girl I’d have my way with them in a basement and a bunch of farm tools for days before I killed them all. But, then again I’m not a stupid bitch that would ever hang out with Muslims getting drunk and then leaving a bar with them. Stupidity has consequences doesn’t it

  10. 15 & 16 years ?? Half of their sentence ?? What the hell is wrong with the N. Zelanders ? These lowlife muslim bastards not only raped the woman but also tortured her by making her dance for them. The people need to make rape and sexual torture like this a death penalty offense. Dont leave these filthy ragheads in the gene pool. Drain their pool now !

  11. this is a terrible and happening all over the world. the only thing that worries me is the picture of the lady victim is the same picture of a story i read about a lady being raped in Sweden, i don’t understand this.

      • After seeing the results of what a muzzie rape-gang does in reality, you can’t show pics like that casually.
        Being in a really bad car accident without your seatbelt on doesn’t do that much, or that kind of damage.
        I won’t go into details, because it’s really stomach-turning, but that pic would be representative of a ‘light’ assault.

        • I’m sure there’s some online, but you’ll need a strong stomach.
          I was referring to what I’ve seen Personally, Bonni, to a friend of mine in Edmonton.
          I know you Moderate so I’ll ask you to make the call on whether this goes to post.
          This was what we could see (blankets and dressings and such aside) and what the attending physician would tell us.

          Visible deformation (inward) left side of mandible, broken, 12 teeth forcibly extracted with significant damage to tongue and oral linings.
          Visible deep cuts to forehead, under eyes, arms and visible severe cigarette burns to backs of hand and between fingers.
          Right hand had been subjected to damage by blowtorch including pinkie finger burned off.
          Skin under eyebrows had been sliced off.
          Left nostril sliced open.
          Shattered right orbital socket, loss of eye.
          Slits from knives down length of both soles.
          Broken Humerus (both upper arms.)
          Broken right wrist,numerous fractures of Carpal bones
          Deep blunt-force trauma from object (a hammer) had resulted in severe damage to Uterus and subsequent hysterectomy.
          Near catastrophic tears and numerous cigarrette burns to labia minora and crudely-done cliterectomy. Extensive tearing and abrasion with chemical-corrosive damage to vaginal lining.
          Surgically reperable tearing of anal sphincter and lower rectum.

          This is what they did to her, and then threw her out of a moving vehicle. If it hadn’t been a cold night, she’d have bled to death before she’d been found by a passing motorist.
          I undrstand that the man who found her has sought therapy to deal with the effects on him of seeing what he did.

          So, in case you’re wondering why I have suddenly become such a totally dedicated enemy of islam and everything to do with it as well as having thrown aside any semblance of being Moderate–this is why.
          It’d have been kinder if they’d simply killed her. She refuses to see anyone since she was released on outpatient care from the hospital.
          She used to work at a daycare, and refuses to go back because she absolutely will not risk scaring children with her appearance after what’s been done to her.
          Given this, you can understand why it might be tough–but likely not impossible–to find pics of rape-gang victims.
          If you do go looking–keep a sickbag handy.
          I won’t go looking, I’ve seen it in person, and that’s enough for me.
          This is what we are to them Bonni…muzzies are monsters, plain and simple. They do this to us as a way of using us as ‘weapons’ to demoralize and terrorize.
          Because of CAIR and it’s hair-trigger response with legal-jihad/lawfare vs. any perceived slight against muzzies, the bastards get away with this as cops prefer to just list this under ‘Unsuitable for Investigation’ and shove it into the ‘not our problem’ files.
          So, I blame CAIR and other islamist-supremacist organizations for what happened to her and other women as much as I blame the svoluchs that carried it out.

        • Marlene, I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find them, but I don’t have that kind of time. It’s criminal that news reports never include descriptions of the detailed extent of the injuries.

        • Well, I can kind of understand it…it’s pretty sickening, but they should anyways, because people keep blowing this off and the damned muzzie gangs are getting bolder and bolder, and there’s more and more of them because of the lack of consequences.

          As for not having the time for hunting them, I’d have to say that’s a good thing and spares you seeing what I did or some variation thereof.
          Bonni…you really DON’T want to see that kind of thing, especially if it’s someone you know.

        • Marlene, of course not. But I’ve become very hardened from doing this blog, almost nothing bothers me anymore except for animal abuse. I can’t bear to watch those videos to the end.

