Dutch Minister pooh poohs fears about ‘halal’ housing

Home affairs minister Ronald Plasterk told a television programme he has no problem with housing corporations renovating homes and flats to make them ‘halal’ sharia (Islamic law)-compliant. (Essentially ensuring that no one but Muslims will ever live there)

Dutch News  Plasterk was responding to a report in Parool newspaper on Saturday which said 188 apartments in western Amsterdam had been adapted to meet the wishes of Muslims, with a special cupboard for storing shoes and an extra tap for ‘ritual cleansing’.

‘They’ve taken some of the wishes of residents into account. There is nothing wrong with that,’ Plasterk told the show. ‘But you should not build homes which non-Muslims would not want to live in.’

The paper described the flats as ‘halal homes’ and placed great emphasis on the fact dividing doors could be used to close off the large kitchen and that a hall meant women could avoid meeting male visitors.

The housing corporation, Eigen Hard, said the complex is completely mixed. The properties had been renovated to make sure they could be rented out and some are also lived in by students and people with a handicap, the corporation said.

The more you give in to Muslim demands, the more Muslims demand.  Headaches, exhaustion and loss of concentration. Problems that nearly 80 percent of working Muslims in the Netherlands say they suffer from during the holy month of Ramadan. A Dutch trade union group is calling on employers to make special agreements with their Muslim employees for the holy month of fasting.  


18 comments on “Dutch Minister pooh poohs fears about ‘halal’ housing

  1. So, why doesn’t the “good minister” just take it another step, and just rename the apartment complex “Muslime Manor”?!!…..Astounding, the increasing number of dhimmi dips in this world!!

  2. Those are the kind of people who are delaying the process of ending Islam. They are either ignorant, cowards, retarded or all the above.

    • The answer is given to us in St. Matthew 24: He Told His Disciples very plainly that “if these days weren’t shortened, NO FLESH would remain alive”!!! It’s for the sake of “the elect” that those days have been shortened.

      In other words, He Has To Return so that the whole world won’t be totally bereft of life due to Mankind’s folly and EVIL as deceived by the Devil!!!

  3. Why can’t they wash their feet in a hand basin like I do? I would not rent a place with special urinal-type basins for washing feet. I’d rather hook up a washing machine. And why can’t they hang a curtain if they want to veil their women? Why force non-Muslims to live with their architectural renovations? Oh well, when the Muslims take over more expensive real estate, the rest of the population can drive a bargain to rent these places cheap based on the affront their ugliness poses.

  4. Stupidity gone to seed! They just keep on giving them whatever they ask for. Remember the islam-friendly toilets installed at a mall in the UK? Unfortunately, the dhimmies of our Western nations will not be the only ones persecuted by Muslims….those of us who are against this Shiite (pardon my Arabic) will be persecuted too! If I had my way, every person who supports Islam would have to go live in an Islamic country.

  5. Oh, if I were a Dutch taxpayer, I would have plenty of problems with these sharia compliant flats paid for with my taxes. I am assuming this to be government subsidized housing, right? Wow, automated wudu washers. Well, I certainly see that comming down the Europike right along with the rising muzzturd numbers, and I truly hope some fed up Dutch people wizz in their wudu water.

  6. Islamic supremacists WANT IT ALL.

    When they subjugate the dirty kafir-blasphemers, they will then begin murdering between Shi’ites and Sunnis, murdering Ahmaddis, Bahai’is and all who they perceive to stand in their way.

    MOZZIES ARE PARANOID. Islam is a form of mass paranoia.

    • Worse yet is that MANY Hollanders – including the Dutch Queen, Beatrix van Oranje-Nassau – STILL are on the Moslem’s side!!! [Beatrix positively HATES Geert Wilders and everything he stands for!!!…]

        • Goodness gracious!!!! When did that happen?? I’ve not forgotten how Queen Wilhelmina fled to the UK and had her shadow-government there during World War II – she refused to have anything to do with the Nazis!!!!

          Yet, here we’re beholding her grand-daughter Beatrix and great-grandson Alexander more than happy to betray their country and their ancestors!!! WHAT in Hell has gone wrong?!??

        • Remember Queen Juliana? She was married to prince Bernard, he was a well known nazi and founder of the Bildenberg group.
          NWO all the way.
          Beatrix’s late husband, prince claus was another shady German who married into this family of the rich and famous moochers, they have so much money it is sickening, ever heard of Shell? guess who owns most of it..And my tax money still pays the royal wages too.
          Look who dipshit prince alexander is married to..
          It is one royally sick family and they love saudi arabia more then they love their own country, beatrix recently made a visit and met with the s.a. king, it was a disgusting display of submission from the old hag, i feel sorry for a lot of Dutch people that can’t find an alternative country to live in, and there are lots of them that would love to leave it behind..But where to go when you are White, educated and capable of supporting your self?

    • We’ve such a horrifically-LONG way to go yet, O WEH!!!! Not until such people are out of power and no longer able to influence the bulk of a nation’s citizens can we be sure that the given country has truly woken up!!!!

      [No doubt he’s either a typical leftist or so amoral (perhaps even psychopathic!!) as to be all too capable of becoming either a Moslem or a Communist – such as he should NOT be allowed to have any jobs where people’s lives may be at risk in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER!!!! He should lose all his perquisites and his job ASAP!!!!]

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