AUSTRALIA: Melbourne Church group fights plan to put a gigantic Islamofascist Indoctrination center right next door

Anti-Islam activist, Daniel Nalliah and his evangelical Christian church. are set to fight a plan to build a mosque in the same street. Mr Nalliah, a pastor at Catch the Fire Ministries, said his church was weeks away from building a $2 million base in Doveton, when he learned of  a planning application by an Afghan community group to build the Omar Farooq Mosque next door.

The AGE  The church, along with more than 100 petitioners including adjoining residents, will formally object to Casey Council over the mosque proposal. No objections had been raised against Catch the Fire’s church, which had been approved by the council, Mr Nalliah said.

Pastor Daniel Nalliah … ‘Having those same violent and hateful teachings right under our noses is counter-productive to our church.’

Afghan-Australian Association of Victoria president Khaliq Fazal, as spokesman for the mosque proponents, accused Mr Nalliah and his church of distributing “hysterical” anti-mosque leaflets to “agitate” neighbours. He said the mosque was a “place for peace and for the worship of the same god that we all believe in.” (Christians don’t believe in a god who demands all unbelievers be killed or treated as slaves, as muslims do. Having escaped the persecution Christians face in Pakistan, Nalliah is an expert on this subject)

“The Afghan community has a very good reputation and has assimilated well in a multicultural society since the 1860s. We’ve never had any problem with any other religions. We believe in Jesus Christ as well, so what’s the problem?” (Lying comes naturally to Muslims, especially when addressing unbelievers)

Proposed Omar Farooq Mosque

Mr Nalliah said he did not know who was behind the leaflets. He said his objections to the mosque trailed back to a long-running racial vilification dispute with the Islamic Council of Victoria over a Catch the Fire newsletter about Muslims and the Koran in 2002.

Mr Nalliah said he and his family received death threats during the dispute, which cost the church $600,000. “Not once have we said people should bust up a Muslim or burn down a mosque.

“We don’t approve of Islam as a religion. Islam teaches that those who follow other religions are infidels. “It is a religion that doesn’t value freedom of religion. Having those same teachings right under our noses is counter-productive to our church.”

He said that homes vacated by “fed-up” neighbours would be bought up by Muslims, creating a “sharia [the moral code and religious law of Islam] zone”.

Casey planning manager Duncan Turner said the council would consider any public submissions “received up until it makes its decision.”


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  1. arthur maxfield said what was going to happen just watch and see. The people in our government are so flippin stupid it is pityful. They’ll bend over and drop their pants to please these lowlife people who want to destroy America, they need to stop these terrorist in waiting and now. Peace to all non-muslims who can see what they are doing to this country and want to end it.

  2. This is very scary for me, although I live on the other side of Port Phillip. Doveton has cheap housing, which is why the Muzscum wants to move in. It’s scary because they are moving farther away from the northern suburbs where they currently reside. Hawthorn which is nearby, just recently said NO to housing boat scum, by circulating a petition. The people living there made it very clear that they were not interested, and I don’t blame them. I would do the same, if they tried to do that in my neighbourhood. The people of Doveton are going to have to come together, and make it clear that a mosque is not welcome there. The problem with this is you can see where they are proposing their ‘NO GO ZONE’, which is about 30 plus kilometres. The problem with this proposed plan is St. Kilda, which is an upperclass neighbourhood, would be surrounded by this future ‘NO GO ZONE’ area. I hope Mr. Nalliah can get his neighbours together, and keep this mosque out! Hawthorn was able to keep boat scum out of their neighbourhood, I don’t see why he can’t be successful, too! I hope he can do it, but I fear the Muzscum will come down the other side of the bay, though! They are here in Melbourne, and they are so demanding, I worry that the leftists/commies/Greens are going to let them in, and then there go the property values, and my neighbourhood. If anyone else lives in Melbourne, I would like your input. I have to get back to work, so we can support more illegal Muslim boat scum.