        • Bonni, I understand. We’re an Animal-friendly/Animal-Rights House. #1 Charity here is the SPCA.
          I didn’t even watch those vids because I just cannot bear to. I can get some ways into the Hala slaughter vids because I feel that by toughing it out–then in some small way those animals didn’t suffer in vain.
          I’m pretty hardened myself, but when anything gets past the armor…it raises hell inside me.
          So, I’ve learned to be careful about what I go poking my nose into, because I’ve learned that there are some things in this world that are too much for me to handle as yet.

          The part that bothers me the most about the rape jihad is that the slagwitted sub-primates believe they have the ‘Right’ to treat us this way, that women exist solely as objects for them to abuse, breed and torture.
          I have no idea what it’ll take to make it clear to these brainless, supremacist savages but I’m willing to use whatever means are needed to make sure they start understanding that it’s safer to go swimming in battery acid than continue engaging in rape jihad.
          We don’t have to sit back and take this from them!!
          That’s what folks don’t seem to understand.
          The authorities and such…considering they’re Traitors, they should either seek our forgiveness and ingratiate themselves to Western Citizens by supporting us vs. islamic abuses and hostility or stay the hell out of the way when we start dealing with the issue because they’re too spineless and incompetent to do so.

    • Arthur, I doubt it. They didn’t go after any of my readers for their threats of violence in the comments, only me. That’s why I don’t allow direct threats or calls for genocide in comments. On the other hand, wishing that a convicted child rapist gets his testicles removed or worse is still OK, as is wishing that a beheader gets beheaded, a wife beater gets beaten himself, a terrorist gets killed, etc. It’s a thin line, and I will delete anything that I think crosses it.

      • CAIR = Self-Styled KGB.
        Like the self-appointed ‘religious police’ making life ‘interesting’ here.

        By the way, CAIR aka; Muslim Brotherhood aka; Terrorist Enablers have a brand new front/taqqiya organization I’ve heard.

  12. google up a MAORI HAKA Bonni Its the old maori challenge to an enemy The poking of tongues and baring the butt were considered the greatest of insults second only to Your relatives taste good between my teeth

    • Or the modern very of a hard headbutt to the face followed by part of a broken beer bottle to the jugular vein in the neck. Most of the Maoris Ive met are lovely people (they love us Australians) but dont I repeat dont piss them off … Best be on the good side of them not the bad as they dont tolerate bad manners :)

  13. Bonni The Maoris are the indigenous people of new zealand They migrated to new zealand 1200 years ago from tahiti or hawaii.They were notorious cannibals and headhunters in the wild old days .they still love a good fight they dont back off.Praying that the muslims provoke them.They would not know what hit them.

  14. Only 15 and 16 years??? That’s not a sentence, it’s a vacation!
    Anyone who has committed rape….. removal of their genitalia….no anesthesia. Then, deportation and a band-aid. Can’t urinate for the rest of your pathetic life? Poor baby…. Let that be a lesson to anyone even thinking of doing this heinous act.
    Anyone who has raped an infant (as reported on BNI)….instant death right on the spot….no excuses.
    Third, dump every liberal from office then, ten years of hard prison labor for infecting their country with these muslim mutants.

      • The Maoris are the native people of New Zealand, equivalent to the Amerindians of North America and the Aborigines of Australia.

        Yes, they are supposed to be VERY tough fighters!!! I hope they unleash their full fury upon the muzturds…

        • You won’t hear about it in the news or unless you have contacts there, but yes…the muzzies have learned that Maoris have NO use for them.
          Aside from using them as punching bags and testing traditional Maori weapons on.

    • Very true Arthur the Maoris wouldnt hesitate and belt the crap out of Muzslimes. Both the men and women are built genetically big and strong and have a ferocious temper when angered. So any Asslifting inbreed upsetting either a man or woman Maori they will kick their ass from here to eternity. I couldnt imagine them tolerating Muzscums like the Dhimmis would in NZ. Maoris are very traditional & spiritual people with regards to their religious hertitage and customs. I dare any Asslifter to mock the Maoris and I can assure you the Muzscum will be lucky to come out of it alive and in 1 peice.

  15. Not sure these are Somalis, who are usually black. They look like Moroccans, perhaps?

    I was typing “Muslim immigrant” and I mistakenly wrote “ummigrant,” which made me think of “ummah,” referring to the global Muslim community.

    Civilization jihad is being enacted using massive influxes of “ummahgrants.”

    According to Islam, the ummahgrants can rape any female their right hand possesses.

