Why are British citizens paying JIYZA – the special tax collected from non-Muslims living in Muslim countries?

Hard-working British citizens obey the quran by paying a jiyza tax to Muslims in the form of massive welfare and free housing benefits collected by 50% of male and 75% of female Muslims living in the UK.

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21 comments on “Why are British citizens paying JIYZA – the special tax collected from non-Muslims living in Muslim countries?

  1. Send them to Dubai, as Burj Al khalifa Hotel needs more than 1lakh workers , prenteded to be muslims.Or send to Doha,as Qatar has more immigrants than their Citizens.
    I think my Idea is better than others.May be! may be not!

  2. Whilst desperate, homeless neglected British veterans sleep in the streets, massive, overwhelming numbers of Muslims don’t want to work and have no intention of working. Muslims want non-Muslims to be THEIR SLAVES and have hated non-Muslims work for them with the FULL COOPERATION of the political parties in power.

    All the while Muslims plot against us and openly declare their goal is Muslim conquest of despised infidel Britain; our enslavement and the imposition of barbaric Islamic sharia law. All with the FULL COOPERATION of the governing political parties who eagerly import millions of Muslims and finance the invader Muslim army so that Muslims can obey the Quran to wage jihad against us and conquer our nation.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    God forbid, UK and other Western leaders are on the side of devout Muslims who seek our mass slaughter and cruel conquest.

  3. We here in the States are already paying jayza. The people just don’t get it. Food stamps and welfare in subsidies to the mohommedist refugees from all the muslim countries that are infiltrating this nation. Time to end it.

  4. In addition to the stats on workshy muslims, it would be interesting to know how many of the employed 50% males and 25% females have been finagled into state sector noddy jobs, also at our expense of course.

    • Well that’s true, the British are being humilaited and they don’t even know it. The Muslims do though and they are laughing, especially as Cameron wants Muslims to be able to bring in their multiple wives ( was in the daily mail some months back ) as Labour had planned before him ( well he felt sorry for the wives left at home I suppose?),
      but difficut to circumvent British marital laws, so he found a loop-hole, classify them as “single mothers” with chidren, so they all get their own house , child support and other welfare.The husband gets to live with the one of his choice and is mostly on welfare. You couldn’t find a better deal anywhere on the entire planet !

  5. The UK is getting what it is asking for, namely to go broke as a country by allowing in so many lazy muslims who expect to live off of the forced jizya taxes that hard working people of england are forced to pay. If England will not say no to the muslim inbreds who refuse to work then we can not help them. Cut off the welfare and give them a one way ticket to some other hell hole muslim country or become englandistan the newest muslim country of hell.

  6. Why are British citizens paying JIYZA – the special tax collected from non-Muslims living in Muslim countries?” They get what they deserve, just like this country got what it deserved by voting in the muzzie, illegal again after seeing how he is destroying the country.

  7. Cultural enrichment obviously doesn’t mean monetary enrichment when it comes to Mohammedans in the West.
    All parasites need a host.

  8. Now now folks…the Brit ‘government’ is just being proper and good little dhimmis, doing as their muzzie Masters tell them to do.

    Sarcasm aside, it’s sickening and makes me want to cry for a home I never knew but was almost born into.

  9. Listen Britain! It sounds like the time has come for you to start making rules on the basis of ssotiations and so called religion. If 75% of the filthy muslim women are on the dole, who are not British subjects, cut them off. If anyperson who is not a British subject, cut them off!
    Taxes collected from honest, working British subjects are for the help and support of British subjects. Not ragheaded, non-assimilating, non-contributing, demonstrating, favor and special treatment demanding, eternal sucks on the system like the muslims.
    If you care enough to retain any resemblance to the once proud United Kingdom,you must stop coddlung and knuckleing under to the outrageous demands from these inbred, uncivilized, muslims.’Nuff said!

    • Is it just me, or are those Arabs copying Michael Jackson ???
      The Jewish one is quite sweet, everyone joining in having a sing a long !

  10. The hypocritical clueless and idiotic British government will probably declare this video as ‘hate’ speech, even though the stats are official and public.

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