    • Valerie, he is going to have to lie, just saying that Islam is a filthy, violent cult will not do it. He has to make a case for traffic, congestion, noise, or some kind of actual danger the mosque would pose to the neighborhood, or he will not succeed.

    • Hi Valarie im in Melbourne in South Eastern side. Its bloody Gillard and more so the Greens who have let this shit into our country. The Councils are full of Lefties hence why a lot of demands from them are passed through local councils. City of Yarra is run by the Greenies as the Richmond Town Hall had a big banner on it not so long ago (funded by the rate payers no doubt) saying “All Asylum Seekers Welcome”. If I had a massive ladder I would have ripped it down or spray painted a picture of the male appendage on it :). Thats great news to hear the people of Hawthorn petotioned against boat scum living there. No doubt the idea came from the Lefties at the City of Booroondara. I hope Pastor Mulliah and the Doveton residents oppose strongly and get their way but knowing the Dhimmis at City of Casey they will submit. I hope Im wrong.

  3. STEP 1 – No minarets. Both buildings, same height and size.

    STEP 2 – Erect a huge crucifix on the front lawn, as is seen on many church properties, facing the mosque.

    If they accept this, and they don’t vandalize or criticize, it would be a good beginning.

    • It sounds that what one needs to put Moslems off is 1) a church (and here I could see trouble with your “step 1”, as I WOULD favour church-steeples including a good battery of bells – which Moslems categorically HATE!!!), 2) a music conservatory or school, 3) art studio, 4) non-“halal” restaurant also serving alcohol!!!

      Either way, here’s hoping that the church-group wins (particularly when remembering that Afghans and other Moslems – contrary to their propaganda!!!! – have very BAD, BAD, BAD reputations!!!).

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!! ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST!!!!!

      • I forgot about the bells although mosque activity is normally carried out during week days and church activity during weekends. Therefore, I prefer the cross. It’s a silent and powerful message.

        • The crucifix and the church with its steeple are NOT mutually-exclusive AT ALL in fact – enough churches have plenty of weekday activities!!! Also, if you add the odd mid-week services or – if you have willing staff members who’ll even volunteer their time for daily services at opening and/or closing-time daily (especially notable at cathedrals) – more frequently, that will ensure the message gets even more pounded in…

      • A great place to have a Beginners Marching Band practice during Muzzies prayer noise. The more Off Key the Band… the better the irritant! Serve bacon & tomato sandwiches to the participants who can sloppily eat as they pass the mosque. Bacon is crumbly and falls out easily.

  4. muslims are fantastic liars. Yes they believe in Jesus, but only as a prophet.

    They do not believe He was crucified, that He died and rose from the dead
    to become our Lord and Saviour. They do not believe He is the Son of God.

    allah, who is a pagan god who really does not exist, did not have a son.

    • Wrong. They believe he did everything in the bible, including his second coming and defeating the devil on a hill in meggido. Jesus said no one comes to THE father but through me … He did not say MY father. Show me where Jesus said he was the son of the father.

  5. Omar is one of the greatest conquerors of Christians in Islamic history cutting half of Christendom away and making it Islamic. Omar stopped traffic on the Mediterranean and started the Dark Ages in Europe.

    The epithet ‘farooq’ means ‘the redeemer’ since he ‘liberated’ Israel from the Romans and gave it to the new chosen people the Arabs.

    Moslems believe in ‘Isa’, not Jesus. Islamic faith gives braindead inbred Mozman jihadists the right to TAKE OVER THE WORLD, rob and subjugate Christians and rape Christian women. Mohammed’s favorite sex slave was a white Christian so all Moslem men aspire to own a white Christian sex slave as well.

    Omar raped a slave girl while he was fasting showing that Moslems have no conscience even while pretending to be religious.

  6. Don’t want the arselifters next door to the church?! Open a BBQ restaurant specializing in high quality pork ribs, bacon and pork sausage!!….MAYBE then they, the muslimes, will decide to relocate their planned mosque!!

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