    • Then it’s time us ‘Western Whores’ took note of history and brought back the ide of the Femal warrior, put muzzles on the feminazis to keep them from their efforts in ‘neutering’ our Western males and preventing them from being Men, and then, stand with our Men and clean things up.
      ALL must go, there is NO room for them in the nations we want back, that they have managed to thus-far steal out from under us.
      OUR nations.
      Who was it that kept making babies for all the centuries to build the Americas??

      (Oh good…CAIR is watching) *Wave sarcastic ‘hello’*

      The feminazis and PolCorr Leftists have stolen our Men, and it’s time we declared Men an endangered species and brought them back from looming extinction.
      We need them. We want them back.
      No one is going to do it but us. The governments, legislators? They’re the ones who created this mess by selling our collective asses out–they’re traitors to our Culture, Nations and way of life.

      Look at how they handle rape cases where muzzies are involved; ‘Unsuitable for Investigation’.
      THAT is how they’re betraying us to them, offering our asses (literall!!) up to the mighty-muzzies as offerings and tribute to keep them happy and from engaging in their tantrums.
      Oh and then there’s what happens if your Bf/Husband/Brother/Father/Uncle tries to help you against a muzzie sex-assault…
      They get arrested and charged with all and any manner of ‘racist’ type charges.

      Starting to see how this Rape-Jihad works now??

  16. I hope N Z takes care of their cancer before it spreads.
    I thought N Z was one of the last great places to live in true peace.

  17. I consulted a Christian evangelism executive in New Zealand about this article.

    What I was told was encouraging. The man told me the media covered the case well and made it clear that the perpetrators were Muslim.

    My opinion is that the punishment for the offenders was too lenient. In America a man would typically get a harsher sentence (and subsequent offender registration requirements) for a single CONSENSUAL sexual incident with a woman just short of her 18th birthday. If the offender is Muslim perhaps the NZ example would be followed in America.

    Liberal and some conservative politicians were involved in passing enhanced violence against women legislation legislation in America. I have misgivings about that. First, innocent men are denied due process of law. Secondly, the law will not protect Muslim women who really NEED the safeguards.

    American law enforcement personnel are Muslim sensitivity trained. If a Muslim woman answers the door and says she is alone, officers will NOT enter the home. If screams are heard from within the home officers dare not enter until they have taken time removing their shoes and requested permission to enter. I am not making this up. I read this at a US government website.

    • @ Uncle – unfortunately NZ laws and sentences are similar to Australia – weak.
      I so wish we had the tough sentences and the death penalty that the US has. Ive watched a lot of crimes shows on TV from the US and the setences that murderers and rapists gets are incredible (in a postive way). For example Ive seen some scumbags get a total of 400 years as a sentence. Myself not being an expert on the US sentencing, why are those years of sentencing handed out when knowing full well a person wont live 400 years?

      As to these Muzscum bags in this post, they will get their karma. Since this crime was publicised in NZ no doubt the prisoners in the jail where these turds are going would have heard about it. The big tough as nails NZ Maori boys will sort these limp dicked inbreeds out. These little Shitscum wont be able to sit down for a looonnnggggg time, I shudder to think of the wrath that will be vented on them in prison. The Maori boys will squash these little vermin inbreeds with their foot. No amount of praying to their Satan Allah will save these scumbags.

    • Here in our small soon-to-be-a-warzone, here’s what ‘islamic sensitivity training’ for our Cops consists of;
      “Religion is NOT a factor in law enforcement, nor are strictly personal household customs. Proper and timely enforcement of the law and rendering assistance to those calling for it is paramount at all times.”
      That’s pretty close, my notepad got wet, and the ink smudged a bit.

      Also, because of the Officer Audio/Visual Incident Account system each Cop wears and is active at all times on duty, there’s NO way some slimey muzzie whelp-dropper can claim she was ‘accosted’ by Officers and engage in legal-jihad, and the Officers themselves know that any unreasonable breaches of professional conduct will be on record.
      The COPS requested this system when we wer first getting our police force off the ground.
      Guess what, psych evals for workplace stress showed a very significant drop among officers. Because they know they’re covered against bullsh*t claims.
      Citizens love it because with more and more reports in the news about cops going rogue, well, there’s that Assurance Factor. Staements can be taken quickly and immediately on-scene. Chasing a suspect and he gets away, chances are his face and such has been recorded.

