LIBYA: Muslims threaten mutilation and death for 12 homosexuals taken from a party in Tripoli

An Islamic group calling itself the ‘Private Deterrent Force’, which is believed to be part of the  fundamentalist Nawasi militia, has posted images of the alleged homosexuals on its Facebook page, whom they abducted  at a private party in Tripoli’s Ain Zara district  One picture (below) shows them, heads covered, standing with their hands against a wall.

Many believe that Ambassador Chris Stevens’ executioners knew he was a homosexual before they raped and killed him.

Libya Herald (h/t TROP)  At the time of writing, the picture had received 315 ‘likes’ and had received comments such as “flog them hard”, “lets see the bullets”, and “ride them like camels”. Accompanying text describes the men as “the third sex” and says that they are to be mutilated and executed.

The posting has also attracted comment from Human Rights Watch Libya, which has asked for the men to be treated humanely and handed over to the civil authorities. HRW Libya has also shared the image on their Facebook page, pointing out that the men are over 18 and were at a private party.

The Nawasi brigade has previously been linked to the desecration of Sufi shrines in Tripoli and claims to be under the authority of the Ministry of Interior.


20 comments on “LIBYA: Muslims threaten mutilation and death for 12 homosexuals taken from a party in Tripoli

  1. These people and their False religion are beyond insane. They hate everything. Everthing they touch has the smell of death on it. May God deliver us from this murderous Monsters.

  2. Hello!! ???? Any Lefty Pro Muzscum GLBT out there??? Im talking to the ones who make snide comments on BNI supporting Muzscum. If you are reading this post take a very looonngggg look at the content/photo and read it again and again because guess what, this is what you have to look forward to one day if Sharia Law is enforced where you live in the world.

    Enjoy your freedom and rights you have fought so many years for because they wont last. This is why Sharia Law must be stopped at all costs being implemented in the West.

    Dont say we didnt warn you.

  3. An islamic group calling itself _____, these baboons are always coming up with some cute, law enforcing name. How about just something like achmed’s assholes or something simple. allah ahkbar these people suck.

  4. This brutality towards gays, is the mentality of savages that we are supporting with our tax dollars and with the lives of our brave soldiers. There is nothing we can do to bring democracy or civilization to these savages because they enjoy being low life uncivilized, cowards of islam. It is okay to sexually assault children, like their evil, pedophile mohamed did but it is not okay for adults to make decisions about their choices in religion, sexual orientation and so on. The liberal leftards of the west support these savages and one wonders why?

    • In one sentence: fellow totalitarians (although ‘secret’) out to kill Western civilisation and its ideals of democracy, love of life, fair treatment of everybody, &c.

  5. It’s not the homosexual part that mohommedists are screaming about, they have another agenda that must be fulfilled. FEAR. These men are the sacrificial goats to bring Sharia into practice by using homosexual behavior as the vehicle. Just show some of your pics and vids on the behavior of the mohommedists all over the islamic world and tell me that homosexual behavior is unaccepted by main stream mohommedists.

    • My best guess? Neither in this case; he’ll just look the other way and pretend he doesn’t see and is totally unaware of what is taking place! You know, in much the same manner that the Coward-in-Chief did in the case of Benghazi!!

  6. Ah, yes! ARAB SPRING!

    Springtime for SAVAGES!!!

    Reminds of the satire of Adolf Hitler in ‘The Producers’…

    …’springtime for Hitler and Germany, winter for Poland and France’.

    All news about Islam is bad news…they just killed the remaining ‘Gays for Palestine’.

    • “…they just killed the remaining ‘Gays for Palestine’.”

      I think not. Gays will go on bashing Israel while brownosing everything islamic.
      Anyone care to disagree. So lets round up all the apologists for savages and ship them to Libya for a love in.

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