      Minimum sentence here for a muzzie committing rape?
      A one-way to Somalia.
      We haven’t solved the problem, but we’re not losing ground anymore either, so it could be worse but the city is NOT what it once was. everyone knows that sooner or later the muzzies are going to test the laws regarding rioters here and then it’s going to turn into a war.

      • Good for you!!! [It’s important however that they learn what we all are up against!!!]

        I’m appalled that the muzturds have been not only poisoning dogs but “infidel” CHILDREN to boot with poisoned chocolate bars in your district, as well as that your city has lost 3 of your cops in two months via death – did I read that correctly? If so, I sure hope that you’re getting lots of good new constables – and ALL vetted carefully to ensure none of them are Commies or Moslems!!!! Also, please keep accumulating as much in the way of munitions as you possibly can – when the totalitarians start invading in numbers (especially if they’re rioting – i.e., sacking places!!), their neutralisation in large numbers will be needed to stop them in their tracks on the spot.

        [Finally, I hope that your civilians are taking arms training and are prepared to use any and all weapons – in real war with Moslems, it’s also necessary to be prepared for them to violate and abandon ALL “conventions” like the Geneva Convention…]

        • 200 dogs and I’m unsure of the total number of kids, but at least 5, and one fatality, 2 will have permanent brain damage and developmental issues due to brain-bleeds from the poison.
          I know that a number of cats also were poisoned as well, but unsure if they were opportunistic on the chocolate or if more deliberate.
          2 months. 3 Cops. Police officers here (not to worry) must pass some very stringent tests and background checks including political affiliations. We need to be able to Trust our Cops and Militia, so the standards are very high and there’s NO room for Hyper-conservatism or Leftists. The Laws and Citizens must come first, not political agendas and that tripe. There’s nine candidates right now in assessment.

          muzzies can murder two Cops in an ambush and nothing…
          But a Cop anywhere in the world even arrests a muzzie for jaywalking, and it’s front-page across the planet with riots in at least a couple of nations.
          Isn’t PolCorr great and devaluing us Westerners??

          Munitions. we have plenty. If we want to buy any more, Husband will have to buy a new gun/ammo safe. He might, as you say and as he thinks–it’s all about preparation.

          Firearms classes are full, and dlass size is now 30 places per class, and all are full. there’s waiting lists now. Gun sales have really spiked after the Officers were killed–ambushing 2 Cops–that’s seen as an act of War, to be honest.
          Firearms Instructional classes here involve not just safe handling and basic, but enough range time for proper familiarization.
          Geneva Convention? NO one here is expecting the muzzies anywhere on Earth to abide by geneva rules. They haven’t ever before, why would they change now??
          But, these are Prairie-Folk…
          That said, it’ll be about ‘Getting It Done’ not pissing about with Geneva’s nonsense. We know that it’ll be a dirty, nasty Civil urban war. NO one is looking fwd to it, but everyone wants to be ready for it.
          Right now, the prevailing mood is “why the hell didn’t we listen sooner?” We take some small comfort in that we did wise-up pretty fast, but if we’d been a bit quicker, then maybe a lot of misery could have been avoided. We’re all feeling guilty about the deaths, basically.
          The big debate is Christmas decorations and whether doing such will trigger the war we’re trying NOT to have.

        • Dear Mrs. Wilkins, please try not to let the people debate the worthiness and bellicosity of Christmas decorations too much: it sounds like some of them are still “politically-correct” and/or COWARDS!!!! I would urge putting up ALL of them (especially when and where they have a Christian angle) just as usual – when the war comes, it will come anyway!!!! Just “let her rip”!!

  18. Of course I agree that NZ is no place for Muslim dung, and I sympathize with the poor victim, but there is another lesson to be learned from this story: Why was she playing pool with these vermin? It’s like going to a zoo and climbing into one of the cages to have a picnic with the animals, and then crying horror when the animals attack you as dumb animals are prone to do.

  19. The West is importing this poison, from Somalia, from Morocco, from Pakistan, from Egypt, from all over the Muslim world. Poison. Poisoning the West, a slow death, the Western people hardly know what is happening. They don’t feel well and yet they blame all sorts of thing. For Islam cannot be blamed for being the poison it is.

  20. I wonder how the rapists even got into New Zealand because my cousin wanted to move there and couldn’t do it because there is a requirement of $250,000 cash in the bank before gtanted entry. Another requirement is a marketable skill to offer (teachers wanted especially) before entry granted. So, what were these animals doing in NZ?? Why do the get special treatment? Terrible!

    • Billy, perhaps you or a BNI reader in New Zealand could let us know how they got in considering the strict requirements. I’d start with the UN, the Islamofascist organization that forces Western countries to take in all the Muslim garbage of the world, yet never forces rich Muslim countries to take in their own riffraff.

    • Castration, seizure and forfeiture of all private property, followed by Immediate deportation to somalia.
      How much fun would it be to go to somalia, castrated (imagine how muzzies in somalia see castrated men) NO $$ and NO I.D..
      Well…he could always hire himself out as a ‘boy4fun’ as we all know that muzzy males consider women a ‘necessary evil’ and that for sexual pleasure they turn to male-male interaction.

      • EXCELLENT proposal (ensuring that it be surgical castration, not the chemical kind as that wears off…) – only I would send at least some thereof to Saudi Arabia. The reason is that since the Saudis (particularly their “royal” family of Al-Saud!!!) are so rich, they may as well learn what it is to feel the same kind of leaching-pressure that they and their Gulf-colleagues have been unleashing upon us Westerners!!!!

        Otherwise, please know that I’m VERY glad that you’ve defied the Moslems where it really hurts (in their ano-genital area, mocking them over their sexual “capabilities” – and also speaking as to their MOST-ABOMINABLE crimes of throwing acid into people’s faces and mutilating their women’s genitals!!!). [Also, please know that I’m not here to judge people and their lifestyles – if I fall, please let me know so I can apologise and pick myself back up.] Thanks also for compliments to me and “randy63” – I personally feel VERY glad that you’re with us!!! Nothing better than for knowledgeable pagans to bare their teeth against Islam…

        • ADHD…’chemical’ castration…*snort*
          yeah…I am so sure they’d be trustworthy on giving themselves the injections regularly on-schedule. LOL
          Nope, you and I, thinking the same…SURGICAL. 😉
          Honestly, I forget the chemical kind exists until someone mentions it.

          Shipping some to saudi…we discussed that here in Council, and it’s a VERY tempting idea, but even with the Somali pirates and such, it’s still easier for the transport ships to get in and out without trouble and quick…arabia, well those waters are pretty protected, and with obamination in the Office and his islamist ties…no matter who tried it, they’d be stirring up a nasty amount of retaliation.
          GOOD idea though!! VERY satisfying to consider…

          The compliments? You and Randy63 are very welcome!
          You two, it’s like a rapid fire grenade laucher barrage combined with a .50 cal sniper rifle working with it. :-)
          I sure wouldn’t want to be on the recieving end of what you two dish out!

          The Lifestyle thing? I will, but now that it’s been dealt with, you’ll notice that I don’t speak much of it here–respect for our host and for other people’s sensibilities/courtesy/consideration. :-)
          I’m pretty forgiving of accidental slams/insults/unintended snarks and such, so I really am not anticipating any trouble between us on that point.
          I will, if for some weird reason it’s relevant, bring it up to make a Point to a Leftist/islamist/etc.. But that aside, I prefer to be courteous to others and leave it quiet. :-)
          So, Lifestyle-wise…we’re A-OK. 😀

          Thank-You for the compliments on my tactics!
          And regarding being a Pagan in being able to use that to advantage in this war vs. islamism. :-)
          muzzies, they have such a sex/genitalia fixation, and consider themselves so bloody superior in Everything…somebody has to blow that illusion apart.
          What islamists know about sex comes only from the quran and such–and if that’s any indication, then mohammed-the-limp had some real issues getting it up with females.
          Never had any problems with boys though, when on the war campaign trail…

  21. Mmm…given 15 / 16 years….Lucky it wasn’t me giving out the sentences….I think the victim deserves more justice…..I would have hanged them as an example to ALL rapists and those who think women are just meat…..No woman deserves being treated like this and those ingrates and poor excuses of “manhood” should cease to exist…..

  22. How is it possible that this unqualified Somalis became a permit for New Zealand? I thought New Zealand has the strongest Immigration Laws in the whole World? So how can this be, that this Somali Camel Urine Drinkers can migrate to a modern and civilzed country like NZ? Asylum Status?

    • Back in the ’90’s when the Us/West had to save Somalia from…well..Somalians. Nz govt took-in a few thousand ‘refugees’ purely to ingratiate themselves at UN. Had endless trouble with the buggers ever since.

      • crap. hope these guys get deported after serving the minimum amount of sentence. also NZ needs to start massive deportations

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